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Bibliography of the current world literature This bibliography is compiled by biotechnologists from the journals listed at the end of this publication. It is based on literature entered into our database between 1st October 1989 and 30th September 1990 (articles are generally added to the database about two and a half months after publication). In addition, the bibliography contains every paper annotated by reviewers; these references were obtained from a variety of bibliographic databases and published between the beginning of the review period and the time of going to press. The bibliography has been grouped into topics that relate to the reviews in this issue. • Papers considered by the reviewers to be of interest. • • Papers considered by the reviewers to be of outstanding interest. The number in square brackets following a selected paper, e.g. [7], refers to its number in the annotated references of the corresponding review.


Analytical biotechnology

Polymerase chain reaction techniques


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Gene probes DNA electrophoresis and blotting

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Nucleic acid sequencing


Enzyme assays Receptor-based assays

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Immunoassay Computer-aided analysis

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Protein isolation and quantitation Immobilized proteins

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Nucleic acid extraction and quantitation Whole cell assays

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Analysis of proteins DNA/RNA synthesis and labelling

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Flow cytometry Microscopy and in vivo NMR

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Biosensors Flow injection analysis Fermentation monitoring

Analytical biotechnology Biosensors Review: (pp 3-8) ~

BI Y: Histamine Selective Mlcroelectrode Based on

a Synthetic Orsanic Liquid ton E_,,chantter.

E, Bum'lx~ C: L - ~

~ e

B/o*ensor$1989, 4:373-380. BI Y, ZHANGy.Q, HOI~ W-B: ~ o f a Hquid Mem~ Sensor for the Determination o f Bile Acids. B/•sensors B/oe/er2ron/cs 1990, 5:215-222. BLACKBURNG, TALLEYD, BOOTHP, DURFORC, MARTIN


]Det~w~an,=tlono f L-lactate in Y ~ , ~ Blood. B ~ 1988, 3 : 2 7 ~ . J, S ~ ~ V• ~ T: ~ o n o f the • Mt]]~ly Imm~ll~fl~ Techniques for Fiber Opt/c B u e d F l u o r o - l m m a ~ . Ana/C~/m Ac~a 1990, 229:169-176. [391. ALEGRETS, ~EZ-FABREGAS E: B ~ Based o n Conducting Filled l~d~rmcr A l l - s o l i d a m ~ FVC M a t r ~ Membrane E l e c t r o d e . B~0~nsors 1989, 4:~7-298. ALLENH, HILLO, KLEINN~ PSAL~ISM,WALTONNJ: F.nzylme I)u~.~l~CtlPOd~ for ~ DetcB-'mh~tiofl. Anal Ok,,m 1989, 61:2200-2206. ALV,,.REZJMF, OFm_,A~C, OKENNEDYR, Kn.T'r-CG, sM,rm MI~ Application o f Adsorptive Volmmmetry to Aase~ the S i ~ o f Modified hl=nane A m i d . Aria/~ 1990, 62:1022-1026. ARNOLDM: ~ Optic B ~ . J B/ote¢.htm/o~ 1990, o o 15:219-228. [6l. ASAKt~ MT, Ktmoo T: Immobilization o f Blocatalysts S~C

o f Phy~cal T ~ t


It* Applkmtion to

A~-~T & ~ m X U L T C, ~ t m & ~ t ~ E P, BOURDILLONC, REMYM-H: Dlgt-ct Electrochemical Detet'mltmtion o f G I u ~ ~ i n Biological ~p~. ~ B/•them 1589, 178:427-430. BARqXETrPN, WHrrAKERR~, S ~ for the ~ m e n t of ~ c Enzyme Electrodes. B/~ensors 1 ~ , 3:359--380.

Fm p i ~ ~ C ~ e s as the ~ l e c ~ R e o ~ t t o n t~letag~tt. Aria/(~ra 1990, 62:2211-16.

[271. BRIGHTF, BETrST, IaTWI~R1~ gegencrable Fiber Optic 0 o Immtmo~--mmr. Aria/Chem 1990, 62:106%1068. [~]. BROOKSSI~ ASHBYRE, TORNERAPF, CALDER/~ CLARKEDJ: ~i~ent o f an ~ - ~ e ~uc~ Sensor Fet~entJtion M o n i t o r ' S . B ~ 1988, 3:45-56. BUCHR, RECmCrrZG: Intact O h ~ Based • • Blommsor. ~ e Sensitivity to Some Ex~Itatoty Amln~ Acids. M L e t t 1~9, 22:26~5~2702. [26]. BUCHI ~ REC~rI'ZG~ Ill[arc[ C ~ e t ~ o r e c e p t o g - I ~ Bloeenaor~= I ~ and ~ t Umit~. B/~ensoPs 19@9,4:215-230. COURYI ~ OLIVERBN, EGEKEZEJO, SOSNOFFCS, BRUMHELD JC, BUCKRP, MURRAYR~r: Medi~t_a~J, Anaegoblc Voltammg-~'y o f Sulflte Oxida~e. Aria/~bem 1990, 62:452-458. DAVISK~ LEARYTl~ Contlnuoos Liquid-phase B i ~ for ~ C ~ ~ . ~ ~ 1909, 61:1227-1229. ELBICKIJM, WEBERSG: Ultrafiltr/flon o f l ~ m * ~ Serum to Determlne the Slze o f Species that Polson voltammetrlc Electrodes. B/a~nsors 1989, 4:251-258. END• H, SODEK, OGURAK, OHYAK, KARUBEI: Determination of Microbial Concentration with a Plezoelg'~tglc Gttm Selmor. y Btotechno/1989, 12:307-316.

@ Current Science Ltd ISSN 0958-1669

E s c o ~ L, SALV.~DORC, CONTP,E~ASM, ~ J ' E : On the Application o f the Clark ~ Electrode to the study o f Enzyme Kinetics In .MmMr Solveats= the Catala~ R ~ o n . ~ B/ochem 1990, 184:139-144. F^TmELLO-Fn.HOO, SULEn~,tANA, Gtm.BAULTGG: Emqrme Electrode for the Determination of Aspsrtate. B ~ s 1989, 4',313--322. FELDMANBJ, GHELLERSF, BAlmYGF, NEWIONWE, SCHULlX F~ ~ CP..IMfog Vol~mmetry,

ConlomeU%aad l~rote~ A c t ~ t y ~amys of ~-volume ~ i ~ ~p~. Ana/B/oc.Kom 1990, 185:170-175. GAUTERS, BLUML, COUI£TP: Mtfl.tlftmctlon lFillmgOptic e e Sensor for the Elow Determination of ATP or NADH. Aria/t~/m Aaa 1990, 235:243-253. [41]. GAUTERS, BLUMI~ C ~ pp.. ~ ~¢ ~ with • I I ~ ~ Blol~mi~l~YC~t ]PAnlzym¢8. Btosensom 1969,4:]81-194 [40]. G~ S, ]~-IN[~ G: Comstruc~on and • ~ ~ ofa~ S~ ~ B ~ ~ , ~ Left 1989, 2 2 : ~ 2 ~ . [22]. M, S ~ ~ T ~ A E, ~ l: ~ • Sensor. ] Mol~ular ~ 1989, 53: 28%~2. [29]. GREERCW, BE/dJ?,~RD, SAMSONR: Application o f OQ-llne Sensors During Growth o f the IZlcMoroethtme DelFadln& Bacterium, Xa~not~'r A ~ I v o ] J L ~ J ~ J Bk~lec]mo11989, 12:261-274. GREGGBA, HELLER& C r o ~ Ilnk,Nt Redox Gels OO ConUtlrdn~ Glucom~ Oxidase for ~ m e ~ c B ~ r ~ o t m . ~ ~ 1990, 62:258-262. [14]. G ~ U L T C~r, I,UONGJ: Btosensors. Current Status and 0 o Future Possibilities. Selective El•err•de Reviews 1989, 11:3-16. [8], GU1LBAULTGG, SCH/¢~)RD: E l e c t ~ c 1 1 R l c s l , • • Mml~c and Fiber Optic B ~ n . Advances in B ~ 1990, 1:257-2.89. [5].



Analytical biotechnology Flow injection analysis GU~BAULTGG, VIILARTAD, CUNNINGHAMD:. A C~Jutmmmte

e • Specific Enzyme Electrode. Talanta (special Issue) 1990, :. [19]. GUO L-H, HILLHA•, HOPPERDJ, LAWRANCEG ~ SANGHERAGS: Direct V o l ~ m e t t y of the C b r o m m ~ m V ~

l~tx,yme, Sul~l~¢ytochrome cOzidoreducume (fl~o¢'ymclm'ome , ~ 2 ) - J B/o/Oaera 1990, 26~:1958-1963. FIELDERGH, S&SSOSV, HUANGKM, yACYNYCHAM, WIECKHi: E l e c t t o e l ~ i c a l Flt~inl=mtion o f Reticulated Vitreous Carbon Ele¢~-odus to I n a ~ s e Biosemm~ Respontm. A r i a / ~ 1990, 62:1106-1110. I~LL~X& Electrica W / a n ~ o f Redox Emqrmus. o o Ac,cotm~ ofOx,m/ca/Res 1990, 23:128-134. [131. HOOUMANSCM, R&SC, LUYBENKCAI~ l~l[l~$'l~inmlhlon o f Oxy{len ~ i n Bioc•talyst Pro'tides by means of a Coml~tned Polarostaph~ ~ ~ . Em-yme M C m b Tec~no/1990, 12:178-183. JANATAJ: Chemical Stm~oes, A Rcv~w. Aria/Cbem 1990, • o 62:33-44. [1]. K~UBE L SOOEK, SUZU~M, ~ T: Mlerobi~ Semor for Pi'dimimu'y ScrtmmmS of Mutatpms ttala~ln~ • phage Indllctlon Test. ~ ~sem 1989, 61:2388-2390. KAWABATAY, TAHAEAR. KA~Gt~A T, IMASAKAT, ISl-~lA-qtl N: F l b e r ~ t l e Potas~mm Ion Sensor Usins ~Mckle) ~ [letter]- An,~ O~m 1990, 62:1528-1530. KHANSA, HALLINGPJ, BELLG: ~ t mini Control o f Wiring ~ t y with ~ Mnmlaiul~t O ~ S e n m r i n Otllanle Two-phme Reaction ~ x t o r e ~ for ltnzym~c Catalysis. Enzyme M/crab 1990, 12:453"-458. ~-EBEm~ R. OGBOMOI, SCmdIDTH-k Bio~ensing Devices for the Semi-autommed Control o f Dehyds'mqleame Sulmtrm~ i n Fermentations. B/~enso~ 1989, 4:75--86. K ~ TL, ~ LG: Pcmmtiommtd¢ tu,,m,,~ ~ t.~tn$ Adenusine I ~ - - ~ , - ~ e m the LsbeL Aria/Cbem 1569, 61:1728-1731. KUL~J, Bm'nvmo U, ~ l~ C h e m l c s l ~ Modified • E l e c t r o d ~ with ~ as Biological Compommts. Proreemm~m o f the GIM I n t m m u i o a a l worlmhip o n Elorenant~ GFB M o ~ 1990,13:103--106. [18], KUNGVT, PAN~nJPit, SHELDONEI~ Kn~3 RS, NaGAINISPA, ~ B, ROSSD~, BRIGC~J, ZUKRF: Pico~gam Qtmntttltitm o f Torsi DNA Using D l q A . B l ~ l l n g Protelns i n a Sflleon Sem~r-Bsusd System. Aria/ B~odbem 1990,187-~20-227. IaSKYS, BUrr~ I~. ~ t o f • Rusl Time o o ~ u c o e e S i o u s m o r by Znzyme , , = , m ~ o n o n the Qum"tz Crysud M i ~ e c . Ara ~ o t t ~ n o t o ~ 1990, 8~-16. D31. Luom J, M ~ A, ~ C: The ~ . . - o l m m m • o f m A m p e t e m e t a c Microblsl Biommor Usln8 .4mmbm¢~w ~ for Lactle AckL J B/o~edmo/1989, 1~.241-252. [24[. LUOSF, WAITDR: AvkHn Biotin CJmpHn~ as a ~ ¢ I " ~ I method for P r q m a n S Z a z y m e 4 ~ a t t~ber~Ttic Sensors. Aria/•Tern 19~9, 61:1069-1072. MAOYUY, ZHANGY: E l t ~ l e ~ t ~ m for ~ of Mitrob~l Cdl I~tmlminm i n Polluted W•tef. A / ~ Emafron M/crob/~ 1989, 55:2082--2085. Mmm'r CM, Wn~m,t~ j'W: ~ / t ~ t h o d for memurmS c 4 t a c U ~ Protein U s e s c r o w n Ethe~ ~ ~ster ionophores. Aria/Oaera 1989, 61:2362-2364. Mn~EkmN SI~ I~Cm~Z G& Conduct•mettle Tnmsducers for ~ Bleeeasors. Ana/ O~era 1969, 61:1737-1741. MmUmJF, lqlm~m C~L Ix~tow JIlL SHA~NN, CLA~K1~: rash ~ mottacto~ ~um~ys of T h e r m o m b l e ~ with EU~er •pries. B~bt.eO~/B/oen 8 1~9, 34:1015. MULCHANDANI&, MULEK, LUONGJ: ~ e n t of a • E l m for Am~yi~g POSt Mot•era N u d e • t i d e Dewedmion la P4h Timue~ B ~ m a o g v e~xmg 1990, 3~:739-745. [201. NAKAMUI~K, AI~NOY, I',LWKAy.~e,.AO: Ilmt~'mh'mtinn o f t~eee Sulphite in Wine Uslns a Microbial Semor. M ~ B/otechno/1989, 31:351--354. ~ H , TEO PYT, IAIY-H. TAN.%G:CI~mmlemlly ~.ll~lmm Acetate i ~ m b t ~ t e for momm~or Applleatiotm. B ~ 19~9, 4:349-360. NAUMOVAV, REDELK, C.rRISIE~OVVG, ~ AM, STEIN HJ, SCHELLERF, MUEIJ~ HG: ~'ell~DIminil't~

Microbial Sensor for Elmlion-caprolectam, .~0l M/or•b/o/B/otedmo/1989, 31:502-504. NGEH-NNGWAR~BIJ~ SULEIMAN~h GU1LI~AULT GG: t O Piezoelectric G-p,14ti Blosemm~s. B/•sensors and B/oe/earvn~ 1989, 5:13-26. [4]. OHAS~ E, TAMIYAE, KARUBEl: A New E~zytnle Receptor • to be used i n a Bloeetmor. f Membrane Science 1990, 49.95-102. [28]. OKUMAH, SEKIMUI~S, HOSm M, TOYAMAM, WATANABE E: Biosemor System for Continuous Flow Determination o f Enzyme A~tivitl~5. L Dot•trains•ion o f Cducme Omldasc and Lactic D e h ~ Activitius. En2yme M/~mb Tecbno/ 1989, 1 1 . . ~ 2 9 . PARCEJW, OWICKIJC, KE~CSOKM, SIGALGB, WADAHG, MUIRVC, BOUSSELJ, ROSSKL SIK1CBI, MCCONNELLHM: Detection o f Cell4ffecttng Ageats with a Silicon B i m . Saence 1989, 24~..243-246. PICKUPJC, SHAWG~W,CIAREMONTDJ: Potentiallyimplentable, Amp•rome•tie Glucuse Sensors with Mediated Electron T ~ Improving the Operating Stability. B~ensors 1989, 4:109-120. PICKUPJC, SHAWGW, CIAI~aONTDJ: Imphmmble Glucose

semo~: ChomtnSthe ~



PRUSAK-~ E, LUONGJ: A New A p p f t m ~ • to the Deveiopment o f a lteusable PZ Crystal B l o o m e r . aria/LeU ~990, 23:40F409. [34]. PRUSAK-SOCHA(XI~UE, LUONGJ, ~ U L T G: o o Developmmmt and Properties o f • Piezoelectric I m m u n u s e m o r for Detectinn o f Salma,m//a ~ r / w ~ Enz M/~rob/a/Tedmo/1990, 12:173-177. [~16[. RADJAKOVICL, GHAEMMAGHAMIV, THOMPSONM: l ~ t ~ t i O n • of ~ h-or and Antibody Coated Plezoelectelc PZ Semmm~. Aria/~Mm Acta 1989, 217:111-121. [35]. RAWSONDM, WaJ~E AJ, TURNERAPF: Whole Cell for Environmental Monitoring. B/osenmrs 1~9, 4:299-312, REARDONK~, SOEPERT, ANDERSIO), MULLERW, BUCKMANN AF: Novel Applleatinns o f F l ~ c e Sensors. B ~ B/otechno/1990, 24-2~.363-374. RECI~TIXCa, H• lv~ Blom~uors Based o n Cell and • • Tlssue Material f B/otechno/q~ 1990,15:201-217. [21]. PaSm~N J, ROSENI: The Development o f an lmumunusensor for the Electrochemical ][~-,t~,m~huttion o f the ~ ¢ LDHS. B/0semors 15@9,4.61-74. ROGERSK1~VALDESJL ELDEE~q ME: Acetyleholine lteceptor Flber~=tle Evanescent Fluoroeeusor. Aria/B/0c~,m 1989,182:353-359. SAsso SV, PmI~cEP-J,WAL~It, YACYNYCHAM: Electropolymetized 1 , Z - D ~ t n o l m n z e n e as a Means to Prevent Interferences and Foullns mini to stabilize lmmobllbmd Enzyme i n Electrochemical Blmemmrs. Aria/~aem 1990, 62:1111-1117. SATOY, ~ K, KOBOAYAKAWAK: &m_ino A d d and • Uret Semors Usi~u~Pm'lsey leavus m Catalytic MatefimL ~ / . e f t 1989, 7:1305-1308. [23]. SAUDEKCD, SEIJ~MJ-L, Prn" HA, WAXUJ~K, RUBIOM, JEANDIDIERN, TUENERFD, FISO~LLRE, CHARLESM& A P i t l l m i t m r y Trial o f the ProIp~,~',r,-hle Imphmtable Medication System for Delivery. N Eng/J Med 1989, 321:574-579. SCHAFFARBPH, WOLFBEIS(36: A P ~ t R e s p o n d h ~ Optic Gincme ~ Breed on an ~ Optrode. B/•sensors B/oe/ectron/cs 1990, 5:137-148. SCtmS~ORTRBM,K o o ~ t ~ RPH, BE~WADP, GSEVEJ: A New Apprmmh to I[mmanoFl~r ~ o n . B/~ens0rs B/oe/earongs 1990, 5:103-124. SCULLERF, SCHUBERTF, PFEIFFERO, HINTSCt~l~ RENNEGERG • R WOLLENBERG,U: ~ alld Development o f Bio~mumt~, a Review. Ana/yst 1990,114.653--662.

[9]. SCHEPERT, BUCKMA~/~A ~ Optic Biusensor Based • o n Fluorometrle Detection ~ C.,oafioed Macromolecular HAD Derivatives. Bt~sens0rs B/•e/•err•n/c* 1990, 5:125-135. [42]. SCHUMANNW, ~ R, UHE B, ~ HI~ • Polypyt-role, • N e w ~ t y fog C o v a l ~ t Bindins o f OxtdoreducUmes to El•cUe•de S ~ a s a B~Je for Stable Blom~mmm's. Sensors andAc,mators 1990,1:537-541. [15]. SCHUMANNW, W ~ E R H, IAMMEgFIL SCHMIDTPIL • LOm~LERW, Wm~mOF~ H, GOPPELW: Leachin8 o f Dimethylfetroceae, a Redox Medimor i n Amperometrle Enzyme Electrodes. Sensors and Acmaors 1990,1:571-575. [12]. SHIMmUy, MOlto'^ K: Microhole Arr/y Electrode as a Glucose Semu~'. Anad ~Tem 1990, 62:1498-1501. SUZUKIPL TA~aYAE, KA~UBEI: Development of a o• ~ Mlnlatore L-lysine Sensor. Aria/~fm Acta 1990, 229:197-203. [30].

