Hunting ยป Guided Elk and Deer Hunts for Men and Women in Durango Colorado

HuntingMcKee High Country Outfitters seeks to provide hunters with the resources they need to achieve their hunting goals. Whether you are seeking deer or elk, there are important steps you should take to prepare for your trip.

It is strongly recommended that you go through physical conditioning, as weight and health restrictions are in place. We want to ensure your safety while you endure miles of hiking on foot, high elevations (10,000 feet), and potentially extreme temperatures. During the off season, biking, stair climbing, hiking, and flexibility exercises can help you prepare. We recommend a high quality rifle scope that is moisture resistant and a bolt action rifle, sited at 200 yards.

McKee High Country Outfitters recommends shooting your 300mag, 7mm, or 30/06 before you begin your trip. Bring a wide variety of clothing, including several thin layers and hiking boots. We’ll send you a full list of supplies to bring after you book a hunt. Keep the weight of your pack in mind as you will have to haul it with you throughout the hunting area. Because we use pack animals, please limit your gear to 2 bags no more than 30 pounds each. You may also want to take a horseback ride before your hunt so you know what to expect during this part of the trip.

Mule Deer Hunting

Southwest Colorado has a thriving population of mule deer. Preference points are the only way to obtain a deer tag in Colorado. These are done by applying each year at for preference points. We are committed to helping you find a monster buck during archer, muzzleloader, or rifle season. Enjoy covering ground and glassing mountain terrain while looking for bucks. There is a good chance of seeing several mule deer each day of your hunting trip. We will do our best to provide you with an opportunity to shoot a trophy buck. You can also hunt doe with the appropriate tags.

Timberline mule deer hunts: Our experienced guides will take you on an adventure above 12,000 feet and try to bag the monster timberline buck. Timberline deer hunting is not for the weak hearted and will test your mental and physical endurance. This is also a once in a lifetime hunt that will never be forgotten.

McKee High Country Outfitters also offers lower elevation deer hunts for the hunter that can’t draw a timberline tag or does not feel that they’re in peak physical condition for a timberline hunt.

Our all-exclusive deer hunts include nutritious, plentiful meals served at breakfast and dinner, with items for packing a lunch available. Upon harvesting, we’ll work with you to preserve and package the meat. Specific dates for 2015 can be booked soon– we offer fully guided archery and muzzleloading hunts in September, and 3 seasons of rifle hunts in October and November. For additional information you can also visit the Colorado division of wildlife website.

Elk Hunting

Experience an elk hunting season like nothing you’ve done before with the guides at McKee High Country Outfitters. Our guides have a success rate of finding mature bulls of 55-70%; the rest falls upon the hunter. Access to public and select private property is unsurpassed compared to other outfitter companies. Archery, second and third rifle tags are easy to obtain and can be attained over the counter with no preference points. Muzzle loader, first rifle and fourth rifle usually takes 2 to 3 preference points to draw a tag.

Our all-exclusive elk hunts include high quality meals served at breakfast and dinner. We also provide lunches and snacks that we pack with us, as we hunt all day long. When you harvest an elk we’ll dress the meat out, and we will take it to a meat processor if client desires. Meat can also be shipped in the mail.

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