SVORCJ, MmRT~ S, BERLmOVAA: llybrid Biosensor for the Determination o f Lactoee. Aria/~xnn 1990, 62:1628-1631. TATSUMAT, OKAWAY, WATANABET: ~ Monoleyerm o d m e d and B i l a y e r - m o d i ~ Tin Oxide Electrodes for the Detta'minminn o f Hydrogen PefoxEle and Glucose. Aria/Ox.ra 1969, 61:2352-2354. Tolx3~a S, IKEImT, SENDAM, Wn~ONGS: Ampefometrlc Detoction o f Reduced Nl¢othmmlde Adenine Dhlacleotide Us~in8 a Fdm-c~.ct~l Orllaltic Salt Electrode, ~ B/o/OJera 1969, 53:3055. W, WOt~EtS O: A ~ Optic Chohn~mrol • Bins•mine" with an Ox'yBen Optrode as Transducer. Aria/B/oOhem 1990,184:124-127. [43]. TSLrj1I, EGUC~H, YASUKOUCHI]~ UNOKIbL TAN1GUCI~ I: ]FJlzyme lmmunosensors: Based o n mectropolymettzed P o l y t y r ~ t n e Modified me~trod¢8. B/•sensors B/c~/ectron/cs 1990, 5:87-102. UTO IvLMICHAEUSE, HU L U~mZAWAY, KUWANAT: • Biosem~mr Deveiolpmaent with a Glummmte Receptor Ion Channel Re¢onstitoted i n a Lipid Ellaym'. Aria/Sci 1990, 6(2):221-5. [251. VANDER SCHOOTBH, BERGVELDp: ~ Bam~d Enzyme Sensors. B/~ensors 1988, 3:161-186. VARANAS1S, OGUNDIBANSO, P.JJCKENSrEINE: An Ai~qha'ale E q u s a ~ for the S t ~ t y - s U ~ n ~ p o m e of ~ p H Electrodus and f i e l d Effect T ~ B/~emors 19@8,3:269-296. VERKMANAS, SELL~SMC, CHAOAC, I~UNGT, KETCHAMl~ S y n t h e ~ and Omractorimaon of I m p • y e a t ~ l o t t d ¢ ~ - t ~ l t i v e Fluorescent Indicators for Bioio~¢al Appllcatimm. Aria/B/ocbem 1989, 178:355-361. WANGJ, VARUGHESEK: Pollshable and Robust Biological Electrode Surfaces. Ana/~Jera 1990, 62:318-320. WARNERAM, WEBERSG: Iq~L~rochemlOd Dett~tion o f Pep•ida. A r i a / ~ 1969, 61:2664-2668. WATANABEE, END• H, TOYAUAIC l~mt~mmhmtton o f P h o ~ h a t e ions with an Enzyme Sensor System. B/osensom 19~8, 3:297-306. WATSONLD, MAYNARDP, CULI.ENDC, SE'n-nRS, BRETII.E J, LOWECR: A ~ e ~ r o n i c CondBcflmetric B|o~eIMor. B/•sensors 1988, 3:101-116. WEETALLHH, HOTAL~GT: A Simple, Inexpensive, Disposable mectrochemleal ~ m m r for Clinical and Immtmo4tmty. B/osemom 1988, 3:57-64. E, RADFORDW: Biomategtals fog ltaphmted Clmed lamp hmulln Delivery System: a it•view. B/~sensors B/0e/ectm~/cs 1990, 5:167-214. WOLI£NBERGERU, SCHELLERl~g, BOttb~RP~ PASSARGEM, MOLLERH-C~ A ~-.eiflc Enzyme Electrode For L-~lutamate - - Deveiopment and Application. Bt~sensors 1989, 4:381-392. Xu Y, GUIIBAULT~ , KUANSS: l~tsg R e s p o ~ latcto~e Enzyme Electrode. Enz3m~ m/cr0b Tecbno/1990, 12:104-108. YANGX: l~msureme~ta o f Dissolved Oxysen i n Batch Solution and with Flow Injection A ~ I s Using an Enzyme Electrode. B/•sensors 19~9, 4:241-250. YAOT, RECI~q'ZGA: &roper•mettle l m m ~ Based o n l ~ r o c e n ¢ - m e d l a t e d Amplification. B/~ensors 19~8, 3:307--312. YOKOYAMAK, SODEK, TA~flYAE, KARUBEI: integgated • Biemmsor for Glucose and C,alactose. Aria/GMm Acta 1989, 218.-137-142. [31]. ZAPATA-BACRIAM, BURSTE1NC: ~ e Eleg~tt'od~ Compo0ed o f the Py.tavl6~ ~ P ~ t Z o ~ - s Species Coupled to sn ~ Electrode for Mesmu~ments o f Pyruvate i n Biological Media. B/o~ms0rs 1988, 3:227-238, ZHANGGFL IMATOT, ASANOY, SONODA1', KOBAYASHIH, ISmSASmN: V~*~min-al Sensitive Poly(Vinyl Chiodde) Membrane Elect•ode Based o n Elydrophoble Tetraphenylbotate Derivatives and Their Application. A r i a / ~ 19~0, 62:1644-1648.

Flow injection analysis Related review: Flow injection analysis with immobilized reagents (13139-16) ASOOZUMU, NO~EZ WK, HO MH: Flow Injection ~ i s o f l,.htctate with Enzyme ~naplaR~ition and Amperometric ~ o n . Ana/Omn 1990, 62:~712.

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specmc ~ a ~ _,~._ by u p t i o n Mediated Sconce 1989, ~A6:78o-786. MURRAYV: ~

DOU~-St/m_n~[ DNA

Sequencl~ u a n 8 the LImear PolymerMe Chain Re~ction. Nude~ Aads R~ 1~9, 17:8889. NASSALM, ~EGER/5:P ~ - ] ~ I S ~ $ 1 t ~ - l ~ Mutaseaesis U ~ P r t m ~ with Mi~matched 3'Ends. Nude/c Aads Res 1990, 18:3077-3078. NEI~ONDL, LEDBZITERSA, CORBOL, VICTORIAM, RAMARIZoo Sous R, W~3b3~qTD, L~DBEVr~DH, ~ CT: AIu Pol~msertme Chain Renctlon~ a Method for lsolstion o f Human Specific Scquences from Complex DNA Sources. Proc Natl Acad Sct USA 1989,

85.~o~o-6690. [ix]. NEUBAUERA, NEUBAUERB, LIUE: Polyml~ease Chsln iteaction B u e d Asmy to Detect Allelic L o ~ In H u m DNA - - L ~ s of ~-interferon Gene i n

atronic ~

t ~ u k e n ~ Nudac ~

Re* 1990, I$:993--9~. NtNO~'A T, lWABUCmT, SOC,A Y, Ytmi A: Direct ~m.tna o f l~tnkin~ ~ of • T ~ e Amp~ by ~ POL Agr/c B/~/Gbem 1990,

~..]869-1872. NINOMIYAT, Y m A: A4ppllcsdon o f the Polymetase c ~ n gemction ( l ~ t ) trod ]mvert~ P(3t to Amdyze Tnmstttmes i n T ~ c Mice. Agrg B ~ Oaem 1989, 53:1729. NISHIKAWABK, F ~ DM, KAy BK: ~ e n t utms

of ~olymerme c ~ . , . aeacUon in A n a y ' a i ~

Chain aeaction Uttn~ Mixed l~maers - - c a o n i ~ of Human M o n o d o n a Antflmdy Variable Regton

c.enea from Slagle ilybadonm Cells. B

P o l y m e r u e ~ . ~ n Re~ticm. J Gen Vim/1989, 70:2345-2355. M A C ~ KD, Tl~d~dqOVAMP, ~ SL,VERD~EGk

Recombinant CDNA Clones. B/0tec/m~ue$1989, 7.'730-735. NORDERH, HAMMASB, MAGNIUSLO: Ty]~n~ o f Helpmtitis-

~ Virw G e n o m a by a S/replied Polymersse I'a.t~ln ~ j Med Viro11990, 31:215-221. OKA S, URAyAMAK, HIRABAyASI~Y, ~ K, GOTOH, Mrr~ K, ~ $, S ~ ~ Qu~ntlmt~e A n s l r a s o f Human t m m t m o d c ~ c i e n ~ Virus Type-I DNA h t A ~ ' m ~ Cm'riegs Usim~ the Polymera~e C~hmtni~action. B~/~wn B/q0bys Res C0mmun 1990, 167:1-8. OLSENDB, ECKSI"EINF: hlo0q~plete Primer During/~t V t ~ DNA A r a g o n ~mlyzed

By T a q P o ~ ;

vat#oitmton for DNA

Sequ~. Nude~ A~/a~Re* 1989, 17:%13-9636. Om'rA M, SLrZ~ y, S ~ A T, I ' ~ Y . ~ K: ~ and o o Set~dtl've Detection o f Point Mutnt/otm 8.tld DNA

Polymorphisms Usin8 the Pol~mer~e CZmin IbmOlto~ Ganom~ 1989, ~:8"/4-g79. 114]. ORLANDIR, G0SSOWDH, JONESPT, WINTERG: OIOnin 8 Immunolllobolin Varim~_e D,nm~nn, for Z x p r e t m ~ by the eolym~-me c h a i n n ~ c t i o n . Proc Nat/Acad So' USA1989, 86:3833-3837. PAUAIXtSCHL, B~SWICKH, TALIANJ, ZELENKAP: USe o f Sm

RNA X~kll~ AMorlthm to C h o ~ P ~ # m ~ for Ampli~catton by the P o l y m e n ~ c~=b~ Re*tctin~ Ana/B/0c/aem 1990, 185:57-62. PATERL1NIP, GERKENG, ~ E, TER~ S, D'ERmCOA, GPaGIONIW, NALPaSB, F~t~O D, WANI~J, KEw M, P ~ E, Tg3Lt~SP, B~cHor C: Polymetmm O a ~ Resction to Detect Hepatitis B Virus DNA mad RNA Seque~tces i n Primmt~ ~ Qm~t~


f r o m Patients Ne~mlve for Hepmttls n s ~ Antl~e~ N Ensl J Med 1990, 323:80-85. PATERLINIP, ~ - L E COEORS, ~ M, M~EL~ P, DA~A MC, TEFff~S, ~ M, J O ~ G, C ~ V, WZEqGOtmAS, ~ B, GRISCELLI C, BR~mYr C: PcdFmega~m C l m ~ Resction for Studies o f Mother to Ckdld T m t m m l u i o n o f HlVl in A~'IcLJMed V/rN 1990, 3~.53-57.

o f PCR Amplified Viral DNA Sequences Using gtdioi~ o r Hapten lalmned Primers. Nude/~ Ack/s Res 1990,18.'3175-3183. SAW^ D, MORRISJC, JOHNSONJD, HOU~AN RE: Polymegase Chain ~ fog 1)etectAon o f Toxop/asma GotultL J M~d Mlcrobio11990, 32'~5-32. sc~ovmm JP, V A m ~ M, Kzrrm s, joins DSC: A lttpid ~ m l - , m t o m m ~ l M~erotttt~r Plate Method for

~ma~na~ ~ ~m~vk~Wa Co/t Geme Usln~ Mixed Primers

co~m/n~ ~

at Amb~uous

Pmitio~m In ~ Amino A d d Codons. Nuc/e/c Aad~ R~s 1990, 1&3080. PE.M~ IR, BOWEND, B ~ P, L~DELLMB, SADLERJE, STANI:~NG, BLOOMAI~ ~ Studies mind Diasnosis In Sevt~ee Von W m e l w a ~ l Disease b y Polymemum Ch,dn ]tea,ctton Ampnmcstio~ o f • V•risble Numbe* Tandem Repeat a q l i o n o f t h e Yon w m e b r a n d l~tctor Gene. B/ood 1990, 76.'555-56~. PERRINLH, YRRLYS, ADA~ N, ~ P, BOTLF.RBRUNNE~E, B ~ J, KAW£~MAE: H u m a n l m m u n o d e ~ c i e n c y V/It'us DNA Amplllkatlon and Segolo~y i n Blood l)omumP~ B/ood 1990, 76:041~645. PFEIFERGP, b'TEKERWALDSD, ~ PIL WOLDB, RIGGS

A~. G e m m ~ Seqmmclns Amd ~ B ' l a t i o n A n a y ~ by L ~ a o n ~ t U a t e d Ptm. Sae,ze 19~, 246:810-812. POOLBL, YALg~OGLUAO, KLE~ P, ~ Jl~ DNA /Mmplilfic•tion in Ge~tetic ToxicoloBy. Murat Res ~9~9, 213.6~-72. PORTER-JOm~¢K, ROSESmm EL KmER JF, GroSS JD, RO~ AM, Nas~ S, G.,mma'r CT: Nested P o l y m e r u e C3haln Reaction A u a y for the Detection o f Caused b y Contamination w i t h l~slpmented DNA. JMed V~ro/1990, 3~.85-91. REIn J, K~WCZAKM, SCmO~S~ M, W A G ~ M, COOPER DN: The t~ffect o f Replkation Ergot~ on t h e Mi~mmtclh ~ off PCR-a~tpllfied DNA. Nur../eg Ac/ds Res 1990,18.~732)78. RIEBERMS, R~BERi~ A HOeChst H332M A~trose Pl,~ste Atmmyftzr the Estimation o f Nm~ogmm DNA Levels W i t h ~ t BNA I n ~ t Appllcmtons In PCR s n d In ~sttm~tions o f Pl~m®ld a n d Cytophtsmi¢ DNA. Nuc/e/c Ac/ds R~ 1990,18:1918. RO~GERSMF, FrA/: Use o f t h e ~ Reaction for Early Umtection o f t h e Provig~ Sequences o f H ~ - n I m m ~ c l e n c y Virus ill nnta,ats Bogn to S¢~'opoMtl'~ Mothers. N Engl J Met/1969, 320:1649-1654. ROLLOF, SALVIR, TO~CI-nA P: i~iohly Sel~ltive attgl IMst

of ~ t r ~ h e ~ p m t a

by ~o~p=er~e

O m i n iteaction..Aq0/Mgrob~ B/otechna ~990, 32:572-576. ROSFa~mALA, Joins ~ , c : Genomic walldm~ and sequmcu~ by ~ m~Umed ~ ~ Nuc.le~AddsRes 1990,

1&3o95-3o96. RorH ME, LACYMJ, MCNEILLK, KRA~ D MM: ~ of T Cell g e c e p t o r T ~ UMm~ t h e Polyme~tse ~h**tn lg~lctlon. B/oteO~n/qu~ 1989, 7:746-755. ROTHMS, ANTINJH, BUqC.HAMEL, Gn~BURGl~. Detection o f P h i k d d p h l a C h t o m o ~ m e - p m i t i v e Cells b y the Polymerame Chain Remcflon Following Bone Ttsnsplant fog C3hronic Myelogenous B/ood 1989, 74:882-885. ROUXKH. DHANARAJANP: A ~ for ~hagl~ Site • O PCR A m p l ~ c a t t o n o f DsDNA~ l~,,.n,%- Digested Cloned o r Genomic DNA f r o m an AnchorModlfled Restrlct/cam Slte and • Short Internal Sequence. ~0teO~aqum 1990, ~*S-57. [26]. RUANOG, FI~X'I'ONW, Kn)D KK: E ~ a m i c Amplification o f Very Dilute DNA Samples Via 'booster' PCR. Nuc/e/c ~ ,~s 1989, 17:5407. RUANOG, ~ KK, ST~PFm~JC: Elaplotype o f Multiple

Potymorplmm. mmob~t by ~wrmatic A m p ~ o f S ~ # e DNA Molecules. Pr0c Nat/ Acad Sa USA 1990, 8 7 . . 6 ~ . SAITOI, ~ B, COItWTONT, FOX RI: ll~t~'tion o f Ep0teln-]~tr ~ DNA b y P o l y m e r u e ch~,in Re•ctiom tn Blood ~md T l u u e Biopsies f r o m Patients w i t h S J o t p ~ ' s Syndrome. J F_~ Me~ 1969, 169".2191-2198. SAm~ G, ~ J, Bo'rrEMACDK, S O ~ SS: O m r a c t e r b ~ o n o f Pollmaerme Oaaln Reaction A m p ~ o f Specific Alleles. Ana/B~.&om 1990, lS6~-68. SAm~XG, So~ma SS: sb~__#~mg Light o n lq::R @O C o n t ~ u a t g l o n . Nature1990, 343:27. [451. SAUVAIGOS, FOUQURB, ~ A, LIVACI-~T, ~ H, CHYPRE C, T~OUm R: l~tst Solid Support Detection


by ~ a f r o = z~-un-m

Stodm. Nuc/e/c A c ~ Res 1909, 17.9496. SCHWArtzE1 ~TAt.: l~bymcrmm Chain l t ~ c f l o n Ampiiflcsao~ f r o m D r i l l l o o d ~ o t s o n G u t h t ~ Cards llett~]. Lancet ~9~0, 3~6.~9. SHEPPA~DD, RDZZO C, STAmz L, QuAlmi~X V, ERLE DJ, PrrELA R: Complete A m i n o Acid Sequence of • Novel u a t e t p ~ ~ q a - S u l m a i t (Bern-6) i d e a t e d in Epithetic CeUs U ~ a g t h e P o t y m e r ~ ~ ReactloL J B~/~bem 1990, 265:11502-11507. SHERMANDR, GEI~E~I'ERJ, C~O~ CAM:~ ~ Simple Ampll~cattoa o f • Specific KNA Sequence b y t h e Polymersse Chain Reaction. Trends Genet 1989, 5:137. SmRAImZUB, M.~RATH I:I..oe*,ni~'Jtt¢~mo f Bftmkpolnts

by ~ y m e t a s e Chain matctlom tn mu-mtm Lymphom~ With 8-14 Tmmlocations. B/0od 1990, 75:1848-1852. SHOEBR~}GEGI ETA/.: P o l y ~ I'ltstn T e s ~ o f EIIV-1 Seronc-wsilv~ At-Risk Individuals Better]. Lancet 1990, 336:150. s m m m ~ AK Nmuta & Rom J: Hybrid DNA Artifact f r o m Peru o f O o ~ l y g r i m e d Tin, let Sequences. Nudeg A o ~ R*s 1989, 17:4409. S~mmGF~ AK s c a r f L~, ROT~J: POt-induced free) Subdomd~,t • ~ R e H a b ~ Method to S u b d o n e l ~ l y m e r t s e ~:h~n ]reaction (IWJ) Products. Nuc/e~ Aad$ Res 19¢)0, 18:1920. S o f i a K Txtrrz I~. Minimal hom*ology a c q u i r e m e n t s for ~ Primers. Nuaek: Aads Res 1989, 17.6749. SONNEmBORGA, ABENSJ, JOHAN~ONB, STRANNEGAm)O: Detection o f H u m a n lmmunodeflciency Virus1 by P o l y m e r m e Chsin g e s c t i o n a n d Virus Cultivation. J Med VbxN1990, 31:2.34-240. STEtGERWALDSD, PIEWERGP, RIGGS~ ~ - m e d l a t e d I m p r o v ~ t h e Setmitlvity of Metbylation A n a l ~ i s b y a e m r i c t i o n Enzymes a n d Detection of Specific DNA Strand Brtml~. Nuc./e/cAc/ds Res 19~0, 18.'1435-1439. Suztra Y, OmTAM, Svm~sm M, HAYASmK, S ~ A T: Detection o f RAS Gene Mutatiom in H u m a n

Luns O m c e ~ by SingtoStrand Conformation PohqmorphUma A n a y s ~ of P o h m ~ . . e ~ Reaction Products. Oncosene 1990, 5:1037-1043. TAHARAT, KRAb'SJP, RO~NBEI~ LE: Dh'ect DNA Seque~ch~ of ~ Amp~ Genomic DNA b y the l~=-,~.Gilbert Method. B/otec/m~mm 1990, 8:366. TAKEUO~T, StmUKIH, SAKUP~MS, NOGA~ H, OKUMAS, I S ~ W A H: Molecular Mechanism o f Growth H o r m o n e (CaD Deficiency in the S p o n t a n e o m Dwarf Rat: IM'tectton o f Almm*mal Splich~g o f GH Met~mlger Ribonucleic Acid b y the P o l y m e m ~ Chain k a c t i o n . Endocrmo/o~ ~990, 126:31-38. TP.ABERPG, WANGW, MCDONNELLM, GUMUCIOj~: P4~OIlbGene E x p r e ~ i n Rat S ~ Intestine -Cl,'mln~ o f Intestlnal P4~Ollbl Messenger RNA Using the ~ Chain Reaction and Transcriptional Regulation o f ~ d u c t i o n . Mo/ Pbarmac~ 1990, 37:810~19. Ttm~ C, GOLDk Systemmt¢ Evolution o f I . ~ d s S o by Expone~tlal Emurlclmme~mt:RNA ~lam,~t~ to Bacterl~ I"4 DNA P o l y m e t u e . S~em..e 1990, 249:505-510. [31]. VAND ~ BSmE AJC, ~ ECJ, DU MA~ M, M~to.m~s WJG, I-IEL~RHOI~rT, QUINTWGV, LINDEMANJ, MEIJER CJIALWALBOO~EF~J M ~ Use o f Antico~tsmlnaflon Primers in the Polymetmm ¢~=1,, Reaction for t h e ~ o f Humam Paplllom~ Virus Genotypes In Cervical Sa'apes •rid Biopeics. J Med V/m/1989, 29:20-27. VANBRI~qTJ: A m ~ G~acs - - Per and Its Alternatives. B/otechno/q~ 1990, 8:291. V,~ILEV I., JOl-n~ON EI~ IMMppi~g l~ltlatlott Sites o f DNA R e p l l ~ t i o n /*s ~ LM~ Polymer~e Chain ~ o n ~ o n o f Nascent Strand Sellme~tts. Nuok,/c Adds Res 1989, 1 7 : ~ 7 7 0 6 V~GALYSR, HESTE~M: Patpid Genetic I d ~ m ~ t l o n and Maplpdn~ o f Enzymatically Amplified IUboaomal DNA f r o m Sevegal Cry]ptococcus Spedem. J Batter/o/1990, 172:4238-4246. vuoPao AF, SAJANHtAA, ~ T, SYVANF.NAC, EVn~HOLMC, DELTONENl~ Amplification o f




the ~ l e Region Cloee to the .Mmltpopfotetn-B Gcme - .Application to Forensic ~ . B ~ Bk~ays Res Coramun 1990, W ~ L O AE, PIXELYFJ, BA~m~J~S, S~CL~dRK, MUiR RF, MOXONE, H ~ Jl~ Detection O f ~ ~ ~with DNA Amplification. Lancet 1990, 336:451-453. W m " ~ / ~ DOY~ l~Z, M.~,KDF: Q m m f l u ~ o n o f MP~A l~ the P o ~ e w l e C ~ n ~ Re•ctlotL Proc Nat/Acad S a USA 1989, 86:9717-9721. WARDMA, ~ A , GLICXMANBW, ~ A J : Rapid Genegaticm off Speemc S i ~ - m r a n d e d Template DNA f r o m ] [ h [ l - • ~ l ~ MategimL Nuc./~ Ac/ds Res 1~9,17:8394. WAa~ONSP, JAMESW: PCIg a~td tlae C l o n t ~ o f l ~ Subtype Genes. Trends Pbarmaf~ $~/1969, [emailprotected]~ WELSH J, Lm JP, F2s'r~vm~s A: O o n i n 8 of P O t a m p t m e d Total CDNA ~ Construction o f a Mouse Oocyte CDNA I..~mry. GenaAna/1990, 7:5-17. W~S~ SL, GOUGHNM, F~Ay-JONES.U,McDONALD pJ: Detection o f CTto~ne MRNA Ln A~a~cyte C u l t m ~ U~tnll the IN~LTmermeChain iteactlon. Lym/~ok/ne Res 1990, 9:177-185. WHrI~ TJ,/h'~NI~EXMN, EI~ICH HA: ~q~ PoIymct'~e ~ * i n ite~ctimt. Trem/s Genet 1989, 5:185-188. P o l y m e r m e Chain Reaction, B/otechn/ques 19~9, 7:762. WILLIAMSP, SmtMONDSP, YAP PL, ~ P, BISHOPJ, BP.E1TLE R, I-IAGUER, ~ V E S D, INGLISJ, BROWNAL, PEUrHEmmJ, REBtrSS, MOKJ: The ltolymefme Chain ~a~ctton i n t h e D i ~ t t z ~ b o f Vertlctll~ Ttammmitted IIIV Infection. ~ 1990, 4393--398. ~I~ON RK, CHENC, HOOD Iz Op~nti~attIOa o f ~metric I P ~ F m e m m O m i n lteacaon for m w l d Fluorescent DNA Sequencim~ ~ : h n ~ / u e s 1990, 8:184-189. W n a w ~ CT, FILLMOgEGC, HILLyA.qDDR=Automated Polymenme OU~tn ~ c a o n In Oqp~llary Tubes with Hot Mr. Nuc/~c Aads Res 1969, 17:4353--43~6. WOODSSA, COLEST: A Rapid Method for t h e Detection o f Potentially Vimble M jq~/~c~m'k~m L~pPae in H n m s n B/optdes: a Novel Application o f PCIL FE.M~M / c r ~ / L e g 1989, 65:305--310. WRENBW, CLAYTONCk TABAQCHALIS: N u d e o t i d e Sequence o f Oostrldium-Difliclle Toxln-A Gene l~rtqlm~t and Detect/on o f To~lg,~tc Strains b y Polynt~ ~ Reaction. FEMSM / ~ / L e g 1990, 70:1~. WYC~ C, EMERSONSU, SILVERJ, FEINSTONESM: Construction o f RecomMamnt DNA Moleodes b y the use o f a slngle Strmmded DNA Generated b y the P o l y m e r i c O m l n aemctlon ----ItsAppli~ttlon to ,~,,,~.ric Hepatitis • v i m s / p o l i o v i t ~ Sub~enomic CDNA. Ntw./eg Adds Res 1990, 18.'913-918. Y~E~L DW, Dg'0~ TP: Det~-ctton o f DNA Sequence Polymorphisms b y ~ c Amplification and Direct Ge~omlc Sequencing. Am J Hum Genet 1989, A~:547-555. YONJ, FRED M: P l ~ d s e G¢~lle l ~ l o B by PCl~ Nuc/e/c Adds Res 1989, 17:4895. YOUNGKKY, PETE~JB, W1NTEg5RE: Detectio~ o f HIV DNA In Petil~m~al Blood b y the PolymerMe CImin iteactiom a Stud~ o f Ctimdcal A p p a c a Z ~ t y and Pta-formamme. A/DS t9~0, 4:389-392. ZENGY-T, HUANGS-Z, REN Z-K LI H-J: Id~ntl~c•tio~ o f the Hb D-Punjab Ge:ne: Apl~lar'st _ ~ o f DNA

A m # m e a a o m an the StuoN of Atmorma Hemo~lobim. Am y n u m Genet 1989, 44..886-889. G£~,ONJA, ~ RS, BmGC,S M, ~ P, GL~Z~aaOOKJA, T~trm A, p ~ . a D, B . , h ' ~ JAJ, COm-~.aASM, AtOVStUS S: Detection o f Hep•tttis C Viral Sequences in Blood Dotmtions b y 'Nested' P o l y m e r u e Chain geaction tmd Prediction o f tnfecti~ty. Lancet 1990, 335:1419-1421.

Gene probes Review: (pp 76-85) AHMADL F ~ t S a X ~ JA, ST~GGLESAW: The Analysis of RNA b y lint sdm A ~ Gel Iiybrldlza~on Is More ScmMttve Than t h e Equivalent Northern Blot/malysis. B/oteO~/ques 1990, 8:158. ALTWEG6M, MAY~ LW: ~ Molecular ~ l o g y Batted o n a Non-rad[o•ctive Probe Completnellts~ l to RiI[~gMm~I~I[NA. R~" Mg~g~T¢~' 1569, 140325--334. AMANN RL Bn~ER BJ, OL-cON RJ, CI~SHOIJd SW, DEVEREUX P,,STAHL DA: Combinmflon of 1(~ RRNA-T~'geted OHgonudeotlde Probes with lqow Cytometry







for ~ m a r a ~ ~t~o_~ m c t o b t d t ~ p u ~ l o m . 4q~ E ~ M/o'0bfo/1990, ~..1919-1925. AMAh~qRL KmJl~4OtZL, STAtmDA=IPhtot-mmento l / l ~ a u d e o t ~ P t o b l ~ o f Whole Cells for D e t e r m i n m ~ , Mtyletteaettc, a n d ~ t a l Studies i n ~ I o ~ . j 1990, 1"72:762--770. A ~ G ~ L ttmasr H, NamoBrmK G, SaX~ H: ~ o f Moamdmml l~3t C~a~omes In n o d s J d ~ ' s l ) ~ m e m d ~ - t - p o ~ t v e .,maplatmc ts~e cen Lyt~=s by Commaed Somhem mot sad ~ ~ Brood ]~9, 74:.810-816. DNA Fint~pqrinting Supported. Nature 1969, ~a~:.581-587. ANONYMOJ~New York lamds o n Genetic ~ t t a l ~ Nature ~ 9 , 54t.~-95. ANONYMOt~ DNA. IFlnl~x'pttntln 8 Trial Fails. Nature 1989, ~at~42-847. ARNOLDLJ, HAMMDI~)PW, ~ WA, NELSONNC: ANay o o t~zrmats ~ Agr~t~.aqm.¢s~- Labeled DNA IProb~. ~ ~ 1989, 35:1588--158~. [151. ATCI-~ON L, ~ L, C&gM.h"~OJ, ATCE~SON M~ Corns Rk ~ m ~ m t of 35 a ~ l 17 Repetitive Sequem:e DNA Probes to H u m m Ctememeome 3." m 8 b - r e m l u t i o n P~g~ksI ~ o f 7 DNA IProb~ I ~ ~ S t ~ ltylmmlim~o~ a e n 0 m ~ 1990, 6.'~1-450. AU LC, TS'O POP: A ~ Method for Detecting ~ ~ In a I~te1*lsI G~aolme.. Proc Nat/ Acad,,~ ~g4 1989,86.'5507-5511. AVP,AHAMH, AVRM-IAMS, BEI~$TE~ SC: A B a q ~ Procedure foe Cell Col..amy I H I y b # h l a ~ Usim~ DNA Aria/B/ocLem 1989, 1'79:217-221. ~d~AY T, InmF..l~I"C, ~ M: lITb~Al'~s~r~t o f DNA w i t h ~ o l e - o m m m u n i W G e n o m c for Dct¢~flm~ o f G e m ~ tllat ~ m m ~ M l c e o b ~ to PoUumu~ met Genes and ~ + ~ s ~ m ~ c e . A l # ~n~mn M~cro~ot1989, 55:1574--1577. BAm~o~ C: An Amay fta" Q t m n t i ~ . , ~ Nucleic Acid ~ on ~ Elltet~ Aria/B~Sem 1569, 182:280-283. BAI~YT, PCr~EI£R, GANNONF: A General to Generate DNA l~robes for M I ~ . a ~ e O n o / * ~ 1990, ~ 3 - 2 3 6 . BECKER/VIM,WANGZ, C-~OSSMANG, BECI~a~R K~ Genomic l ~ o t p r i n t h q In M a m m a g a n Cel~ w i t h Ultraviolet Llsht. Proc Naa Acad Sci bSA 1989, 86:.5315-5319. BEJ AK, STEFFANRJ, DICESA~J, HAFFL, ATLASRM: ~ o f c a i f o t m nactetla in Water b y p o t y m e t m e ~al&tt i k e ~ d o a mad G e l ~ P r o b ~ . Appl Envtron M/~m0¢ot 1990, 5~.307-314. BIA~ D, MCMANUSDP: Resttict/o~ Igm,z y m ¢ M I q ~ o f I U b o e o m a l ~ A o m Dimtntpdsh ~ t m ~ m (nveg ]plnb~) Spedes. MoI Btocbera Pamstto11989, ~6:201-~08. BLOND~NIAJ, DEN DUl~mNJT, VANPA.~SEN HMB, WAPENA.~ MC, GmX~a~Cm)LTEUPM, Gn~A~ HB, ~ E, PEARSONPL) VANOMMENG~: IHIl~h i[IMIoltlitJO~ D e l e t t ~ Breskpoint ~ In t h e DMD Gene b y Whole Cotmid Hybridimtima. N u c ~ a ~ P.*s 1969,17:5611. BOGMANJ)T, DOOPERIMM, VANDE W~qKELJGJ, TAXWJM, Horlvoi~ AJ, ~ KJM, RIaT~ DJ, KOENERAP: D~no~ of ~ t ~mft kJecmm by MaemPhase t t ~ n u m m a J n i n S w i t h • CDZ4 M o n o c l o ~ l Antibody, WT14. Lancet 19e9, 1~235-237. BOSLGJ, ~ E, I~UT~ VE, SA~a~mGOF, ROOmGtmZE, GELL~ NL SrAL: b o ¢ ~ r o m o e o m e o f ~ 12.- ~tinlcally Useful Marker for Gt~'m Cell T m m o ~ . J Natl Cancer ln.~t1989, 81:1874-1878. BOWImN DW, MOLL~-KAHm H, GI~VIUS TC, ~ C, WATT D, GREENP, DONI~KELLERH: l d e n t l ~ t t l o n a n d Cbaracterlmtioa o f 23 RFI.P Loci b y Screeatno itamlom f ~ J m i d G e a o m i c (~ones. Am J Hum Genet 1989, 44..671-678. BItOI~IXINI, ~ LJ:~ A~Micatlotm of • I~mt~t Assays for ~ and Enzyme I~. J (~n Lab Aria/19~9, 3:316-322. [17]. Bl~Og~S AJ, ~ E: ]Rvmluation of t h e use o f Sl Nu¢leme to Detect SmmU I m o t h Vm'imttom~ in G~to~zulc DNA. EurJBt~.,bera 190), 183:291-296. BI~OWlX~-TEINBH, S~.VI~IMANGA, ~ RD, BURK~DT, K ~ SJ, SCHL~SSmC.,~D, ~ MV: 1 K ~ t t o n of ~aSIe-copy H u m a m Genes from a IJbrary of Yeast ~ C~u'oatomaqme Clones. Science 1989, 244:1348-1350. BURNIEJP, MATD~WSRC, LEEW, MURDOCHI~. A Compm'lson o f I m m q n o b l o t and DNA

~amtrlction Patterns in Chatacteristnll l~-~tl#ruu,-reamam Isolates o f , v t a p ~ / o a m m ~ A m J Med MIcr0b/o/1989, 29:255-262. ~UmR RE, Wt-m-rro~JH, pA.'~m DT: Improved Genetic t ~ a q ~ a m n t t ~ Usum n N ~ Probes. ~ u c ~ c Ac~s Res 1~9,17:5867. COLLINGt~J, ~ AE, OWENF, POULTF.RM, LOFTHOUSE R, ~ AM, S m a T, C~OWTJ: m a i 0 a o ~ o f G e t w ~ - ~ Syndrome In Pamtllal D e m e a d a w i t h Priori P r o t e ~ Gene Analysis. Lancet 1989, Ek15-16. COOPERCL, M ~ C, S ~ T-A, ~ C, C'HANJ, KAPLANG, YOUNGSMM,WEIS~MANIL, BIDOMBR, REA TH, U~DUS Pa; .~aat~is o f N a t m a n y OccerrinS v~t~t-ty~ nypenemt-',;r:, neactiom ia L e ~ t ~ b y in Sire H # z r i d i m t t o n . / , ~ t 0 Mea 1~9, 169:1565-1582. CO'ITONRGH: Detection o f Single Base ~ in Nucleic .Alidl~ B/ockemJ 1989, 263:1-10. CO~ F, YANGB, BOBOL, MAYURK, YOU~N R, VtSODI I~ ]~mtyme I m m ~ for Detectlon o f H~otlds Between PCP-Ampllfied lilv-I DNA and a I~IA Pt'ola~ PCR-I~L~LA/DS Re~ Hum R e t r o v / ~ 1990, 6..775-784. Cowing DW, Gm~,s CA: l n ~ Of RNA Polymermm n o h ~ a z y m e C o n m i n l ~ w i t h Heat Shock M o t e t s . DNme I footp~eaS sad ~ Ptotecaon. ~ M~ B/O/1989, 210:513-520. CRAIGAG, N~I~IC D, HOI-~ISELJD, ~ G, ~ H: ~ o f C ~ t d C l o n ~ Covering t h e Herpes Simplex Vinm Type I (EISV-I) G~aom~. a Test case for ~ t i ~ by Hytn'ldmadon. Nuaac Acd~ Res 1990, 18:2653-2660. CRICHTONPB, OLD DC: ~lntonella¢ o f S~'oty]~m C~llinmrum mind P m d l l ~ m G t ' o u l ~ b y B|otypin~ a n d ~ m b r l a i - s e n e PtobinlV J Med M~-aaot 1990, 32:145-152. CUPPELSDA, MOORERA, M O ~ VL: ~ c t i o n and ut~ of a N~iotmtlve DNA E l y b r ~ _ ~ P~ fo~ Detection o f P s e u d o m o m ~ S y r t n p e FV Tomato o n Tommto Plants. ~ EnvOon M/cmb~ 1990, 56:1743-1749. D'/~tmA RT, H ~ 7 ~ D GS, Stn~m~s WC: Physical M a ~ z ~ off the H u m ~ ~ytomel~lovirus (HCMV) (Towne) DNA Polymermm Gene: DNAmediated Tratmfer o f a Genetic Mm'kef for a n HOdV Ge~e. V/ro/o~ 1989, 171:312. DAVW.5B, FEO S, HEARDE, FRmD/~ A Strategy tO l ~ q ~ ' t ][MO]~g~ ~ ~n~NDMt-4~t~l)tmlnln~Gl~lle h t h e Presence o f ~utt/pte Processed t ~ - u d o ~ m ~ . ~ r ~ Naa m a a s a osa ~9e9,~ o 6 9 ] - 6 6 ~ DAX~-~LErGA, CO~X~MM, HOET PP, COCffO CG: Spectl-ofluorometty o f Dyes w i t h D N ~ of DL~t Base Compostthm mad Conformation. Aria/B~/~ra 1969, 179.~01-403. DAYPIP,, BEv~ IS, GURNEYSJ, YOUNGIS, WALKER M~ ~ m Vm,o ~ t . ~ m c m t o n of ntodwBated DNX Probes for H u m a n p a p m o m a Vlrt~ ~ 16 by [ ~ l i ~ t ~ g t h e IPolymmt,m ~ Chain Rcat~tio~ B~ocbemJ 1990, 267:119-123. DEARPH, COOKPl~ 18[•ppy l t ~ p p ~ , a p r O l ~ a l for M a p p i ~ t h e Hnm*n Ge~ome. N u c ~ Ac/ds Res 1989, 17:6795-6808. DELL~ M. MOUETB, I-IOT~GEe H: DNA Probe for ~ u s . ~ . ~ Environ M~crob~ol 1990, 56:1967-1970. DELO~GEF, SH~ J: l~aoreKe~t, Rlbo~mmal ltNA • Probes for Olnlcal Apptlca~on. ~ C/m/ca/Test/rig1990, 28.-41--44. [14]. DIEKSL, MERGEAYM: DNA Probe-mediated ~ o n of ~ t Bacteria f r o m SoBs Highly Polluted b y Hemwy Metals. Appl Environ Microbto11990, 56:1485--1491. SJ, sTorr JI; Identification o f Genetic Variation Between Strahm o f Bluetonffae Virus Serotype 11 Using CDNA lh"obtm. ~ro/o~ 1989, 170:579-582. FAHYM, ROBB~ C, BLOOt M, ~ RW, HAYDENMPa m f f e r e a t O p t n t o m for PremUal T e n i n g for II~ttl~gton's ~ Using DNA Probes. J Med Genet 19@9, 26:353-357. FANYS, DAVISLM, SHOWSTB: M ~ p p ~ Small DNA Sequences b y Fluorescence I m i t u W/bridizaflon Directly ma ~ m d e d Metaphase C Z m m m ~ m e s . Proc Naa Sa U S A 1990, 87.6223-6227. Ft/d~ RK, ~ O . 1 S DJ, T H ~ MF: Cloning o f a C,~ae Encodlns a m , l o r Secrtted P o ~ - ~ a d e O f / d ~ t ~ M o n o ~ t o g q m ~ and Its Pote~tlal use ~ a ~d~s..~t~c lhrolm. Appl Environ M~crobio11989, 55:2251-2256. FORDHAM-SKELTON AP, YARWOOD A, CROY RRD: ~ of S~OOrln Gene Probes from Partlal

P m t e ~ Sequence Data ~ use of lnosineoll~onudeotide0, G e n o m k DNA a n d the Polymetn~ ~tln ~ M(~ Gen Genre 1990, 221:134-138. FotmrA~ JW, wAt.tact~ MR, B ~ IVlA,s~m,~G~ BR, MIniON AG, CAISELIAJF, ~ W , SCHI~/vIA, DEWALDGW, Cotm*s FS: P h ~ l c s l M ~ t a 8 of a T ~ Breakpoint in N e m m l b r o m a t o ~ . Saence 1989, 244:.1065-1(]66. FRANKELG, GIIe3NJA, V ~ j, ~ G I ~ Multi8erie AmpU6cstlom Sbnultaneow Detection of Thrum Virulence G~mes In D i a r r h o ¢ ~ Stool Mo/ Mg'mb/o/1909, 3:1729-1734. FUCHAmmNS, FUOL*a~O~G, f*ckUV~aY: Simple Nona a m m e m e Method t o t t ~ q e c t ~ n a e m o f o b ~ ~ t ~¢/[ng ~ 0 ¢ t t ~ . / a f t c e t 19¢)0, 335:1527. Fusco~ JC, C o m m CC, P m 13, G~Y JW: An glMcleat Method for Selecting U n l q u e ~ q u e n o e Clones frmm D N A ~ mad Its Appllcadon to lquorescent S ) = a ~ , o f H u m a n Chromol~nme 21 U s i ~ ~, .~u, ~ d ) r l d i m t l o n . a e n o ~ 1989, 5:100-109. GASZAD, AJIOKAJW, BUm~ lYr, HARTLDI; l t ~ p p ~ the l ~ o m p l ~ G e n o m e w i t h Yeast Artlfldal C~ommmmm~k Saem~ 1989, 246.641-648. G~RARDC, Clfl~TOPI-mD, COMP'E.~ T, v&~A~r G: The l ~ l y F.nd o f the TIwroglobulln Gene used m a Probe, l d e a t l f i ~ a DNA l ~ g e r p r t n t in Man. Nuc/e/c Acids Res 1990, 18:4297. GONTUONF, RB~IROJCC, PENASDJ: ~ ~,b~on of S|ot~-~ IProbes ha l~'led ~ Gds. Trends Genet 1990, ~.3. GUA'I'~LIJC, Wl.utra.Lm.DKM, KWOHDY, BARRINGERKJ, • R I o - n ~ DD, ~ F . 2 ~ S TR: Isothermal, i n ~ A m ~ o f N u d e f c A d d s by a mubmm=yme g e K t i o ~ Modeled ~ R e t t o v i r ~ Rcplic~ton. Proc NatlAcadSci ~,11990, 87:1874-1878. [23]. HAHND, STAm~NBtJ~ MJC,Amm~NS ADI~ O l ~ o ~ u d e o t t d e Probes that H y b r i d ~ w i r e RRNA tts a Tool to Study Pramkks Straitm In Root Nodules. Aj~olEnt,'~on M~:rob/o/1990, ~6:1342-1346. HAsmT~a~K e r A~: m s t o l o ~ c Typing o f Non-llodgkin's LTmphomm by b-~ ~ t i o n with DNA o f O n c o s e a ~ . B/o0d 19~9, 74:423-429. HA~m~ C, LAVALL~C, BEL~O~m S: A S i m p ~ Method for t h e C U t a c t e r i z ~ o n o f Ntw.lesr Polylh~lt'tmis V i n ~ C_~aomes. FEMS M/6roMo/Le# 1909, 60:.233--23& HANISHJ, MCCLIOJAND~,~ Controlled Partial ilestrl~tion o f DNA b y Coml~-,titon w i t h Modm~mtlon M e t h y t m m s f e m ~ s . Aria/B~0c~em 1969, I"/9:357-360. HARA Y, T U C I ~ S, NAKAMURA T, YAMAMOTO K, YAMAGATA S, SUGA~A T, MINEKAWA Y: H n m ~ tofectioa of t h e t a e r t a e Cervix ~ a t y z e d b y NonJsotopl~ m ~lm il~m.JdL~ation, j Med Virot 1990, 31:120-128. HArem,S J, LtWACSN, ROBERT-NtcouDM, JOVm TM, RInSeR D:. r ~ q # ~ o f v i t o i ~ in Nuclei f r o m T o m m o Leaf T i ~ u e by ~ S ~ llybrldimtton and Colgd~o4Nd][~leg ~r~mn|no MI~Mcopy. EMBOJ 1989, 8..3941--3950. HEAROE, DAVmSB, FEO S, FRIEDM: An Itaprovtd Method fog t h e SCt~mln~ o f YAC ~ . . e s . Nude/c Adds Res 1989,17:5861. HJELLEB, SOO.FR, ~ S: EIlgh l~t'qucncy o f H u m o r T-cell L e u k e m i ~ I y m p h o m a Vlrus Type II Infection in New Mexico Blood Dmmrs.- ~ t l o n b y Sequence-specific Olllpmudeotide H y b a d i z ~ o ~ B/ood ~990, 76..450-454. HUDSONJM, FRB~ MG: A Stl~mllmu~d,~ Ionic S t r t m ~ DNAse-I F o o t p r ~ t h ~ Reaction. B/ote¢.hn/qu~s 1989, 7:812-816. HUEYB, HALLJ: ~ l e DNA l ~ z r i ~ t ~ In ~ Co~ M l m k a t e ~ t e Probe f r o m Ba~te#_opha~ M13. J Batter/o/1989,171:2528--2532. HUNSAKERWR, BAD~ H, ~ M, COLLINSML: Nucleic Acid n y b a d ~ t i o n A m y . ~ p t o y t n S D~-umed Capture ~'obes. n . A d v a n ~ t Multiple Capture Methods. Aria/B/~bem 1989, 181:360-370. IRVINEJM. O ~ J ~ , S/..~WMAKERCK~ CROSSWAYA: A I ~ p i d & ~ e n for t h e Detect/on o f S p e c i e DNA Sequences i n Plants. GenaAna/1990, 7:25-31. JAV~ ~ Joe~n s: Tmrgeted DNA S~luema:l.m~ - R~tpld Identification o f DNA (~[ones b y Sequencing DNA U s h ~ Mixed Ollsodeoxynudeotid~ Probes as P r i m e ~ B ~ b n / q u e * 1990, 9:28. JEPPESENC, N~mEN PE: Ehotoftmtprinting o f Dru B]~Min~ S | ~ On DNA U S ~ ~ and Azldo9.aminoacridine Derivatives. Eur f B~ochem 1989, 182:437-444, JONESCL, SPFmCHERCJ, ScHummJW: An Oligonucleotide to Assay Lysis a n d DNA Hybridization

Analytical biotechnolo~/Gene probes of a ~ Set o f B~-~'ttL Aria/B/oc~em 1989, 181:23-27. JONESDM, FOX AJ, GRAYSJ, SAUNDERSNA: EDNAProbes for Typing Ne~merla-~,.qmn-~U~ls [letter]. Lancet 1990, 336:55-54. KAPPERLrDG, DOMMAI~N~SK, ~ M. H O R ~ E: A Synthetic OUsonucleot/de Probe and • Cloned P o h m u d e o t l d e Probe Based o n t h e y o p , / G e n e for Detection and E n u m e r ~ o n o f Vlralent yera~,~ ~ ~ ~ Environ M~c~bqo119c~), 56:17-23. ILotmpeclfic T m n s ~ r m ~ d o n , ~ 1989, 78:167-171. KAWAMUI~M, PREISLERHI):. A New Appromch to the Detec~mm of D N A Dmm~Je. Leu& R~s I~9, 13:391-358. KEAT~IGST, BURANDJP, ELKEqTONJS: DNA Elybt'ldizafltm Assay fro" Detectio~ o f Gypsy Moth Nu¢le~ ~ h ~ a s v~nm ~u u ~ e c ~ G~psy Moth (~m~r~ Z ~ 0 . n ~ ) ~ u ~ e . ~q0; ~ ' v o ~ M ~ 1~9, 55:2749-2754. EL, lVl~Lnrr~SS: A mew lsoechtzom~r, ~ o f the Rest~c'do~ l~m~-audeme. C~ae 1~9, 8~.~6~--~. Kn~ YM, L m s r ~ IVlE:P l u m l d Amdys~s 1~ Pink Faculmtlve Methylowopl~ Bacteria U s l ~ a Modmed Acetoae-aUmU~ ~NUrollm~ Method. FEMSM~e~/o//.~ 1~9, 6&125. IOMU~Y, ASAD~Y, gUW~u~g~/~ Sm~enla8 o f for rJ~min Pegoxidme Genes Usihu,g a DNA I~"olm. ~ M/~r0b/o/B/otecbno/1990, 32..436-442. Ka,~ca~ p: A m p m ~ q l lq~be A s m ~ w i t h Q-beut m.pUome. B ~ e d , n ~ ~9e9, "r~)--6~3. P, BuTaqo~ D, Ft~t~ RPP: C o ~ r u c t l o ~ o f IMmmids C.onm~-in~ • Umklue ~nqfluo~oe Adduct 1oeatcd Within a Mumdon Hot Spot. A New Probe fo~ l ~ m e s h i f t M ~ J Mol Btol 1 ~ , 207..355-364. KUCZ~KK, ~ M: ~ Colony Scrt-~h*o= with • Smqp~wj~m DNA Probe. FEMSM ~ / a t 1989, 61:257-260. KwO~ DY, k'XmHTJ: 1 ' a t ~ A m p ~ Systems i n • • Nucleic Add-betmd Dlalltm~ic Apprtmclh~. Am B ~ Lab 1990, :16-25. [~]. LAIE, CANTIW~C: Ropild Colony Screenln8 o f YAC ~ l~v us~u~ . ~ 0 n m e m m u a x s u p l m ~ Ng~/e/c Ac/ds R~ 1909, 17..8008. L~LA~ ~ S, ~ ~ , MCCIYrc~ANTF: mboeom~ a~A4msed D~Snosis of ~ m . o ~ P ~ ~ ~ B~cl~ra Parasito11989, ~6:67-72. LAND~IvIL:Nude~c Acid Ely]mt4att'~'tOlUtbmN~ut~ • Dlalpmeis. O ~ a~./~,n 1990, 2~:267-277. [2421. l.~g DJ, COLLU~lv~ ~ t M c t h o ~ t~" ~ Oo o f D N A ~ IlNA ~ / ~ v o c e e ~ of the Sixth lnternaletonal Congre~ on Rapid Methods and A ~ in m l c ~ and Intm~olq~ HelMnkt 1990, i n lu~'~m:.[2]. tae~n~o ~: P ~ m ~ o n of D~offitge~tn-m~kd

B/o~bn~pa~ 1990, ~620. Izxv~.q~ JB, ~ LM, B'mONKS, JOre~ON CV, S 0 m v ~ JL, Sn,~G~~ ~ u l a r l,o~na-.Jdon of L o w - ~ Hum.m l m m u o d e f l d e a c y v i r u s Nucleic A d d Sequences Visualized by f l ~ I ~ C ~ A C ~ ~ ~ ~bl4dJz~J~m. PmgcN~tl Acad Sd USA 1990, 87:5420-5424. L~WSONTG, L~ KA, MA~K~NEMM, ABRAMSONRD, DL~ERTE, ~WC, THAC~-lRE: ~ O~Donbl¢semaded ]~tymmd¢oade ],~lk~! S ~ by ~d~aOmlc Imultlaeteml~,mm, as Revealed by a Novel Asmy. ~ 1969, :~4729-4734. LE GRtC~SFJ,E:rlx R, MmLSJ, MOUSJ: COtal[mt41mmo f Hnmmn lmmummde~lCk:~ ~ Ty~ 1 ~ad 2 Protemes by W ~ d Gene ~ And w ~ - ~ m p l e m e n u m ~ o ~ 7 B ~ ~ 1989, 264:14902-14908. I ~ SA, NFaSO~DL, WAmUmST, L~tma-ma DI~ lmolm~o~ o f DNA Probes ~ l t h l n Specific c u u r o m o ~ . e m~gions ~ tnunmpemed ~.pettave Sequence Polymerme Oh~tn m.gelo~. G e n c ~ 1990, 6..471--480. LEE~ DAWSRE, ~ ~ Nomuesdtoectlve S c r e , ~ n ~ Method fo~ l s o b m o n o f ~ Spectflc Probes t o Dimsnoee Pl~mt D i s e u e s Cmmed 1~/ 1990, ~6:1471-1475.

LEESH, TI-~VIERGEJO, GOLDBERG~-I: DNA l~l~'o~tt'Bcgur~ l~qulnem~mm for Neoc/mdnostat/n Chromophore-indm:ed Direct Strand Cleavage. Nuae~ A o ~ Re, 19~9, 17:5809. LEMNAWK, FF.LDU~GL, KE~M B, ~ SD, ZEVKOVtCH EP, O'BRmNWE, RIOm~NJR, ~ FS, TSUIL-C, BF.AUDETAL:Mu~dOn Anmlys~ for aeterozylpz~ Detection and t h e Pre~mml D i ~ n o s i s o f Cystic ~ . N Ensl ] Meal 1990, 322:291-296. LEW~DJM, GREENEL, A..q4ALLF: Total G e ~ o m ~ DNA Probe to Detect Glardla-Lamblla petter]. Lancet 1990, 336:.257. IJcm'~ P, WA~D1~: Is Nmm-isotop~/m ~ / ~ oo Hybr~,,*u~nt FInmily Comi.~ o f Age? N ~ m ]990, 345.93--95. [t3]. LIONT, RAZVIN, HUTCI-m~ONMA, GOLOI~Hl~ BROWNSTEIN BH: ~ Dot ~ q~mmltltmdon o f Viral DNA and ~ Genes in ~ Than 1,000 Hnman C,egs. DNA 1~9, &~51-'~8. LOY-bID ETA/.: Detection o f Slmq~e-COlp~ ]Fetal DNA Sequence from Mammal Slood ~etted. Lancet 1990, 335:1463. LOMFJJH, TYA~S, ~ C, LtZAR~P, KRA~ F: • Qmmtiuttive/umays I~med o n the use o f leplicatabic ~ Probes. O~n Cbem 1989, 35:1826-18..'.'.'30.[18]. LOI~-IOLTB, S~REI~ENPD, Sn~ONSENH, F - I ~ N S: O~timi'Mi~JG~ Of ~ h H ~ 4 ~ tO Hnman Mempbase C h t ~ a o e o m e s . A r ~ B/od~om 1989, 182,~5-31. LONG~m~JL, KP.AEM~PM, B~OWNNC, HAm~OPF LC, D~AV~qL~ A New Mul~l-loc~ DNA Ftngefln'inl~hntg Prober PV47-2. Nude/c Adds Res 1990, 18:1658. ~J, DAUBEG, DEPR~ZP, K A ~ A, PO~ P: Detectlcam and Identificaflo~ o f lhtthotypes o f Verocytoto~Mcnlc ~ CoU~solated from Weaned PtSiem Usin8 Gcne ~'obcs for Seven ~ C o ' T o x i n s . l~.MS Mlcr~o~l Lett1989, 59= MAJUIVlDERPP: ~ and Smmple-size Consldeeadm~ fm" Mapplng a Two-locus Automom~ ~ Disorder. Am f Hum Gengt 1989, 45~12-423. M ~ P, p~CHMANNK, REn~C~ K, E~mm~q B, TH~L E: ~ f l t m t l v e Tt~Lm~ o f l~[e~l~rRNAs for Lymphocyte-T and Lympbocyte-n Receptor Gencs in r~lividmd Cells ny ~ t u with Fluogochrom~labeled C,e n e Probes. t. Expreseion in Malignancies C~rryin8 n-Uncage ~ Anthem. ~oo# 3989,74.'638--644. MATSUBA.qAT, ~ S, ~ K, KIMOTOH, ODA T: ~ l d Methods to Vlsumlize Y-spedfic Repeated DNA Sequem¢~ i n Cytolosical Prepmmions. GeU MN B/o/1969, 35:225-230. MAZ/NAV, K ~ AV, DIANOVGL, ~ RI: New k s S e n t for D i ~ ' / m l m ~ , m o f Stnslc-strmuJcd u~d ~ it~omu~ In DNA. FEBS/.e# 1989. 2~2A4-246. McPI~F~TW~, HANSONJ ~ LIVEYI, ROBERTSON.IS: o f sel~nme I s o l m ~ o f ~ o r m ~ Pm.~m~ re.premed DNA S ~ m c e s . 7 C,en m ~ o t ~9S9, 135:1515-1520. MELM~G, BUC:-~ALD M: Use o f ~mort OllBo~udeoO_des to Sca-e~m Comnld ~ foe O o n e s Conmfnlm~ G/C-rich Sequence. D N A 1990, 9:377. M ~ . t A, LAC,O ~ PJL, I S ~ E ~ C~. Hypervaglmble Individual-specific DNA B~md l~'tea'ns Revealed by • ~ m ~ r P r o m o t ~ - q ~ c OU8o~uclemiae Probe C o n t a l a l ~ ~umSP1 Site. N~_~/c A c ~ Rm 1990, 1&4287. MU~L~TE: Use and ApldlCatto~ o f Nudetc Acid • P r o b ~ In the O l n l c a l Lalmrmory. O~n O~,m 1~89, 35:1819-1825.[12]. MOaRISO~LE, HALD~TC, STOtSLM: SolutionpUase ~ - a ~ _ o ~ of ~ u u d e o t U ~ vs~S lat(nractta 8 Flumsaammt ~ aml Competitive Aria/B/oc/~em 1989,183:231-244. MOR~SSEYDV, LOMBARDOM, EU~gDC~JK, ~ • EP, COLLINSMT~Nucleic Hylbaddfz~lon Assays E m p l o y ~ DA-mned Cmpmre Probes. 1. Multiple Methods. Aria/B~c./aem 1989, 1&M5-~59. [2o]. MO~O~ CJ, Otc~YO~& An lmlpmeovedMethod for Photolpmphin8 Rem~ctlo~ ~ n d o n u d e m e Gel lmtecUmlaaorcsis Pmunmm o f nmc~¢lal Ge~omes. Nudge .4ads ~ 1~9, 17.~751. MYm~$, ~ D, RA~BET, Sn~ELLS~. ~ O ~ O41'• Nucleic A d d Probe for the Dim~mm~ o f Humma C o ~ m w l t ~ ~ g E lmd~'dom~.JMed H/to/1990, 31:165. NOBLEDW, JONESCS, ~ JN: RAffr Scl"ea~l~ for Antibodies to Ammsthetlcs [letter]. Lancet 1989, H:~81.

NOLANI~, URQU~IV, EMERYVC, BISHOPDFIL "rl~e and use of Specific Genetic ~ to Identify C l o e d y Related B ~ T . . i m m e s and to l~*tea'ml*~ ti~ ~ n o W ~ of Their necomlt~Uummts. J Gen Vtrol 1989, 70:2~1-2207. Ntn~z DJ, DAVENFO~AP, EMSCmPC, B~VN IvU:K Q . m . ~ i i ~ ' . = 'tin ~ I ~ x ~ I I z K i o n Method C o m p u t e f - a m i s t ~ ~m.sse Asm~m~. Valldmton and Memur~umqmt of Atrialmmrim'etlc-fmctor NHRNAi n the Rat HC~'L B~.bemJ 1~9, 263:121-127. OKAMURAM: Pmnuge to Detect C y t o m e ~ o v l t u s - D N A In IlIA Nephropmthy by In-aim ~ petter]. ~mc~t 1 ~ , J:1265. OISON M, H O O D l~ CANTOR C, BOIb'TEIN D:.A CA0stl~mOn ~ for IM~y~ml Mmpp~8 o f the H-mffir, Sc/em~ 1909, 245:1434-1435. Method o t Species 8rid SWminI d e n t l ~ a t l o n

Appncmblemlt~Ica~blmll~Oaol~m~.lMed A f f c r ~ 1969, 30.,89-100. pAKKALA S, HEIAI~ZN P, Rtno'TUT, SAARmEN UM, PELTONEN L: New Moleculmr ~ in ~ DNA-~ge~'prlnt ~ Between Leukemic lqu~e stud m~nmll~lon i n AcuUe Myeloid L e u k e m ~ ~ Pa~ 1989,1~,:907-914. PA[OUAR~S AL D ~ M& I-mmasm DR: ~ ss s importer Emqvm¢ ~ r M e ~ x r ~ Geme ~q~mm~ ~ Vesemu~ md ~ e ~ M m . 4 ~ N d U o ~ s ~ l Other G r s m - n ~ . ~ BmcterlL Gem 1989, 81:55-64. P ~ T r CIJ, ~ It,BRUDZYNS~K, ED~DS DR, D~a-L~aDT D'r: Df~a~mtial S c n a m l ~ o~ a CDNA ~ with ODNA P r o b a AmpllLflcd In s Hetctololp~m Ho~t: isolmflo~mo~ M u t l ~ G a ~ S C ~ ) ,rod Other Seeum-mgu~ted Lowdmndmnce MILNAs, ~ 1969, 82:291-303. PA~.~d~ J~: Microblml DNA ~ Technolosy. B ~ m o ~ k ~ 1~8, 6 ~ . PELHAMA, O'RSILLYMAJ,MALCOL~S, LEVINSK'YRJ, KINNONC: RIF~ uKI ~ A n a l y ~ tot X-I~ked Qlaronic Gnmulomatous Diseme L~h~ the CDNA Probe: Potemi~d for ] m ~ Pre~ud DUqlno~ Carrier Dctemmhmdon. B/0o~1990,76:.82O-824. pIETERSJ/vU.,MANSRMW,VAN D ~ EISTH, VANDERMAREL CA, VANBOOMJH, AJ.TON~C: and Thermodynm~ Comequeaces of the Inurodu,.cflo~ o f a Nick in l)uplexed DNA • m~menm: a a NMlt Study Ausmeated by Biochemhmi ~ q ~ I m ~ m t s . Nuc./e/cA~d~ R~ 1~9, 17.'455]-4604. Pn~s'ru ~L I~S'rXL~MS, O,0 ~ l~'emmd Dlalpao~s of Bem-tlmlmsemla Breed o n Restrictlma Endmmudlm~e Anmlysis o f AtomiZed ~ DNA. l Med G.wa~ 1989, ~..363-367. PRELI~F, LEVYE, VANDUI/x~NSG, BOTSGTAM,IJ_ryEND~W, FgANGIO~B: Ig~pfa~ma o r s Normml mad Vsrhmt ne~diuu~v O n e e b ~ ~ Dutch Type - DNA aml Protein ~ Assmys. ~ B/q0/~ R~ Commun 1990,17~301-~07, PmcE WH, MoRms SW, Krrcrm~ AH, ~ PR, BUI~ON PRS,MCDON~ PM: DNA Restriction l ~ l l m e m tenSth ~ v m o r p h ~ a m as Madmm ot ~ Coromu~ H u r t ~ . Lancet 1989, ~1407-1410. P~rrcH~ CG, Sa~F~o JE: Q - l ~ a A m p U f l o t d ~ Assay o e Symcms ~ o f the 1990 lnternatlomd C o ~ F e ~ o f Medical Virolosy. New Port ~ CA 1990, i n PmmL [19]. PUIZ J, MIZlNERT F, WYsS U, ~ R S R-U, S T A C K ~ E: l ~ . l o p m ~ t and Appllmalon o f O U 8 o n u d e o t l d e Probes for Molecular Identtflc~on o f X ~ Spec~. Em~(m M / O ~ / 1 9 9 0 , 56:181-186 QuART~ RS, ~ M, WL~a~ JG:.lSmmw.hMllFmlo~ DNA ][.jIJ~Jlna mmtdCh~mln~. B/oc~m4g O, 1989, 28.'8676-8682. I~DOX,SV, H A M S ~ K, J ~ D ~ S W ~ P: A Method f ~ L a r l ~ - - K ~ ~ m t a t ~ a o f l~asmid DNA l~ ~l~ hmt IMm~ic B ~ . 1989, 7:8~0--821. ROBERTSRG, MONTANDONAJ, BOBRO~M, BENTLEY

Mismatch A u l ~ i s . Nude~ Aads Rm ~9~9, 17:5961-5~8. RODIn I, KON~6E, ~ RO: A ~ Method/or Determh*in~ the O r l e m a d o n o f Inserts i n B~-te~bnqplamse X vectors. Nuc/e/c Ac/4~Res 1989, 17:10506. ROGAEVEL ~ AB: ~ Genomi¢ DNA ~b][~1103 Probe Is Se~msltlveMarker for Detect/o~ o~ Hutmm Hypervadable Genomlc Reslons. Nude/c Ac/~ ~ s 1990, 18:1081. ROS~AUR, VAN~CI-~LENE, DE LEYJ, VANH E U V E ~ H: spec~c Namr~a ~ ~-peoUes





DNA electrophoresis and blotting

~ f~om i l t ~ m m a ~ ilN~lk J Gen Ml~robtol 1989,135:1733-1745. R ~ MO, CtgANGC-M,HO IV~ B~LFA~RTR, CHOWLT:

Chamemelzatien of CDl~a of S#lced IIPV-1] w~ l~t~A amd Other llPV Mit~a ltecoveeedVis ~ C,one T ~ . VfroM~ ,9S9, 17Za~m-477. RLrM1MG,~ M, ROtt~O R, COtUC~ G, ~ A, ~ PM: ~ a ' u m ~ ~-vitt~ DNA x~-tee*ts~ m p m l t m ~-vtru,mfeetlom tn Mulfltram~med llemophllk l~tlemm. B/ood 19~0, 7~.1654-1658. RU~XaSNG, Guitar W, Hoavnz H ~ Detection of M u m i c m a a d Dm~ ~ o l y m m , ~ tm~ w h o l e Gtmome S o u t b e m ~ Hylzddizaflon. Nuc/ac Aad~ ~ s 1990, 18~09-815. San~ RK, W ~ IS, U~m~so~CH, EmmHH~

. ~ * l y ~ of ~

m~m with ~

~ o u e m t ~ h t o t m e e r o t , ~ , e,-o~ Nat/Acad Sa USA 1969, ~ . 6 2 3 0 - 6 ~ . Smi~eotm M, Lm'o~ J, Ot~7~m'tl JE, T ~ PI: l ~ t h m t l o n o f DNA l~obes for ~ o f m®l~t-like~ ~am~aa Cou i n Food mtd C a r ~ c t l t ~ m p l e s . . q # ~ m a r m ~ t ~ r ~ a ~990, 5~.1212-1215. SAurmm~ NA, HARMONTG, I - k ~ A A, ~ A L L ~ N, TAYtORA~. A ll~'tlmm~ for T T I ~ ~rmhm O f zqp~on~m. ~ sa.oa~mp I by Amdym of mem4ctma Vrqp~em ~ ~ h r m ~ . J Med M~,'OMM I~90, 31..45--56. of of L m m ~ Ge~e ~ m m m e m ~ m m Comlt~me with Tissue t m ~ m ~ # l ~ m , - ~ q o u . 1~9, T4~1791-179S. Starer ~ BYX~ KS, l a ~ JB, Stmav~'~Jl~ l~-tection o f mv-l-imdkx-t~l Cells f r o m _ _ l u ~ t s Utmu~ No~mto~ ~ a ~ ~ ~ooa ~9~9, 74:.2295-230t SKAt~K DG, Om~m S: A Itapid Methed re* T ~ Mkm. B~dTn/ques ]990, s.oM. SMITHDF, S~Um£S, REM)YPD, GSM~C~AM, BEN-1SUmL l~ A Kimmtop/mst DNA Prob~ IM~pto~ic Pot m~/m-~ sequence nomonoW~ ~-tween l q # m m O f / a d m m n ~ s ~ m~/ B~./~,vnPamam/1969, ~7:213-224. SO~O~ H, SrA~: 8 t a ~ n 0 ~ for ~ Type ~lt w i r e DN&-polymorphhum NEnat/~a 1~, ~L.~1003. SpmP,n*~ G, ~ H, Hms ~ ' r VELOJ, ~ W, T o m t ~ S ~ j: D e v e l o l z ~ m t o f ~ t t ~ SlmCmc Olisoacleotm. t~-obe~k s ~ l o~ the S~,-et~m~t ~ of O~te~ m m ~ m ~ e Pt'oteiZl~ ~ Env/r0~ Mtot~z~/1~9, 5~:3250-3252. Spmz l~., Smtn~ KM, GmmL LB, Ke~3 R& Detecttoa o f m u ~ rumtlbm Tyt~MIne ~ in a P~tie~t w i t h Type IA ~ A~lnim~o N Engl J Med 1990, 322:1724-1727. STA~aEm~ LR, MY~S M~. Evaluation o f Vm4cella-zo~ter AmIMml ~ b y • N u d e i c / t d d Hybridization Amy. ~ ~ ~ 9 , 9-.367--378. SaXFFANR.],BmmNA, ATLASRM,SAYLI~GS: Applic~tion o f C,e m e , ~ Method* for M o m t o r ~ C a n J ~ 1509, 35.681-685. STEPW,N PP, B ~ RA: Ytm~t Colony N ~ a ]Fast Method for Detecticm o f T r s n s a t p t s b y Colony ~ a . Nude~ A a ~ Re~ 1990, I&380. STEWART~ ~ i n g IE~ C-'yatic Elbro~hh Nature 1989, 341.696. S ~ LD, BOLrm~ MT, SOMMERMT, COON ME, BERG CI~ Probe Mspptag to Padlimte TrmmpomnBam~ DNA ~ Proc Natl S~t V S A 1990, 87.-6213-6217. sa~o~tm~~ : A ~ for m ~ h - ~ o h m ~ $ ~ u ~ d m ~ o f O~amld DPL~k~:~ lind Directed l~t,imin~ with a IJbrm'y of OlIMonudeotlde~. Pro~ Nat/Arm~ sa os~ ~9~9,86.~,7-692L STtm~ M, Rorm WI~ Itm-Off ~ m t l t m ~ a n d Application o f De~iaed ~ DN~ ~ # ~ , t d i m t t o n Pt'ob~. Aria/B/ocbem 1990, 185:164-169. TF.NK~TELP, ~ T: ~ Set~2,~__Ina for Tay-t~chs ~ t m l Cymlc l ~ r m l ~ Better]. Lanca ~990, 33~:1527-1528. Tttm TN, MAeSATC, COtmWW4P, Gtmstx)N Jl~ ~ O t ~ o n u d e o t m c h ~ b c a for t h e Detection m~d t h e o f TEMT y l ~ m r m m l ~ I l r o ~ thL~'trnm k u v I . ~ la ~ a ~ . FEM$ ~ L e U 1990, 69fl09-115. THOMPSONJ, SOLOMONR, PELI~GRUqOM, SAKAIK, ~ M, FEn~ M, ~ M, S A ~ L, GILLESPIEI~. A

Noist-frt~ Molecular llybridization Procedure foe Me~msrinli MNA In C~/1Lymte~. Ana/B/odm~ 1989, 181:371--378. T~OVaPSO~JD, ~ I~. C u r t e a t Coneepm l~ • Quantliatlv= Molecular H ? b r a m ~ - ~ n . ~ n ~ x ~ e m ~ 0 , Z3:26~-266. [24]. Tomm~s~ 14, Slmm T, BL~S I~. T y p i ~ o f I J . m ~ ~ B ~ e d o n Sequeuce V s r i m t o m ha tbm 5' N ~ n t - ~ l e ~ . J Gen Vtro11989, 70-3111-3116. BL, FmGm,m.~m ASJ, N~TOmC.ZCBM, SKOmO~e3WS~MA, SCtmST~ SM, C ~ JTR,MAmm~ DJ, KOLOOm" EH, G~WL ! ~ ~ for Carriers o f Tzy-S~ch0 D i m s m e / u m m ~ / m h k e m u d Jews - aC ~ o f DNA-I~med mid Etmymc-Based T ~ . N En~lJ M~d 1990, 323.6-12. " I X ~ J, As~,m A: ll)eqteotlo~ o f Claitimme Activity ~ ~ C,d m e c t m ~ o e t s i s . An,a moa~em 1989, 1T&362-366. CWA, Bmsouw E, S(mOUB~ Outlmmk o f L ~ a o m y e U m tn s o n m Africa m v e ~ ¢ d by O B ~ l ~ p p t t ~ . J Med V#ol1989, 2&52-56. T s u ~ K, m m m z ~ , motr~ ~ meatm__,..t~on o f t h e DNA, h t n d l ~ D o m ~ m o f t h e O m t m ~rotein Required ~ e Trlmscriptio~d A~G.~d~n o f theoml~A~dompCGoncaof~am~WaCoU by ~ ~DNA [~otl, r i m t n ~ J ~ a ~ ]9~, 264:10]04-30109. uc~m~ K, PYLEAM, Moral T, BARTONJK~ l ~ itesolution 1,omp~tmia~ o f ~ . m s msd Dimtamydn w i t h IUh(phi)a0~t~)S+ , II New" lqlotod~,o~Gltin$ i t e ~ t m t , Nude~ ~ / ~ 19~9, 17:10259. L, WEISSAS: T ~ m e d l a t e d letm'lction Mapl#~ of the mm~a~ ~ Chrommome. G~'~ ~9~9, 78:29-36. VOULL~mLE, Wmm GC, IZVEmHAIV~~ Z l # k X-temtn~ i~ a Diai~aoottc ~ Iaboratory. J Med Genet 1989, ~:439-442. WALIAS, KHAN& ~ N : ~ t l o n mzd Apl#t,~tton~ o f DN~ l ~ b ~ f~r Detection of t~y~nor~mea m # t e ~ ~ G m m t y p ~ in Toxic O r i p ~ c - c o ~ m ' n ~ * d s o n l~virommm~t& Appl Environ M~robto11990, ~:254-259. WM.KF~J, ~ Cr. DNA Plrobes, a New Role in • Diquo~c ma~t~olo~. J ~ ~ac~ ~9~9, 67~29-238. [111. WALMSLL~RM, Wn~mou BM, Kot~3 TH: Genetic ~ t i a ~ for V e ~ m . ~ 1~9, 7:1168-1170. WANGY, VANNI~ B: Site-apedfic Cle~tvlge o f SupercoUed D~A b y Ascoetmte/Cu(U). N u c ~ A c ~ Res 1969,17.-6915. WATTS AP, MCCtnCU~ TF: Itapid, Semittve ~ o f M~lff~Ptl ~ o n MJ~aosom~l RNtk Lan~et l989, [1343-1345. WEBSTERp, MANSOI~TE, B~ER I~. Isolation o f a Femal~ ~pecmc, m s m ~ ~ e s t a t sa~m~ uamo~ DNA Probe tm~l its use in t n Atomy o f Cefcm'i.ql Sex. Mol Btochem Parmftol 1~9, 3~,217-222. WELLSRA, ~ P, RElUmmST: S i m u l m n e o ~ Genetic Mappin 8 o f M~tiple H u m a n MlnimtW.ilite ~lOC~ces ~ DNA l q n l ~ t l n W Genom~s 1959,5:761-772. WHrlTAKImPA, IAVENImRFI~ S ~ o f Unamplll~d lq~ ~ on Nylon Filters. Nude~ Ar./dsRes 1989, 17:4406. WILLm~ I)k The u e o f a PVDF Membrane in t h e ltalMd llmmobllization o f Genomic DNA for Dotblot EMmmlamion X n a l y m . ~ q u e s ~990, 8:14-15. Y A N K ~ NK, FONSaXC~MY, LASHINASY, BUK&NOV NO, YAKUBOVICHNV, ERMAKOVAhM, REBEN'rt~ BA, JANUIAr~ AA, DI~a~V VG: ~ as Effective a n d S~lmple Tools fo~ C o ~ s t r u c t i ~ and Atml~is of~ IJbrark~. Gene 1989, 81:203-210. YOUNGID, MCKEEVERPA, BROWNLA, LANGGI~. Prenatal Diallno~a o f t h e ~ m i c r o c o l o a ~ I ~ ~r~m*. l Med Genet ZA~UIx~ ~ , DALEJW: Polymorphl¢ and Repetitive DNA S ~ l u ~ In ~ T ~ Detected with a Gene IProbe f r o m a M ~ ~ Pl~amid. J Gen Mtcrobiol 1989, 135-2.347-2355.

DNA electrophoresis and blotting Related review: Separation and analysis of D N A by electrophoresis (pp 86-91) AttMAD1, ~ I S I " E ~ JA, STEGGLESAW: The Analysis of I~IA b y to~ltu Agarose Gel l ~ o n is Mote

Sena~tive Than t h e lklUtV~eltt Northern Blot ~ m a t y ~ . B ~ J ~ t ~ u ~ 199e,8..1~. ALLE~UHM, ~ EI~, FA, ROUNt'END~GJA: Olpa~ll OffNm-M~U0octive Soutlmmm Blot nMmmmm~ ~ C o p r Detectioa m m ~ of BI~IL NudetcAok~ Re* 1990,I&3099--3100. Ar,~a~DR, ~ A, 'rYm~-Slvm'HC: C m t t m m a i ~ of Yeast ~ C3aurommome L i ~ with tin.We ~ t ~ m'acttomstion b y Pu~edfieldGel E I ~ . Nuc/e/cAdds Res 1989, 17.'3425-3478. AUC,~ SA, SAYAWm~OTOLA: itmp~ V i ~ a n = a t i o n o f Cmmomlc DMA mtd Total RNA hm Alpt'olm B ~ 1990,&36. AUGOODSJ, Rum JL, EMSONPC: A ~ Method o f Non ItmUmmtlve mottitem m o t Amlyt~k Nuc/e~ Aads Re* 1990,1&4291. BEJ AK, PERL~ MH: l ~ p m ' ~ o a d ~otol~mEs Of ~vio~t~t for T ~ ~md Pul~-I~m'ais. ~ 1969,7:824-827. BW.RENBW, SDCONl~, I.AIE: T ] ~ Ibti$ Of E I ~ ltemlutioa S e p m t i o n o f ~ DI~ b y ,~ymmetac-voltalle meld m v e t ~ o n E l ~ m m l ~ t o n ~ s and Its Al~lication to DNA S~lmmt~~ G~lm. Nuc./e~ Ac/d~ Ra~ 1990, 18:1481-1487. BtOU~ JI.,,mm Z, CmTrOUH Z, PRmU~M, ~ J, Potsso~m~ M, L~OmlU)C, Nmom A, l ~ ' r m JF, Sm~r PM, D e t m ~ J ~ Slot ~lot m e t h o d for t h e ~tiacati~ o f DNA ~ arm mappin8 o f Cl~'omcaom. lUmrrmm~ttmmemm~ to Cht'omo~tmm~ 21. A m J H u m Gen~ 1990, 46.518-526. BOUL'r~ooDJ, ABP.AHAMSONGM, W A ~ A T JS: Structmml DN& AmmlTsis f r o m a ~ IH~ur ltoot kn/ Smadard o f P u l m ~ E l d d Gel Mlctrophoresis. Nude/~ Aad~ ~ 1950, 1~.~28. BRANDJA, TSANG~ , ~ O U W, ~ SB: o f Partio,t*H 3,~tzrime ,5,Ytettmmethyllx~=lalne a n d 3 , 3 ' - m - m ~ o b e m d d l n e

B/ot~ 1990, 8:58~0. C.ARNINCIP, ~ I C H S, BOTrEGAS, PATI~O~SOC, DEL SALG, MANFIOI£TnG, ScttrOaDFa~C: A Simple Dimmmttnuous l ~ e r Symem for ~ lte~olution a a d Speed i n Gel Electrophoretic o f DNA Sequence. Nuc/e/c Ac/ds R~s 1990, 18.,204. CVmNHW, KESEL~ IM, Sl-m~cLe~LJ: Gtmome Size o f myxoco¢cus-Xamthus Determined b y ~ Field Gel ~ t e c t r o p h c ~ d ~ . / Baaer/~ 1990. 172:4206-4213. C~mUm3WY, G / ~ MI~ The Imdation o f High Molecular Weiliht DNA fi'om Wh¢~tt, B~rley ~ Rye for ~ m a b ~ b y P e ~ - - m e m Get m e c t r e p h o r e ~ . Pt~mt ~ , B ~ a ~9~0, ] 4 . ~ - ~ a . Cmmc~ GM, lOzvvea-HIGGn~S: Multiplex DNA ee ~ Saem.e ~988, ~:~85-188. [18]. co~.~.NJE: DNA F h ~ t h ~ for Foretmk M ~ t 4 t ~ t t i o t t - - Pottmtitl ~ on Dam la~t~=~ of Subpopektkm H ~ * y and ~ Nmber V~ty. A m / H u m Genet 1990, 44~358-368. COHEN MD, ~ CA, Xu I.q, SNOWET, ~ A M: A Blottin8 Method for Monitoring t h e Formation o f C~m:mictdly Induced DNA.protetn Complexes. Aria/B/ockera 1990, 186:1-7. COONEYCA, G ~ l ~ m t JL, BR~BURYEM: A Stmced DNA Size S m n d m d with 10 m~p Resolution for Pulsed M Gel Electrophoresis. Nude/c Adds Re~ 1989, 17:5412. CRAIGAG, N~HC D, HOI~F~SELJI), ZEI~TNE~G, LEHI~CHH: O r d e t t ~ o f Cosmid Clones Covettn~ the Herpes Simplex ~ Type I (HSV-1) Gemmmae: a Test c u e for ~uqu~'t~tins by eMmmi~taon. Nudac Aads Res ~990,I&2653-2660. DAN1F.LSDL, Ol~OWCH, BRUMLEYR, BIATINERFR: lqekl lnve~l~m Gel ~ e c t r o p h o r e s i s Applted to t h e mq~a, M u m b l e , m e m m r ~ o n M ~ of Plmllc b m , b d s a o r t a . Nuaetc Aad~ ~ 1990, 18:1312. DOUC-RASY S, KOI.BA, PRUI~LLA: Protein-indnced Unwindinll o f D N ~ Measmmment b y Gel ~l~ctrol~m~rt~ o f Commplexcs wltlk DNA Minlclrcies. Appllcatio~ to Itemaction Endonucleme EcoRl, Catsl~lite Gene Activator Protein and I a c lt~p~mm¢. Nt~./e/c Adds Res 19~9, 17:5173-5190. D~SSUAN H, L U C ~ J& ~ AJ, D c t m ~ J, storm LM: H t ~ - 0 1 ~ Sqmrmtimm o f DNA S e q u e ~ meKttotm b y ~ mectrophoresis, a m : O0em 1990, 62.-900-903. DUNHAMI, SARGENTCA, DAWKINSRI~ CAMPBELL RD: Direct Observation of t h e Gen~ Ofllanization o f the

Analytical b i o t e c h n o l o g y D N A e l e c t r o p h o r e s i s and blotting Complement f-~a n d 21-hy¢ll~om ~ by I ~ M Ce.lElcma'~@[~:sls. / F-xp Med 2989, I~9-..1803-1828~ I ~ I,~ CA, DA't~S RL, ~ F,D: ~ Oqp~tion o f t h e H m m m S~Jor m~mt~tbmt~ c o m p ~ O L ~ n S e s ~ b~ PulNd-fleld ~.1 i ~ a c ~ l h o r e ~ s . ~ 1989, 5:787-796, FIlLEYE, ~ C, WATERSM, ROO~G: T i ~ •1~ of A n ~ Nitrocdlull~e D e f i l e d f i ' ~ a Wmmrn ~ to s t u d y Prolff~al.'ve i l e s p o m e s m Z7 A n e t s e ~ c Frmello~ f r o m I ~ p m l m c ~ ' l u m - l e p r a e in I ~ i e n t s and Controls. Immuno/0~ 1~9, 67,.75--80. T r ~ T ~ t ~ MI~. l ~ e o f Demmtori~ Cea~llmat ¢~.1 181ect~ for ~ o f Mutad~a a n d P r o e p e c t l ~ Dlqtnoe~ In Late Onset O m t t h i n e T ~ De~,4~_ ,T. Genom~ 1990, 7:167-172, FP.EV~ MP, RoYmt-Pogo~t B, l~a,m~s~a I, go'd~ H-D: DNA Blnd~lnlg IProtetml IPresettt In Gmmldtn/um l s o a z l o o / ~ t y s s t e s o f Cells are sutudme fo~ spectac m m m ~ s~te m o m n g . N~ac.4~ ~ 1~9, 17:8892. FRUTOSR, PAC~ M, BELLItSM, ROIZ~ G, B ~ M: Pulm~ae.~ c,et ~ Dem,aZUum~ of t h e G e n o m e S~ze o f O~mg~e Inu.zcelluku~ ¢ t e r ~ ~ . t o a l 0 n ~ to t h e C e m m t O ~ ' m , 1"]1..4521--4513.


by C ~ a t ~


~ ~ MoIBiochem Paraatol 2~9, 34.'245-252. G . ~ JC, ~ KC, COO~ VE, Molrr~l~ RK: Use o f a mnll O ~ m o s o m e m a ~ l s e d - f l e l d Gels to Study Interhom*ob~li ~ t i o n , Doubles m m d DNA ~ m~l Slster-daroma~l K x d ~ l e In Y ~ s t , ~ 1969, 123:695-714. GEKEI~ V, ~F.GERS, EIf~-~a.EE, PI~OBSTH: Co~putegc o m r o l l ~ D t s c o m i n u o ~ I t o m t i ~ Gel mecu.op~o~e.~ for s e p m m a o n o~ v e r r t m ~ e DNA Molecules. Aria/B/oa~m 1989, 181:227-233. GEOgGES/Vl,LATH~OeM, Hmn~RTP, MA~COTT~A, SCHW~gS A, SWah~NSS, VASS~'rG, ~ E T R: On the use o f DNA Finsm'prints for ~ Stodles in Cattle. C,e n o m ~ 1990, 6:463-470. G ~ r ~ r DA, laetuau N, O'B~N sJ, WAY~ RI~

rit,t~a~ nde~ ~a~tion Differem~kttion In tlhe California Channel island Fox [ i ~ ] . Nature 1990, 344~.764-766. ~ J E : S t e m . s t a t e E i e ~ ' o p h o ~ n ~ : a Te~hnique ~,~ M e u o r ~ t~ay.~a ~ n ~ e r a e s of ~ c r ~ a s . Proc Naa Acad ~ ~ 1989, 86:4479-4~3. Goxmmu s, ~ a n m u E, BF.~C~D, BOST*.~tA,XT~C: l m a l ~ • o f Irdzdked c . ~ I ~ - c t m w ~ o r ¢ ~ b y ~ u ~ c ¢ ~ . ~ ' r y 299o, ~3396-5401.141. HAmONDJ, Sr~OatDONAM, laNE MJ: ~ mulltltlmers as High Ilesolution Molecular Wellll~ for ~ l ~ d d Gel E l e c t ~ p h e ~ n ~ . N u c / ~ Actds Res 1~19, 17:5413. HEC,G lA, ~ D k ~ TIlNA S e g ~ d l w y structure ~ ~ - n ~ u r ~ ' ~ u t ~ n ~ Polyacrybmade Gels, Effects o n mectrophoretic Mobnlty a n d Dependency o n Prior Chemi~d M o d ~ c a a o n o f t h e Tm~A. Nuc~c A c ~ ~es 1990, ~S.-~993-3000. H E ~ C, P o ~ FM: A Systematic Study o f Field lw~gslon Gel EJectrophoeel~. Nt~letc A6ids Res 1989, 1 7 : ~ . HEgI~A RE, SHAWPE: UV Shadowing Provides a Simple MemmJ to Qusmtlfy N u d ~ c A d d T ~ to Itybridlzaaon ~ m d w a m ~ . Nude/c ~g~,ds~es t~9, 17.'8892. HItches ML T t ~ L C, ~ J, I.*a~.~E M: Detection o f ~ s ~ t ~ a ~ , ~ e s Ceretq~ae Ohromoeome Size Directly o n S o u ~ Blots o f Pulsedfield ~ with a Mngle DNA H y l w l d l ~ l t o n Probe. Nua/e~ Ao~[~~ 1989,17:20136. I-IILIELJ, SC/tM~ T, H A B ~ A, JEFI~d~SAJ, P ~ Y. A, LAVlU: DNA Fhlgerpthmt~ Applied to Ge~e Introvession tn areedin~ erogrmns. G e n e . s 1990, 124:783. H ~ AL, R t r ~ C,M,BAgroN KP, WES'm~OOgCA: D e t e c a o n o f t h e lq~lladelphtla Oltromoeome in .~'ute t y m p h o b l m ~ Leukemia by ~ d ~ e d - ~ . I d Gel l~ectlrophot'e0t~/?,/o0d 1~9, 74:1101-1107. ~-m-u~ H, smm'ra M: ~ l e c t r o b l o m ~ o f Doubleswanded DNA for lltyll~lm~,a~ l t ~ e r l m e n m : DNA Trmtslh~ Is Complete Within 10 Minutes

after P,ased-~.ld Gel m ~ . aria/ B/~bem 1990, 18~.207-212. ITO T, SAKA~Y: A No~fl Procedure fol" Selective

PsdA"rT: m#,, ~.~mlSmtion Sood,,~..o ~

M ~ Ge~mmes. N ~ Ada~ ~ 19fi8, I&9177-9~84. [l~lK~t~z P, ~ l~ ~ H-B: A lut~llled Detection o f DNA..tmA i l y b r i ~ On Nylon Aria/B/oc/~n I~9, 17~366-570. KATOI~ OK~IU!~ I~ ~ W X Y, KI~I~WA T, ~ K: ~ o~DNA ~ o f N-mq~ Ge~e ~ i n 'lrlht'ee N e u m b l m t o m a Celll X ~ e s b y P u l u d - l k l d Gel Electtophogeg~. FEBS Left 1909, g~O:.529--535. K~J~, LIVAKKJ: ~ ~ Ut~ • Nucleoade ~ m l o ~ that Alter m e c t r o p h o ~ c Mobmty. Nudeg ~ Res ~ 9 , 17:7779-7784. [24]. K~X~X I ~ l m m e d l l ~ ~ o f mottod ~ A in N o r t ~ m Amdysis. N u d ~ Aaa~ R~s ~989, 17:9497. RA. SIEB~:TE: O l ~ m i ~ t i o n o~ Northema b y W c u u m 4 ~ l o c m ~ lUqA-mmaer Vlmallzatton, m d ~ t'hamoL ~ua B~oc~m 1990, 184.90-95. K ~ U, ~ D, DAWEY, FAItlFO~RW, G~vo~ . I S : / t ~ e ~ m e m o f ~ b y DrO. • lnSerp~tinS ~ t ol • ~ Curve ~ Defined StrMns of C h l c l u n ~ Genet~ 1990, 125:161-165. Kt/l~ WG:.Clpillm'y l~'tl'llphoreMII. Aria/O~era 1990, 62:R403-R414. Aria/~ 1990, 62:1585--1587. L~ CS, BI,~CI~D WC, WO CT: ~ ~tr~ Electrophores~ by Using 8n External Electric Field. Anal O~em 1990, 62:1550. LEEJS, Yoor~ ~ : l~me-mructure Mappin8 o f the Marhae IL-3 lind GM-CSF Genes by Pulsed-field Gel m e c t r o t a a o r ~ a n d Motecular O o n ~ g . Genorm~ 1989, 5:359-362. I.EVEI,,'ESD, M BH: ~ the Anom.~lotm Electtopholztds o f Bent DNA Moleculest a lleptstion Model. S c / m ~ 1989,/A9:~96-59~. la H, CIJIX, A l ~ r ~ N: Dltreot l~lectrophoretlc • Detection of t h e Mleitc Sutte of Single DNA Mok~*k. in a~-Sperm b y U . ~ t h e l~lymea-m~ Clnmin k s ~ a o n . Proc Naa Acad Set USA 299o, ~'As~0-4Ss4. l~z|. JA, D~Dt~,t~¢ H, K o s ' r l c ~ AJ, ME~ DA, D'CUm-IAJ, • ~ a ~ s a~, smm u~ m ~ a s t e m m~A s ~ n ~ m s by c.~am~r s l ~ a ~ a o r e ~ . N u d ~ m~as ~ 1990, 18..~17-.4421. [9]. I ~ YF, YEtrt~ K% I~'ecCs o f ~ on t h e ,f~-pmt'•l~m o f D N A I ~ t s tn ~ Gel l~tecueOphoresls lletteri..,Ina/Oon ~990, 62:~94. MANNW, VEI~t.A'n~VS, ~ H AD: T w o Houg DNA Hybridlamtlmm U~lnll a New Tr~msfer Membrane. NucJe/c Af.k~ Res 1989,17:5420, MCNICOLPJ, DODDJG: ~ o n o f P ~ U o m m , i r ~ DNA in H u m ~ / h m s t s t l c Tissue b y $outhegn Blot A n s l r ~ . Can J ~ ' n ~ o t 2990, 36:.359-362. M~o V, V ~ r r r ~ ~ Pteparln s Oaromosomes f r o m pt~mplaets o f a F t l a m e n ~ u s l~meus for Pulsedfield Gel I ~ ' t r o p h o g e l d ~ B/ot~/m/ques 1990. 8:-393. MON/ABP, ~ KM, ECK~ JR, E ~ R DJ, CROO~ ST: c~-omoaomal ~ o f the t~lquletn Gene ~ u m r In ~ ~ rutsed l~.eld Gel ~ - ¢ t ~ N u c / ~ A~ds Res 1989, 17:3611--3612. MONODM~PO!~/'~-f S, BA~-ROI~ELET F, FRENKE: The Mentifi~a o f P s t b o s e n ~ Yeast Stmdns by EiecUrophoreac ~ a l y s i s o f T h e i r Obromoeom¢~. f Med Mto'obio11990, 32:123-130. K, EMOOr~tF, ~ S, S . ~ R, ~ G, EP.UCH • • H: ~ l~tic AmplJflcatlost o f D N A i~ Vffr~ the Pol,ymetlme f ' h ~ Bamctton. Cold Sprtng Harb SJ.~o Quam Btol , 51:265-273. [29]. M ' a ~ S, S~OtmLLS, T~mtL I~. Detectinn o f linmma 219E In N a ~ l W M h ~ Usin 8 I~.N&~IlN/k~ J Med V/I~/1969, 29:70-73. O O E I ~ SJ, P t A t ~ R, E~a~c~ Jl~ ~ I~ O ' ~ t t P, NAKAMU~Y, ImPPERTM, LAIOOELJ-M, ~ R: ~ o f El#at V I ~ I I L o d by A g m ' o ~ Gel l ~ ¢ t r o p h o r e s ~ Genom~ 2989, 5:915--924. Orma M, S~TH Ck Tgacking Bacterial DNA n e p ~ c a t ~ n t~rk~ ~ ~ v o b y l~ased lqeld Gel ~ U ~ a b o r e s ~ Nudeg ac/a~ ~ 19e9, 17:3479-3500. PEv~ RA, ~ DJ, LANGRB, L~ N, laAOM/, TESTA1~. Detection o f Plcogrum Amounts o f Nucleic Acid




mcakpc,ints b y t ~ l ~ l ~ e t d G d

1989,17:.9114. ltmEmO EA, LA~COMLL, lVaI~R DP: Q u m t t ~ % e ] L ~ o f DNA-hasef~a]m,~! ]~fllfldlom Brmnld~ c ~ ~ Gel~ Aria/B/od~m 1909, 181:197-208. ROll.O F, FI~g~CUTIT, PACRIJA: ~ off ~ I~IA M z l e c u l ~ f i ~ m l ~ m m a Curt ~ 19~, 16:477. G, Kmo KI~ S ~ I ~ J~ I l i ~ ~ Multiple Potymor#~ neutral by ~zymanc ~ , ~ a t e , - m l o ~ ~ S i n # e t r o t m ~ a l t e ~ er0~ Naa aca~ S a 0X4 ~990, 8 7 . ~ , [a31, Rtreg~ G, ~ W, ~ l ~ Detectton o f ~ •

Whole G ~ o m e S o u t h e m Cgo~ Hybadl~maon. N u c ~ ,4ads ~ 1~90, lga~9-~15. [271. SAg~ PJ~ W~tS~ IS, ~ CH, E~C~ HA: Genetic e o A m d y ~ o f A w ~ ! a e d DNA with Sequeoce

st,ecmc ~

prob~. ~ , ~ N,~ A ~ a


C,S, KU~ EC: l n a p e m d ~ Micro-dectro~utlon ~ rot ~ DNAffom ~ mad ASaro~e Gels. B/o~_.lmtqu~ 1969, 7:~--823. ~ * ~ BA, S~LVn¢PR, A.Xm,~ODD, I r a ~ MP, Hmasr JE: a ~ Photo~llelw.h~ Study o f DNA l e o r l e a t m t o n In ~ Gels. B¢oc./wm/stry1990, ~9:479o-47~. ~ H, ~ A: Sllve~-mained P r o t e ~ Gel~ Allow ~ o f Tgnnscripflon Factors Still In Slpedlk DNA-IMmlht~ Nuc./¢4cAc/ds Res lc~9,17.-6415. S t ~ JS, ~ S : pulse-field Gel ~iectrophores~ o f Clrculm-Dtqh Ntw.2egAc/ds Res 1589, 17.'4359--4046. SOBI~I.BWS, ATI~RtY AG: Pulse ' I ~ ~ C o n c o n ~ m ~ Affectthe mect~l~OCet~ MobiBty o f CccDNA l ~ a n 8 ~lectrophoresl~ In t . n ~ ~ a In ~ . Nuae~ ~ads ~ 1989, 17:7359--7380. SON M, WATSONRtt, Sm~m~ P: In-Gel H ~ o f DNA 8elp~-~tted b y ~ Flel~ ~ Gel Electrophorads. Nuc/~c Ac.~ Res 19~0, 18.'3098. S'I~PIENPP, BUIDWRA: Yem~ Colom~ N o t t h e f m • F~st Medaod t o t Detccdon o f Tnmscrlpm b y ~ l o n ~ l ~ y b e ~ - ' ~ , a ~ . Nuc./~.4aa~/~ 1990, l&~0. S~E~aXOWH C~S~Oa~D 11:~ Gel I~.ctrophoresls • for IlalM~ EBII~ Resolutio~ DNA Seque~dng. Nudm~ ~ / ~ s 1990,18:.1415--1419. [8]. TASS: ~ . p ~ a ~ a ~ t h e DNA M ~ e c m l ~ l l e ~ l wlda S ~ I I ~ ~ Suffme..~a/B~m 1990, 188¢33--37. TWOMEYTA, I~AWEa~S.~ IPmsmeters Affectin8 llybridlzlllion o f N u d e i c A d d s Blotted OIIto Nylon oa' Nitrocelllultose M,"mlbrm~s. 19~),8:478. UL4~K:~d~ I~ D l ~ t ~ G, GILled~ffW: DNA T t ' ~ d ~ l OO ~ Na,'#~'~ 1990, M3:190-192. [6"1. W~A RK, 1 ~ S& A M ~ _ a N a m a o f the O.mnU~lot Proceed,aS symem AUowlne ~ ~ e In Western

ntotan~ B ~ a q u ~


WALT~ M~ COX DW: A Method l~r T w o ~ U ~ o m d DmA~ (zo-tm), ~ to t h e tmmuno~loimm~ n e m ~ O u a n Vm'tab~ ~ 19@9, 5:157-159. w ~ r ~ t RM, r ~ s s ~ sr~ M O ~ C~ J~ D e t e e a n g B~tse ~ SubsOtoflo~s in DNA I ~ m by r ~ t c,et mecuropUore~. Nuc./e~ Aads Res 1990, 18:2699-2705. WHrm JJ, N ~ w m , n H, ~ CD, SCar~D~ Ek DNA A l t e m m o w In l ~ . o ~ m ~ ~ aamd

smasu x,m.mac m~aa~u~. -- ~-tecaon

by DN~ t n ~ e r p a n t . ~ a r . e . . ~un~ ~,~ 1990, o f Hum-,n DNA In Allm'ose Block. Gene A,-ta/Tecb 19~9, 6:71-74. YI M, AU LC, ICI~KAWAN, TS'O POP: I~nk~need Resolution o f DI~A lte~rtctiou F r ~ i m e m s - - a I'rocedute Double- L ~ , l l n ~ l~oc Natl Ac~l ~ i U S d I990, 87:3919-3923. 7~C~JAS M. W ~ l~ GO~n~E~ HU: Polyacryiamlde Gr~t Gel ] ~ c t r o p h o r e ~ for the D e t e ~ o t t o f Be~ded DNA l~'t~Ine~nt~k muc./e~ Ac~a~R~s 1990, 18:2827. Z~C,t~S~ ~, MC¢Og~C~ RM: DNA Sequencing lteport DNA s e q u e ~ c t ~ ~ In c_~umary Gets



Analytical biotechnology Nucleic acid sequencing o n It ~ ~ DNA Sequencin8 ~ent. B/~cbn/ques 1990, 9:74. ZEINEHMM, Z~U~4 1~ MlmdmtugeElect~ophoreMs for Speed m d Productivity. 4 q ~ B/0c~om ~ 1990, 23~1-90.

Nucleic acid sequencing Related review: Large-scale DNA s e q u e n c i n g (pp 9 2 - 1 0 1 ) ALEXA,X~ NN, Mn~z'¢ovA~ AppUcatton o f a New Method o f Pmtern itecol~tttz~ In DNA Sequence Analy~J: a ready o f ~' Co//Promoters. N u c / ~ Ac/ds Res 1990,1&1847-1852. AmORGEW, Z~O~VtS~ J, S o a w . , ~ C, STRG~A~ J, EXVLE H, V~S I~ One I[,mbel.One Tulr~, S a ~ r DNA ~ , ~ . In One mad Two lames o n a Gel. Nuc..k~ ~ / ~ 1990, 1&3419-3420. BAUERGJ: illqA Sequencinll ~ Plum'lmce~t-

~.ted ~

and ~a.omated Detecthm. Ntw2egAc/ds Res 1990,

1&W/9-884. BErgS CaM,IC,n~ JE, NZC~L~t~r~N, MOEaU~ DG, • WAT~SON RH: k q m m ~ of m Unmmally Iaqle

~ ~ m aeaz~at~ of M,r a ~ A~.ttv~ In C. mq~ms. Nmur~ 19o9, ~,,2:45--50. 151. Bmm~ BW, SmONlVH,I ~ E: The I~m~ o¢ !!!1# ~ m l u t i o m Selparmio~ o f Small DNAs

t~v . ~ m e t a c - * o a ~ e meM Xmnma'.~a m e c t m p l ~ : ~ ~ d nm Appik=tion to DN~ Sequencl~ Gels. Nuc./~ .~ds ~ s 19S0, 1~I~1-14~'. Bowcocg AM, RAYA, EIU/OIH, SI~GALPB: R l ~ d

Det¢ctlml aml S~,,,*,~,,¢_ o¢ M k ~ s In the 3' mazd~t~ ~ o~ t ~ ~ a ~ C,oue. Nu¢..h~ At~ds ~ 1 9 8 9 , 1 7 . ' ~ 5 ~ 3 . B~W.R S, Iav/ggK~:DNA l ~ n ~ - p r l ~ by S~mpled t~l•e~dm~l. Pro¢ Naa Acad ~//2X4 1989,

~8902-8906. BROWNVK, ~

BI~ hmmmmoselectio~ o f ~

s p e a m e m c o , n - ~ a ~ v e t o ~ m o w e a by ~ ~ ~ 1990, 8:262. P, ~ S, BOTIE~ S, PAT~OmOC, DEL SAt G, MamOLETn G, ~ ¢: A Simple

~ ~md Speed m C,ei m e c t r o p m , t ~ •~ m d ~ of DNA Sequence. Nm:/eg.4~ds Rm 1~0, 1&204. c . ~ m c r ~ c~, s ~ , ~ ~ : Stmptmed mq~ S ~ l u e n c l ~ Dideoxy t~h,~,,, Ter,~oMtton. B/oteOm/ques 1990, 8:26-27. CH~ MS, ~ AT, B~.CXS, Bo~ml R, BIg)WNCM, C~x~Y • • R, ~ T, H ~ CA m, KObT~'~D~ST, Magnc~m-nj& ~ E, S~TC~WmSC, TOm.ON P, W~IDN KM, BA~ZlZBG:.Amdys~ o f the P1mlmin ~ u ~ t of the Sequence of n u m s ~ Strain AD 169. Curt Top M/c~,/o/ lmmum~ 1990, 134:125-1"/0. [12!. (BEN EY, LIAOY-C, SMITHDH, BARtqERA.SALI~NHA, GELINA5 • RE, S~O~G PI~ The llmm~m Growth llormoBe Locu~ Nudeotide Seque~m n i o t o l ~ and Evointinn. G~mmgs 19e9, 4.479-497. [71. DAVIESRJH, BOYDDR, ~ S, ~ ND, ST~'¢FaNISONC: Prdm~attal Modl~mti~ of ~ ~ In DNA b y Dtmethyldloxlnme and Its AppUcetlon to DNA S e q u e a c ~ B/~l~em ~ .~s Commun 199o, 169..87-94. Dcumm J, B~ICSONBJ, ~ RI~WAGNERPP~ SMrm L~ D ~ ~ &elmrt - m A u m m a t ~ ~ for t l ~ l~afformam~ o f ~m~matlc 9:~. DELSALG, ~ ~


G, ~ C: The CrAD-DNA Method, a C o m m c ~ Mini-~de

or v l m m ~ Suind~te for sequencina.

1989, 7:5614-521. DEN DL~INENJT, VANNECKJW, C~AVIE~FPM, LUBSEN • N~ ~ JC.~. Nucleotide Sequence o f

C 0 m p a e ~ n wi*h ou Ortholojous H u m ~ tT~ne 1989, 7&201-214. [3]. Dtc~a AP, Voumma~r M, AD~U~OA, I ~ E t ~ C, B ~

j~ Sequence ~ a l y ~ a a n u m ~ a ~ e M ~ h o d for Mam~l aml A u m m a t ~ ! l~a~ct

s ~ u t ~ f l a ~ a n a m u m o m m m m by the l~l~m__~a~ ~aain ~ / u o t e ~ n g u ~ 1989, 7:830-389. Fam~ AE, B o u v ~ J, s m o ~ JA, C ~ CS, ~ J~ Am~tton and S e q u e m : ~ o f Ge~om~c DNA

Fra~menm Encoding Cymeine Protceses from Protozoan PataMtes. MOI B ~ Par~ 1990, 39:1-8. EDWARDSA, VO~ H, RICEP, CIvrrELLOA, S'I~GEMANNJ, OO S C H W A G E ~ C , ~ J , Em~I~H, CASKEYCT, ANSOI~EW: A~tomdttcd DNA Sequelmdt~ of the Human HPRT Locus. Genom/cs 1990, 6:593-608. iX3l. EDWA~S U, ~ T, BLOCKERH, EMDEM, BOITGER EC: l[m~ttton mad ~ C ~ m a p ~ Nucleotide l~mtefmattmtima o f Emtre Genes. C~aracterization o f a Ge~e C o d i t ~ For 16S Ribcmomal IhNA. NucJe/c Ac~s Re• 1~9,17:7843-7854. ~ E g ~ ~, ~ C, S~a-rs S: ~mtomated ta~'rf l u o ~ c e n ~ S e ~ a c i n 8 . B ~ u ~ o ~ y 1990, 8:147-159. GALS,Home B: Direct Sequencin8 o f Doublestranded DNA PCR Products Vim Removing the Complm~ataw/Strand with DNA o f ml M13 a m , Nuc./e/cAc/ds Res 1950, 18:1076. GIEBELLB, ZOI2J~L, EdMTZEKF, DARAIG: Rapid Detec~on o f Genomic Vm'latiow i n D i l ~ . a t Strains o f n o u ~ by t , ~ y m e r m e O~ain a ~ - ' t i n n Techniques E d Nucleotlde Sequence Analysla. V/rus Re• 1990, 1~.127-136. G~LEmTE~UB, EauOt H~ Genecetlon o f Single• Stranded DNA by the P o l y m e r i c Chain l a c t i o n and lm AppL__h~m~_to Digect S e q u e n d ~ o f the llLA.DQa l~cus. P r ~ Naa ~ . ~ $~ ~ 1~09, 05:7652-7656. [4~[. HAb~EA, SEIAMOONB, CI~BETM, SI-~RRC, ~ , ~ r • F: Nucleotide Sequem:e and Scguctuml ~n,,,~.t0on o f the Human Fins ProtoO m a m F ~ . Om0gene Res ]969, 4.9-17. [41. ~o~v ~ O g d e t ~ Deletlom for DNA Sequencing and ~ V~t~ M u m s e m ~ by ~W~mer~e ~ and t~omw.leme m G a p p h ~ o f Templates. Nuc2eg ~ Re• 1990, H U L ~ T, ST/filLS, HORNESE, UH~N I~ Direct Solid P]hs~ Sequ~ads~ o f Genomic and Pl~tmid DNA usin~ u m ~ - t i c Beads m Solid Support. Nuc~c A~/ds Res 1~9,17:4937-4974. ~Av~ AA,JO~n S: Tm.l~ted DNA Seqommcim~ - Rmpid i d o u d ~ . ~ o ~ o f DNA Clones by S e q u e n d n g

DNA U~U~ MUted ~ u c l e o t ~


as Primers. ~ / t ~ s 1990, 9:28. KmSERRJ, MaClrmu~ Sl, V~V~K RS, Samma J~ S~VE~a RA, HOODLE: S p e c i f i c - p ~ l ~ DNA

Sequem:l~ Us~g Automated t~uorcecence Detection. Nuc./e/~.4~ds R~s 1989, 17.'6087-6128. KA~PARP, ~ S, FABIgYM: An ~ Double

Smmded DNA Sequoucin$ method t m ~ Gene 32 l ~ o t t i n . Nude/c AcAdsR~s 1989,17:3616. KHRAPKO I~L L~aOVYP, KHORLYNAA, ~ W, FLOREN'r~

v~ ~ , m u c o v AD:.An O t l s o n u d e o ~ n ~ m z m ~ n . , W p t ~ to DX~ Sequencins. tat 19o9,z~.118-122. g~M BS, J ~ C: Direct Sequencing o f 1.mhda-GTll llecombinam C1maes. B/ 1990, &156. ~ S, S c ~ r M~ A V ~ e N o m a ~ t m c t l ~ Technique ~c~ ~amtrtction A n m l y ~ o f llecombin~nt DNA. B/0c.bemB/qohys Ras Cammun 1989,164:1040-1044, KOOP BF, WILSONl~g, Cm~NC, ~ N, SOAMI~R, HOOD 1~ ~ JW: ~ q u ~ g ~ q ~ ll~tcttom~ In Mlmxlatit~" ~ B ~ 1990, 932. Kamao~ M, I ~ a LF: A S t r a t q ~ for l~x~acing DNA i n the INAymet'~e Chain lteactt...o~, • d/rect Method ~ Genom/c SeqmmcinW Gen~.4na/T~ch 1989, 6.~i. g ~ r z KA, C ~ o ~ GS, O ~ m ~ JS: Direct Sequencin8 from tow-inert , M p r o ~ wtth S e q u e ~ m ~ . Nuc2~ Re• 1 ~ , 17:58~4, K m ~ MC, T n c t ~ lfl~:Dleect Seqmm~h~ o f Bacterl~ 1"4 DNA. with • ~ t a b l e DNA l ~ . Gene 19~, 83~199-204. K~S~WA N, ~ T, A ~ t~ KATO~ DNA 8equencin~ n e p o ~ - nal~d ~ d ~ l e Pro~ol ~ Dh~ S e q ~ n d n 8 o f Material AmpUfied by the poll~lm~ ~ R¢~ctlon. B/otec~/ques 1990, 9.-66. LANGBF, B ~ C~.A ]btp~l~ High Resolution DNA Seqmmdmq~Gel System. ana~ B ~ e m ~990, 11~i:176--180. LE BOUI~EOISP, MATA M, ~ N T H A L E R P: Geltome Compmd~on o f ~ Stgains by Pulaedfield Gel llectgophogcMs. FEMSM/crob/o/Leg 1989, 59.65-70. I~UZ, ~ pB: ltapid Generatlou o f Subclone~ for DNA Sequencing Using the Reverse Clot~ng Procedure. B/ot~bn/ques 1~9, 7:722-729.



oe TB, s ~ m I~m o o a ~

m,c~.s e q u e n ~ ~

Capillary ~ectrophoresis. Nuc/e~ Ac~s P.esl ~ 0 , 18.'4417-4421. [351M/h~IS ER, ROE ELA:A u ~ lt~'~tho~ got ~t81e• Strmtded DNA lsohttiott and IMdeoxynucleotlde DNA Sequencing React/otto o n s Robotic W ~ B/oTechnk/ues 1989, 7:840-850. [46]. M~c,o r JB, l ~ , ~ s GW, ~ RC: Complete • Nuclemtde Sequence o f the Ik~lMt Beta,Like Globihm Gene Cluster. J Mol B/o/1989, 205:15-40. [2]. MCCARTHYJCr An ~ e n t i n Thymine ~ t f i ¢ C~hemlcel DNA Sequcs~ln~- Nude/¢ Adds Re• 1989, 17:7541. MITCHELLLG, ~ Cl~ .Amnlty C d ~ t e ~ " ~ of

S~C~Stmnded DNA ~ Dldeoxy Sequcndng Followin8 the Polymer~e Chain n e a a i o ~ An•/

B ~ e m 1969,178..239-242. [48]. MURRAYV: l a m l p ~ D o u b l ¢ - ~


sequencin8 the Unemr Pob~memse Omin Nuc./e/cAc/dsRes 1989, 17:8889. NAKAYAMAK, HAKAUCHIH: AEt g ~ t ~ d ]~'Olod go Make Sequential D d e t l o n Mutanm for DNA Seqummcin~ Trends Genet 1989, 3:325. Or~*~ O, Dontr P&, Gu~mrr W: IMcect Genomlc Sequ¢~4,,~ o f Bscterlel DN~ the Pyruvate ginml¢ ! ¢~me Of ~ d ~ r f d l ~ ~ Proc Nat/Acad

s a os~ 1989.s 6 ~ 8 8 ~ 8 7 . PARKISONC, ~ SY: A ~ t It~"thll~ to l ~ the Nmmll~r off Rt~gleble ~ in DNA ~/qu~ 1989, 7:828-829. P ~ D, WOODW~ B: Fhmtion tmgl ~ o f DNA

p •

1990, &391-39"3. ~ AE, SEm~U~ JJ, ~ R, ~ R M, SABLECL, VENUTISE, CU~V~C~DJ: Nucleoflde Sequem:e o~ the Mitochondrlal Genome o f IMramecinm. Nuc./e/c Adds R~ 1990,18:173--180.


P,n.EYJ, BUTt~ It, OGmvmD, FUqNm~ILJENNERD, pOWEtL S, AI~ND R, sMrr8 JC, M ~ K S ~ AF: A No~.l, Rapkl Method for the lsolatioa o f Terminal Sequences from Yeast Artificel C~'~uammme (YAC) Clones. Nuc/~ Ac/ds Re• 1990, 18:2887-2890. ROBERTSI~ Genome Cettte* Grmats Otosen. Saeme O0 1990, 249:1497. [1]. ROBER~b A Meeting o f tlae MhKIs o~ the ~ a o m e o@ Project. ~ 1990, 2~.756-757. [49]. ROGOWSKypM, POWELLBS, SI~IIASUK, LEqT-S, MOREL • p, ~ EM, STECKTR, KADOCI: M o l ~ Chagacterizatio~ o f t h e Vir ReSubm of ~cu~um ~ , cample~ . Nudeoe~le Sequence and Ge~e Orsaniza~on of m e ~ 6 y k b p k s u l o n Cloned ~ S ~ e l e U ~ C P/asm~ 1990, 23:85-106. [9]ROSENTHALA, JONESD6C:G¢~OmiC w'llkln~

Polymet~ Chain Reaction. Nuc/~c A c ~ Re• 1990, SCHOWALTE~DB, TOFr DO, SOldr,CSRSS: A Method

of Sequemaln8 without s~z~iomd~ and im AppUcatlon t o the IdemtiUkatlon o f a Nov~! O I ~ w i t h • Sequence 8u~est~we o f a

mmscripttonsl i e s u k t o r in the Water Mold •~ y a ~ Genom~cs 199o, 6:.23-32. S~EX I~. Sample C ~ a t r i f u s a t l ~ Onto Membranes for Sequen¢inlF .4rod B~i~c2wm1990, 1ff7:76~83, SHEF~E~VR,LOEBDD, ADEYNB, BUg1~NFH, CASAVANT • NC, COLEP, DAVIS CJ, MCGRAWRA, SOflCHMANSA, S~ERY~E DM, VOUVACF, WL~TERFW, W~LY CaB, EIX2,~LLMH, H ~ N CA: Nud¢Ollde Sequence o f the B,~B/c Momm Beta-Glob~ C o m p l e L 1 M0/ B/o/1989, 205:41-62. [81. SvmmMM, ~ DG, L~-,m~ JB: ~ n • o f ghe H - m ~ Na,K-ATIMse Alpha-2 Gene and idemlflceflon o f i n e r a s e ~ c Restriction ~ t Iem~dh PolymorpMsm. J Biol Owra 1989, 264..17532-17543. [6]. SORGEJA, BI.~NI~IMANLA:EatoMeth Sequencin~ o f DNAg ] ~ l m i n m t ~ the Need fog s ~ l o n l n 8 mad Ollwmwd~ 1~maefs. Proc Nat/ Sa Usa ~ 9 , t~#92o8--9212. STRAS~AIJGHLD, ~ MT, SOMMERbiT, COONME, BERG CM: l ~ Mqlpll~l to l ~ d l l t a t ¢ T g l ~ B u e d DNA Sequencin~ ProcNatlAcadSctUSA 1990, 87.'621~6217.

SWEmtOwH, G~sretAs~• capmm'y C~ Eiectrop~ for limpid, Itllih ltesolutlOn DN& Sequ~achql. Nuc..h~ Aads Res 1990,18:1415--1418. SYWd~NAC,/~LT~SETAmIL KOm'LaAK,

r~ ~m~ct s e q u e n c ~ o~ ~ t r - c a p t u r e d Amplified Human DNA Applicedou to the Detec~ou o f A p o ~ - E Polymorphism. FF.BSLett 1989, 255:71-74.

Analytical biot_echnology Immunoassay sz,m~s~ w: Fropomi for sequencing v m ~ L~it~ L l ~ o n o f H¢~,nm,e~rs to Generate Seqmmtlal tao~qption P r t m e ~ (Spel.6). C.en~ 19~0, 90:177-178. TAHARAT, ~ JP, ~ LE: ~ DNA ~qmmming of ~ ,Amplified Gealomic DNA t h e Mmmm-Gtlbert Method. B ~ ]990, $:366. TR~OR GI~ DNA S e q u e n d n ~ Automm/on, and t h e Hm"mn Genom¢. Aria/Ghem 1990, 62:418-426. Um~r* M, H o n ' u ~ T, W ~ l ~ 6 J: A l ~ to SolidoqJ, 1 ~ DNA T e e l h ~ l o s y U~lqg P~B- f C e / / B ~ 1989,1~310. [4"/J, wa.~n~az~ MS, S a ~ K ~ KAI:l~th~--flonsl S ~ l a e n d n 8 o f Supe/'coHed PSasmid DNA. AnalBiocbem 1969, 1~,:258-2Q. voss H, ~ J, SO~AG~ C, EIh~LEH, ST~GF2a~NN J, STOCKYK, Amoac~ W : / m ~ Eluorct~t o f Cosm/d DNA. Nude/c Ac/ds Re~ 1990, 11k1066. Wmua~o~ Jl;, ~ DW: ilapid lqmcedure for Chemical S e q u e n d n $ o f Small Olisonudeotides Wlthout Ethanol Ptedpitatlon. Nuc/eg Actds Res 1990,18:379. WIreS EH, Mam~ ER, Joins WL, Lrrr~ MC: DNA Sequencit~ R e p o r t - Prep-A-Gelae - a Superior MMrix ~ t h e Pugificmglon o f DNA a n d DNA lFrqpmmt~. B/otedm/ques 1990, 9:.92. W~soN RK, Cvm~ C, A ~ N, Bom~ J, Hood 1~ l ~ - ~ l q m m m t o f a n Automated Procedure for F l i n t DNA S e q u e n c e . Genom/cs 1990, RK, CFmS C, HOOD k Opttmt~tion o f ~ t ~ u m , tric Po~mem~e O m i n itetctlon for Bspld lquottscent DNA S e q u e ~ B/otoc~/qu~ 1990, 8:184-189. YANGJ-L, ~ VM, McC.Ot~aCg~J: AmplUlcMlon and DigeOt m e u ~ ~ l m m t ~ q g o f CDNA f r o m the LTtmte of Low mumbenm of Diploid H u m a n Cells. Gene 1909, 83"..x47--354. YANGMM, YOUVANDC: A Prospectusfor Multhqp¢cttmlmultiplexB m A S e q m m c i ~ B ~ 1~9, 7:576--580. Z ~ c , ~ ~J, Mco3macx l t ~ DNA Sequ~ndn 8 Report DNA S e q o e n c ~ ~ in CapHlsty Gels o n a IMIodi~ted Commefciml DNA Sequencitlg l m m m m ~ t . B/ 1990, 9:.74. Z I M m m ~ J, ross H, Kmsmmm~ '1",Sc~wm,~ C, • ~ J, Eg'~LEH, ANSO!~EW:/mtommfa~l ~ t d Purtflcst/on o f M13 Temldate* fog DNA ~ Methods Mol Cell Bio11989, 1:29. (451. Z~tMERMANNJ, Vo~ H, SCHWAGERC, S T E ~ J, EP.FmH, S~CK~ K, ~ T, ANSO~,E W: A S i m l ~ Protocol fog M ~ DNA Sequencing. Nuf~e/c~ g~s 1990,18:1067.

Immunoassay Review: (pp 102-109) ACL~ A ~'r2u.: Time-resolved F l u o r o i m m u n o m m y for Cm~ln~m~r Py/o~/m~ lletter]. Zancet 19@9, !1:50~. GI~ l ~ m a n d m m l / m t l i m ~ a n d l~ax~me l m m ~ S p e c i e for H u m a n httefferon (IFN)ml ~ that W N m l Isa C o m p o n e m oa H u m a n L e u l ~ y t e n ~ . V i ~ 1990, 175.-410--417. P, BLUEM-L,O'BI~N, SCmOS.SMA~SF: l~kmamlmaJ1 A n t f l t o ~ R a c t l ~ with the T Cell i t e e q ~ a - ~Omin: Production and ~ o n ~ I N e w Method. ] lmmunol 19~9, 143:18~9-1904. ~ RG, SmC~ JW, B ~ 1~. P r e , ~ m m ~ of Colony~or~ Cells in B ~ . ~ - - - can be f r o m C ~ o n y - f o ~ a - _ - Celb b r E ~ m c~ thc CD33 and O)34 Ant/Sere and L i l # t Scstter Propettie~. JEx~ Med 1~9, 169:1721-1732. A ~ m ' ~ x ~ : Single l~omain ~ n m , o d i ~ [editorm]. Lancet 1989, ii:1370. AUOm'MO~: A New lmmonommay [edttottml]. Lancet 1990, 3~6.~0. Aa~tx~s~o R, ~ CA: Specific D o t - l m m u n o b l o t t i ~ Amay for Detection a n d F.numeration O f l~'rooaedm~..t ~ Environ Microbiot 1~9, 55:2025-2029. ALm'~ p: A n t l b o ~ TedmofosY: Will DAbs ClmlIenge MA]~ Nature1909, 341:484. AYRESL, AVed.~ F, ~ - B E ~ r O A, DElim*d~D'rF, G0gEmR k Dm~S F, L~O~Am~G, RANC,~S, G~OU P, JomEaJ o ~ t ~ H, HESsG, SEmCS, FtActm H, S~ON F, Bmr~Vg~NETF, SONDAGD, ~ A, HAMPLH, SCHOFaNR,

S~R S, TROONENH: Multtc~atef Evaluation o f a New Recombinsnt Enzyme Immunoa~my for the C o ~ l~o~ o f Atlfll~dy to llrt'-i a n d HIV-2. A/ds 1990, 4:131-138. BAm~otn E, BEUJO~O A, S ~ T m ~ JM, Auam JP, tatmmN Y, MO~T~G~ k Gwcm~au JC: Bcle~am:e o f A n t l - ~ . f Antibody Detection m an Early S~roloslc Marker o f Hum~m I m m u n o d e ~ c t c n c y Virus Infection. B/0od 1990, 76:257-264. BARETA, l~gr V, AIJUaIILEJ: Application o f a LO~gImmi~a~a~LCe in S o l l d * p ~ I ~ m ~ . Aria/B~ 1990, 1K7:20-26, BECI~R W: Be]Mrlngwertk ~ t l - l ] I V Te~t Kits [letter]. Lancet 1989, I~458. BERmDGEMV, HOFFMAN1~*EZ~G, TANAS, MCC.M~RY PJA:Monoclomml AJmtlbo~ tibet~ to Hemolpoiettc Stem Cells - - O m m c t e a z a t i o ~ and lmmunohimaw~emical Localization o f Cells E x p r e ~ i n ~ G p ~ - 6 5 . E ~ Herna~ 19~9, 17..1086-1094. B~RUB#.A, TRUDgLM.~PAYl~3q'rP: 1 ~ ~ o n m~l mentmcaflon of ~ m a ; a ~m~6a~ ~ a M c m l h ¢ ~ I m m o n o s t ~ y . Appl Environ M~rt/Mol 1989, ~5:1640-1641. BLaOmL~ GM, ~ AS, K~W,S~L~ CA, Btm'ro~ Dl~ Catalytic Antibodies. Biw.bem J 1989, 262:381-390. BL~aCm~ RA, ~ AlL F ~ e . t g k LtmT:-m~TD: o f IrJnngln Pe~roxklhuleand Xyhmal~

by t





,- wood

Decalmd b y ~ l d l o m y c e t e ~ . Aq0t Env/ron M/cr~b:o/ 1989, J$:1457-1465. BLOCKT, ~ R, KORI~7,OLDR, JO~7,gINDD: A ~ ltnkcd I m m ~ t Symama for t h e Detection o f P a t l ~ l o g l e a l ~ l t e l e ~ a t Antigem. B/otochngqu~s 1~9, 7:756-761. BOU~G~SM. E s r ~ P, ~ S , GmMAUDJ& A m m p l m e d Method o f Tisane l~,ocea~ng for Immmmmudmm8 w i t h Good Preservation o f Antigens and Morpholow/. Ce//M~/B/0/1989, 35:231. CAMPANAD, COUSTAN-SMITHE,~ G: The Immunologic Detection o f ~ Residual Dimmm~ In Acute l,euketal~ B/~od 19~0, 76:163-171. C ~ MA, Mm~Qtrd.J, C o m o ~ - B ~ JC, R t ~ DP, MAgI1NEg-CAP-Jh'~NM: loterltctton o f Nicotinic .~.t~hom,e ~ w i t h Two m o n o c t o ~ AnUIbodJes ~ n ~ l n $ D i f f t t t n t Epitopt~. B ~ L ~ U y 19@9, 2&4222-4228. CLEIF~VrSRS, WYAa'rDM, S~MONSMH, ~ S KN: A~ay for Detection o f Psem/oavomu Fhmem~ens in UIU-shi~h.t~llmll~za~ul~. Tgt~mta~ MillL ~ ~m,/ro~Mgrc~/~ Dg0, %:1188-1190. Cor¢~m~LJ& p ~ r ~ JV, ~ Pp, DUNCANRIS,MCL~U KA,JOHNSONAM, HAMBLINGbill, BAIIBARAJ, FAN~NGTON CP: Accurate Atmsl~ for Antl-HIV in Urine./ 1990, 335:1366-1370. CONTREP.~M, BARBARAJAj, cash JD E'rAL: S~'t~-nan~ for Hqmatt~ c v i r u s Antibody [letter]. Zanc*t ~ , 1I:505. Corm,RE F, BOBOL, MAYImK. YOLg~URH, ",,,'~aC~!RP: lmmunodetect/on o f DlqA with Bloflt~Mted RNA It S t t ~ o f Ee~'t/v/ty o f a Momtodo mini AnUIbody to DNA-BNA Hybrids. Aria/B/ocbem 1989, 181:96-105. CotYrms F, R ~ EA, VtSC~I RP, G~P~ JE, MtmPSY PA, LEDERMANHM: Qu~ttitattve I ~ t e c t i o n of M e m e n i ~ ~ A b y Solution i ~ M l m t i o n attd l ~ t,mmatmemmmy. J Biol O~em1990, 2~:11601-11604. Cotm.~ F, Y~G B, BOBO L, M~YImK, YOL~q R, VlSC~ l~ ~ g |mmmlE~lM~ for ][~g~oEt o f Hybt~]8 Between IN~P-Ampll~ed HIV-I DNA and tt lINk Probe: P~t-l~L MDS Res Hum Rerr0v/rus~ 1990, 6:775-784. CO~ F, YOU(ENRH, ~ RP: S ~ p J c Detection o f itNA in a n Enzyme Imm~unoeemy Using ~t moma~dots~ Antibody ~ DNA-RNA ily~. Aria/Btochem 1989, 181:153-162. CuIL~q DC, BI~O~¢NRGW, I.OWECR: 10~,te~tlon of lmmuno-complex Formation Via Surface Mammon i t e w m m c e o n Gold-coated Diffraction Gr~. B ~ m O r S 198~, 3:211-226. D~mFA.POORD, K ~ K-Y, DARTLL, WATANABE S, ROBEIi~3 AB, Spom~ MB: Sandwich Enzyme-t~t~,,,d lmm~t/mtt~/s ($]~LISA~) Qmmflmte and ~ M 1N~'m~ o f T ~

c,m m b

~ t t o N ~ (~F-B~ and 'rG~-~2)in

Complex 81olosica.l Flukls. arowa~ Fact 1 ~ , 2:61-72, DAUNERTS, PAYNEBR, B.~AS I.G: l~pPIlt~tte C a l t ' i l ~ a Model for Otl~t~ulmtituted Enzyme.

C o n j ~ t ~ in H ~ m Immtlmo88~q]~. AtlM CMm 1989, 61:2160-2164. I~t~camo EC, JOV~L RJ, M~camo ~ ,~l=e--mtlon o f t h e slide ~ m a o e n z y m a t i c A m y for Q m m ~ o f DNA HTbr~U~_.~on - - SIA-DNA. B ~ 1990, 8:210. DESMOI¢I~C, MINI~J, COLWELLR, C ~ M: I P l o ~ t anmm~ ~had Useful for Vlmble l~at No~--ulturltble ~ Spp in CJhtl~ Wsmewmer. ~ Environ Microbtol 1990, ~:1448-1452. D ~ F M , MACDONALDMM, Prom,s Sl, ~ R & ~,*zfotmaeat o f Monoclona-anttimdy-mJSA .DW-STI~ I m m ~ for/~,mkff//wm l ~ i n l t l ~ Grains. J Gen M/cr0b/o/1990, 136:.755--760. Dos S.¢ecos Jl. G m v ~ B: C o m ~ of Fatzyme.U~k4~ l m m ~ t ~ T ~ and Altetmulve T ~ for t h e l~.-tectlon off I~[V Antibodies in ~ t z U i a u Sere [letter]. ~ D S ]989, 3:543-548. DOS Sm'ros J] ~ a~: Speclfidty o f m v A n t l l ~ Capture B¢*tcrl. roDS 19~9, 36O-548. D ~ IOt, Cram; TM, DomJ£,~ar GJ: ~ - ~

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~ay.v. ~mi~t


Using Smalue Vemma C o n ~ . Aria/a~oc~a 1990,184:375--380. EB~LINGF ERA/.: R~momIMmmt I m m a ~ . ~ for IRamtttis C Virus ~mtDmdy ~ P r t ~ c t o r o f Iafccth, l ~ [letter]. L a m a 1990, 335:982. EDcow~s MJ: IZlrect I m m t m o c h e m l c a l Semhtg: B t a c Chemical Principles a n d l~mdamental Limitm/ons. B/~emors 1988, 3:1-16. Em~CH GD ~rAL: Detection o f Ant/-HTLV-1 Tax A J m ~ in H'rLv-1 Enzyme-l/nlko~ l m m m a m m a ' b ~ t Atamy Negmtve htdl~.duaiB. B/o0d 1989, 74:1066-1072. FOULI26S, EREI~NO: ~ ~ o f Pab' I ~ t a m m In a .Sa'r~nln~ Method fog the ~ of Hnman Anti-tumor Monoclonal Antibodies. 1990, 9:91-06. GAI~X-IIBM ETA/.: E/.iSA fog Antl-gi~'(l~ I ~ [letter I. Lancet 1989, II,~85, GEORGEJl~ RAYFIELDM/~ PHI/LIPSS, HEYW/~DWL, lfamm JW, O~e.~oL~ K, S o m ~ K DE co*ckKM, ~ Cr ~ c a c l ~ o f t l ~ US Food ~ml I M ~ Admlnlg:ratlol~-llcet~ed llIV-141~C~mln~ ~ u m a n o u ~ m for ~ ~ to HIV-2. Ak~ 1990, 4:321-526. GEmHY-DAMI~rGM ~'r .4L: ~ o f t h ¢ Abbott Reo0~mlll4ham]t lt~W-1/lllW-2 l ~ e tmm~mo~mmy for the t ~ , t e o ~ o f I~W ~ a t i Z a m ~ [letter]. A~s 1990, 4:87. GIRAULTJ-A, GORELIC~F~, ~ P: ~ the Quality o f tmmonoblot~ by O w 0 m m o m ~ p b y o f Polyclonal Anthamt o n Keratin ~ m . t t y Columlm. Aria/B/0¢Abem 19@9, 182:193. G o o m ~ JP: A Decade o f D e v ~ o p m e m In • ~ u m . a m s z , ? ~-,amdofol~. ~ Okra 199o, 36:1406-1427. [tl. Gg~a-ran DR, ~ JH, AW.m/. RLW:Failure o f an m d l r e c t Competitive E n z y m e - o a - ~ l mammaoeoCmmt ~ to l~mmu~ Prolat~ln in Itat Elanma Sample*. Proc S ~ Eaf0 Bfo/Med 1989, 191:170~186. HacQtms MF, M e i e r $, D~ MOREAG, VANI ~ L MHV, MAroONC: Ut~ of ~ ImumobfllzedFa~/m~ and Speclk Amlbodles to Amml~e the ~ W mud Jtoleof lilmone Tmll~In Oaurtamm~ Stmmctare. B~a~ra B ~ Re* Commun 1990, 16~637~:~43, Hm M'rv, J o m ~ A, l~v~r v, LOR~ZO F, Pm~r-APV[aNAT M, ~ M, I~GI~OME: Novel M o n o d o m d xnm~laes A~am Human Ute~ae ~Semefone aecep~. Mapp~ of kcep~ ~mmonoW~e DomaimL BR~em ] 1989, 260:371-376. HA~J~ S, N/SHIMO~S, SMGAA, HOSOIS, MIKAWAH: L~-aluation o f P r o d u c t k m tmal O[mt-a~mdzaOam off"l ~ m o d o t m l ~ to Iltmmm IsG o f Four ,~m~. Mi~'obtol lmmtmo119~9, 33:579-592. HOLMSTROMP, SYRJAI~NS, L~q~ P, VALLESL, SUNIJ: lilY /k~ttbodi~ in Whole ~ IM~tected by and Western m o t A ~ t y s , J Med Vtro1199o, 30:24%248. HOIZERTJ, AhLENRG, HEYNENCA, KENNEDYMM, KNIGG£ MF, PAULDA, DAWSON GJ: ~ o n off Hr¢-2 Infection f r o m HIV-1 lnfectkm by Western Blot and ~ u n o p t ~ , . d p l u m t i o . n Analysis. A/D$ ReS Hum R e t r O v i ~ 1990, 6.'515-524. HOMMAT, SUZL~ K, KUDOY, INAGAW~M, MEUN~ S, Y~p.~uc~ K, TxC~wa M: Prelatr~-on a n d ~ . ~ _ ,t,t.~ o f Monorlomd AnObodle~ . ~ a t w t n ~ m m ~ d o p e r o x i d m e . A r ~ ~¢oc~.n 8 ~ r ~ " 19~9, 2"73:189-244. HUDSONAM, MAKIP/N~OLAV, KABRALA, BgADSTOCKI~'~: lmmunophenot~l¢ Ana/~b of Oono~nic



Ana__lyrical b i o t e c h n o l o g y


Cells In .#,.cute L~mphoblmmic ~ Usim~ am 1mr,f i f o C o l o m / A s t ~ . ~/o0dI~69, 74:2112-2120. HUNGERH~, ~ C, ~ G, BI?~NDT G, Com~Lm C: ~ t i v ¢ I~mtymati¢ itadioimm~ Ush~ • ~on ~ of ~t~tB-A trot~ ~ . II i~ ~ - w ~ A l l 18Bcrotit~r P ~ t ~ h Anal B/oc/x,m 1990,187.'89-93. HUNTJC, FALKL, ~ j'S, I ~ C ~ RI'[,DEVARESG, DA~EONGJ: Dhqlatmth: Utility of gt Mcmodtmal Antibody (~-21-~3) Employed as a Competitive Probe tn am l m m u m m m a y to Detect Antibody to m v - i Gp41. ~ ~es Hum Retr0v~ru~ 1990, &599M06. HUNTJC, ~ N - P A I ~ P I ~ J, BOAI~'WAYK, G ~ R, HAMPLH, ALLENR, HEYNENC~ DESAI$, C,~EYJ, TRIBBY i, ROSO~ G, LEUl~GT, SAR~V, pAULD, DAWSON G, HOmm T, D ~ v ~ S: Disc#m,metion Between HIVl a ~ HIV-2 Setopmittve [udividu~ls Using Mouse M o m m h m ~ Amibodies IMrected to T ~ b r l t ~ 19rOt~. AIDS I~ Hum l~er,x w ~ s 1990, 6".885-898. IKE~ y ~r A~: Antibody to &aperoxide Dimmutatm, Autoimmmme lle]pmtttim, ami Antibody Tests for U ~ C Virus [letter]. Lar~et 1990, 335:1345. n ~ c a ~ N, Ma~AJ, Ir0o~mrr ~ The H m m m L-myc Ge~e is ~ t p t e s s e d ~ Two L~nns o f P r o t ~ In

by m m e d e m n , , m a b o d ~ s t ~ m c to Two mJ~ hom*ololD" Box Scquenom. EMBOJ 1969, 8:1793-1800. lsoMAsa O, VuvawroR, Git~z~o~s K: $¢folol#xzl maSnmts of Sahaoneala nnfectiom by En=yme lmmttlaelj88y. Lancet 1~9, i-1411-1413. ISONCA, KOtATORB, REIDJH, DERMOTtE, CLARKJ, EASMON CSF: ~ o n o f l t ~ n o d o z ~ l Anttbodies for ~etectton of ~ Spp. in C ~ d t a S p e d m t ' a ~ ] Med MtroYalo11989 , 30:.129-136. JACRSONJ~ £7".~..:.~tM~tce o f ~ ~ tn Blood Donors with htdeterm/m~e Western Blot Tests for Antibody to HIV-I. N Engl J Med 1990, 322:217-222. KANEKP, ~ t r x p, MESOmxMF: Solld-phtm¢ B t n Q t ~ o f Clmm ! and II MHC l~-oteimt: I m m ~ tu~d T Cell ltt:~o~ltlo~t. MOl lmmuno119~, ~6.759-76& KENETr D, K ~ T C H A t S ~ m I~, F t ~ m ~ G: Use o f Mo~odonal Aatl~odlcs tn the Detection o f Structofal Altegatimm O c c ~ In L ~ e o n He~tin~. Mol Immuno11990, 27:1-6. TG: A Competitive I ~ y m e . l h , lr.,.d l m m m m s o t t ~ t Assay, . ~ p l l ~ t t i o n s In the o f l~ptides, ~ , a n d Cydtc Nudeotides. Ana/B/o¢.bem 1909,183:283--289. KNIom"P: l t ~ n o d o m d A n ~ as Ittm~mm.,bru~o~ 1990, 8:59-60. KO~TAK~ E, Ntsm~om 3", IKaP.n,~ y, A/ZAWAM, KATOS: Applk:atto~ o f a I~t~lon P r o t d n , I [ t m ~ m ~ m l ~ , Ana/Bt~.bem 1990, 186:14-18. KOSNo T, Mrrs0KAWAT, MATSUKtm~S, TSUI,IEaX~I~Y, oe ISlm~AWA E: ldeesmmme~t of Anti-Thyroglobulin I1~ in Sm'mm b y Novel and Stmsitive t m m u n e Complex Ttmnmfet En~fme I . m a m ~ . C/~n B/ocbem 19@9, 22:277-284.[32]. Ko~ H, TStmUDO~EM, U ~ M, N~s~noM, BANJOH, ITO Y: Iaolaflo~ a ~ ! C:h,~n'lct¢~el~ttion o f Monodonal ~ t i b o d i e s to Hum=m paralnfloemm V l r ~ TYl~ 4 and Tht~r use Ill ] ~ I i n ~ Anti.utile Rd/tt/on Between Subtypes 4A a n d 4B. v ~ r c ~ 1989, 171:28-37. KO~m G, ANANDIV, $1t~rm' JCM, CHER[YANAM, ABt~,,.HAM J: ~ u - , ~ t _ oa ( c t m ) Test tot the Dt=lpto~ of ctTptococcal Memnsitis, j Med Mgm0bio/19@9, 29:189-194. KOZU T, NW.AK30K, Y/,..GURAT: SUmmtm~ o f DNA p o t , ~ e n ~ e ~ - p r i m ~ complexes r m m mammalian Cells~ml~sed by t.mns monodonal Antibodies. l Btochem (Tokyo) 1990, 107.-535-538. Kaozoxcs~ ZA, ~ SE, WALtaCEC, CmlXLLMJ, SI~N J-H, ~ J , F~ND~.NV, SMITHAI: [mmqno~oc~tlon of ~ Minet~locorticoid Receptmm with a n Antiserum A~dnst a peptme Deduced from the Comp~m~mary Deoxyrlbonuddc ~ Sequence. E n d ~ r f n a o ~ 1~9, 12~:192-198. KUDgYKB, ~ M, ROHOZA& AHADIM, COIFFED, W~n'x ~ Use of a Synthetic hom*ologue o f H n m a n ~ t i n o p e p t t d e - A for Production of a gonodonal Antibody Specific f~r the Free Pcptid¢. B/ood 1989, 74:1036-1044.

KUN~isk Ho B, ~ S~ m o W l ~ o f ~ / o b c a ~ P v / o r t y Med M~t~/o/19e9, Z9:203-206. Methods S h o w D ~ e r e n t A m l S e n i t e c o ~ t i o n Patterns for Four M o n o d o n a l Antibodies to Ca~__~___2_~Ai~kat..s ~ SUl~Ce. Immunol Left 1989, 22:7-12. LANE RD, M m m ~ N RL, HEGAZV MG, GOt,Z~ZZ SR. NEPOMUCENO V, ROMAN~ EM, SCPAENtmR K ~ The Grid-blot, a procedure ~ $¢t~,~tn~ Numbers o f Monoclonal Antibodies fi~r Specifldty to Native a n d 1 0 ~ m t u r ~ t~'otchm. ~M~tona 1989,8661. LAItSSONA, HOLMDAHL P~ A ~ ~ fO~p ~ ' t e r m i m m o n of ProteinA-BimZt~ M ~ Antilmdi~,/0~Trlabraa ~990,9:289-294 LEE FK, ~ XJ, l£~EIW S, N E S ~ S, RI~I: S, THOMPSON S, OLI~:E J, VM.Ba~ A, ~ C: I~LISPO~t a New Xptmmeh to S ~ the Dymm,tcs of Virm-imm-~ne System ~ntetaction fe~ maSnmts and monitoring o f Im[VInfection. ALOSRe*Hum Retm0tdruses 1989, 5:517-524. L~ HA, WYAa'rGM, B ~ S, MO~X~ MI~ IKmqm=e~ I m m ~ t Ammy for Smlmonel~ T~B#Mmurlmm in Food - - ~ of 1-1~ S ~ m m ~ l a l~tomoa. ~ ~nmronM~o/,fa 1990, 56:1541-1546. L~EJS, L~'f~ma LIP, smmYJT: Detection o f Unusual Nucleic Acids w i t h M_emm~onal Antibodies Spedftc for Tt'iplcxes, Po~(i~DP-rlbooe), DN&I ~ A Hylzr/ds, a n d Z-DNA. Aria/B/0daem 1989, 178:373-377. L o m m JLF, STOBBEmNC,~E, Fmm)m~ JA, VANSPPJ~U~XLJP, A m ~ JW: Dla~noSt/c Value o f am I m m m u m m y to Detect Anti r~mpy/ob~aer P y l o ~ Antibodies in No~-ul~t~" Dyspepsi~ Lancet 1~9, i:1182-1184. LUCASC, ~ N ML, BENNETtGl~ Fltm b~, BEI~t~N P~, CHES AB: A Setmitive ltadlolmmunopredpimtion A m a y for the Detectio~ and ~mamlmtlo~ of Antibodies to t h e Envelope Glycoproteln Gpl20 o f the H u m a n I m m u n ~ d e n c y Vlrua ( m y - l ) . AIDS Res Hum R e ~ o v t ~ 1990, 6:357-370. LUDLAMHA, NOBLEWC, MARPLESRR, ~ I: The Evaluation of a ~ $chtmme for ~nesative s ~ o c ~ SoUable for Zpidemiotostcal Studies. j med Mfcro~/1969, 30:161-166. M A C ~ C: AntiphoephoUpM Antibodies More That1 Just a Disease Mat4r_e/.? Immunol Today 1990, 11:60-65. MAKn)O~3 1~ Effect o f Cross-Reactivity o f A / p h a - ~ Monodons/Antlbod~ o n q ~ s n t i m t i o n o f S c r a m AI~ and Rsdioimmunodetection o f H ~ u l a r Hybrk/oma 1990,9:257-273. MAXWELLS: Sertdogical Dialpm~f~ of S~dmonella hff¢¢tions ~Ictter]. Lancet 19~9, fl:456. McGINIAyPB, BA~I~LEYWG: The K i n e t l ~ of/mlhtot~tion o f H u m a n I m m u n o g l o b u l i n G to Poly(vlttyi Chlor/de) Zmv/me-linked-immuno=dsorbentaff#~r Vessels Walls. BIoc.bemJ 1989, 261:715-720. McKEATtNG.1A,MCKa'aGHTA, MCINTO~ K, ClaP}m~ PR, MULDERC, WEISS~ Evahtation of Hnmamn a n d Simian Immunodefictency Virus Plaque and Neueeaflzat/on Assays. J Gen Vim/1989, 70:3327-3333. MCNEI~CJ, ~ [3, BANNISTERJV: .4J3apefot~etttc Determln=tton o f Mlmllne Phosphatase ActivlW: A p p l i c ~ o n to Enzyme lm~nuno~&W. B/osensors 1988, 3:199-210. MCQUADETJ, Prrls TW, TARPLEYWG: A l ~ l d Solution [~tl~lxo~ll~ty tO Quantify Bi~tdlt~ of th~ I~nmaa Immunodefidency Virus E~elope Gtyo~m.otetn tO Soluble CD4. B/0c.bem B / q ~ Res Commun 19~9, 163:172-176. MEIER-DIEtERU, ACKERG, MAYERH: Detettion o f ~ n ~ C o m m o n A n t / ~ a o n Bacterial CeU sm-r~c~ by Colony-immunoblottinS: Effect of Its ~ I n ~ to L¥olmlymtcdmride. F / ~ M/c~ Left19@9, 59:215--220. MCX~l~ JP: Slmp~l¢ It~'thedb for Mmtitorlt~ HIV-I and m ~ . 2 c,p l 2 e Btmtin8 to Solttble CD4 b y F.tmymeIlnke~ l l ~ 4 ~ n n ~ t ~: H]V-2 ~ I 2ffokl Lower . ~ m i t y Than HIV-I for Soluble CD4. ,42ds 1990, 4:297-~06. MOSSGB, MMTHAGM, WAMOIAIA, NDINYA-ACHOIAJO, PLUMMERFA, KRmSJK: lZv~hmtion of a Rapid memb*~m*4med~ (mv-omm) for Detection of Antibodies to HIV in Serum S~mples ~ N~t~M. A/ds 1990, 4:351-354. Mtml.u~ RE, BXLLJK, CI-L~ FPH: ~ o n of C~ll Markers in Type B getroviral-tnduced Thymic

L r ~ p Z ~ m . - - L SOrfSCet ~ t i S ~ P~aotTpe md ~7ot~p* ~ t~-,t~S md Z~mrT L y m p h o m ~ [edltot'kfl|. Leuk ~ , 1989,13:553-560. MUELIXRRE, BALLJK, CHANFPH: ~ of ~ll matdmm i~ lMpe n aetrmiesl-lndaced a*aymlc L ~ p l [ ~ l m ~ l - - II, ~ttlbce Antlq~m ~ , ~ arm u,rovu~ m t e ~ m o n P~u~m in c u l m t ~ Lympl~mm Czlb tin4 Cloned Lines [etllltott~]. Leuk Re* 1~9, 13:561-572. NGLr~ENX~, l~g-~ B, ~ C, B t ~ r F, ~ R, ~ H: ~ W m m ~ (~LI[~A) for Detecthm o f ~ ~ Toxin B in Spec/mens o f Faeces. f Med M~craT/o/1990, 31:251-258. NOVOT~ J, BmJCCOmmRE, SXULFA: O n t h e Attribution of m m m m energy in AneSea~mebody Complt.x~ McPt 603: D1.3, tuml ~ 5 . B ~ 19~9, 28..4739-4748. Ol~x CE, L~ CH: ]~uwmeaJ-k-d ItmmunmmMb¢nt Amsys for KInlns Usi,o8 Hlsh- #m.oty Monoclcmal Xtntn Antibodies. B/w,bem Pbarmaco/ 1990, 40..245-251. OLSOUJD, P ~ PR, .~ea~mwrAIt, l ~ m L MB, MZamCKH, oO GtYMPRZJ, GOLW.M, ZUK RF: & $111cott k~m~r-]ho~! IFtlttmJml t m u m u n m m ~ tJ~mg m o t i n - l ~ d l a t c d Capture. flmmun Me~ 1990,134:71-79. [22]. ONG LY, PANGT, Lff~SH, TAN EL, pLrrltucEm~iYSD: A rumple ,~hetcnce T a t for Detection of Antffamdles in ]~phottL f Med Mtcmbto11989, 29:195"--198. P ~ 'v~/, ~ T, D O ~ MP: l~,oductioa mini C h ~ o ~ of M ~ Anti~ m V~'~tom~t~ I amd 2 from ~ Co~ o f Sca'otype O 157:H7.lMedMi~roblol1989, 30:.219--226. P A ~ O N AJ, MO~tHONBJ, H~LLD, Rrrr~ D, ~

M&COml~tSon of Enzyme [ m m o n m s ~ ~Ith ~mm~It1~dNl;NMty fog gh¢ Detecti~43

of Aneimdy to Hepatitis-B Core A m i F n as t h e Only Marker o f Heptstitis-B ~ t m in a Population wlth a ~ Prevalence of Helmtitt~B. J Med V/m/1990, 3~.253-257. PA~x j-V, Mc_A~m k Avn~.z MF: $¢~fltivtty o f Six Commetchd Enzyme t m m u m m s m ~ Kits that Detect Both Anti-lIIV-1 and Anti-HIV-2. A/ds 1990, 4:35~360. P ~ O ~P, BOL~m~ Js: T h e Conformation-SctmRlve lmmunoassay - a Membrane Based EHSA System for [d~mttr-Tt~ ~tttnmdles S e m i t t ~ to A I ~ o f Protein Conformation. Mol lmmuno11990, 27:495-502. Ptmaz~s G, Um~m&~r GEI~. ~ l l ~ Detection in l[hreStmnt ~ ~ t t e f ] . La~,w.et1990, 335:1524-1525. PONSK['tB, St]~T E, ANDm~UD: A ~ t h e t i ¢ StrateW/for S t t m u l t a n e o ~ purification ~ C o n ~ p t t o n o f A n t i ~ c Peptides. A n a / B ~ 1969,181:389. P~CKETr KS, ~ DC, HOee IT: A Calc/um-depemient Antibody for IdentHtcation and INwlflcation o f ~ t Proteins. B/o~,cbn~qu~ 19~9, 7:58O-589. P~,US~K-~ E, LEONGJHT: &n I m p r o v e d Method f~r II~te~tion of Sa/mmtcHa In

]modmm~ t ~ i ~ * n t i - - ~ U a


Enzyme M/ox~ rer_Jm~ 1989,11.645--649. P ~ TG, SINNE, CARNEYWP: ~ O ~ of monodonal Antibody gz~6, Spedac for Activated ~ P 2 1 witch A r ~ n i n e at 12, arid Analysis o f Breest ~ o m a of V-i~-t~s T r ~ c Mouse. ~ 1989,4:1003-1008. ~ T ETAL: F . ~ e t ~ c e w i t h Toxhx Bea~ IOLISAin C~oleta Outbreak ['letter]. Lancet 1990, 336:375. R~CO~ I~ ~rA~: Use o f Urine for HIV-1 Antibod~ Scre~ [letter]. Lancet 1990, 335:358. I~UMAN PD, BE,qh~-'TEINDl, KEEL¥SP, S~R~DOD JR, YOUNG EC, SO~e GM: lnfluetma-specific 1~&SA Ilia and ISG Predict Sev~-IW of Influemm Disease In Subjects Prescreened wnth n e m a ~ l u t t t u m o n I r n h M t l ~ A.-'//Ift~'ra[R~ 1990, 13:103-110. RHODESEtA,BUCKEI£WJM, P~m" KD, HINKI£GH: Quality Control Test for l m m ~ t y of eautiolab~ed Antibody. B/oteob,~u~ 1~90, 8:70 Y, I~PPmrr W: Quantitative ~ o f Cell S u r ~ : e 4 m o ~ a t e d SV40 L t r ~ T Antigen u s i n g a newly Developed 3H.protein a Btnd,-$ Assay. Virology 1989, 170:424--432. ROBINSONGA~COL~~ F O R I ~ GC: A I~lotmol~n~Oll~ lglectrod¢~ Blo~Aeourochcmlcai I m m ~ u ~ o ~ u y for H ~ Cl~ottonte B/~ensors 1988, 3:147-160. I~DAK k gt,~ B, VALI~ k VE.SELVT, ~ff~P~w.KJ, HAMpL J, jtmAKE: Enzyme-linked t m m ~ o ~ r b e m o f Antibodies to Itabbit H a e m o r r h a ~ c D i s e a ~ Vlrtm and D e t e t m l m t i o n of Its Major Structural Proteins. J Gen Viro11990, 71:1075-10~0.

Analytical biotechnology Computer-aided analysis ROlfflTE, COq'IONT, F ~ N, TAItCHAPJ: lmmmloaNay I ~ m p l o y t ~ Surface-eahanced ltaman SpittoonS. Aria/B~r.kem 1969, 182:388-398, ROS~rea0J~ LC, NnAv~ G, ~ HM, N~tm'ELTF2~ t a m e m o n of L o w - m o t e c u t ~ w e q # t Potypeptides on Nl~ulese w i t h Monodonal A n t i b o d ~ . Arla/Bf0d~em 19~9,183:250-257. ROU,~ISKE, ~ IG, ~ AC, I ~ CT: Spedac, ~ ~ m , , t t y coaldflcine n t ~ a t . ~ Antlbodl~ Dewaopment sad ¢~mmctet~ation o f t h e A m t b o d l e s . / 0 ~ d o m a ~ 9 , 8.435-448. RUSSELLPH: A n t i b o ~ - f o ~ n i ~ Cell Amays o f X~hm ~ : /mntnnimstlOIROf Chick_~nm D e m e t m r m ~ T w o Serotype Groups. J Gea Virol 1989, ~2645-2651, S~z JC, G o m a ~ MJ, Mosca~ DD, Oae> JL s o ~ o F, MOO~ Dl~ A a n ~ N t e CA~p~4SO~ o f Different Feot4md-moeth Disease Virus T y p a U a n 8 ldonocloml/mtibodles D,m.,,,,~ M u l t i # Neuma,=h,=- ] ~ l t o l ~ on ]Pml)V&S Subtypes. ~rus ~ 19~9, 1~45-60. sc.Amm]~ D, MKn'mC4XM, Dsc,s.,~t* S, Fum}~ C& la~ml___~=~m ~ ~ for Human l~or-VIII W,hmitm- #mtamclies by ~ m n a o b l o t t l ~ and Antibody N e u ~ B/ood 1989,T~1618-1626. ScEm~aJ, ~ E ~ G JJ~L PAS'It3o~GW, VANVOOm'r v,,a~i PC, ScEmO~m FP: ~ D e t e ~ m a o¢ Vaticella-zom~ Virtu in r~h~h-al Specimens t ~ a g M m m d o m l . ~ a t i ~ d i e s o n Shell Vlala a n d Smears. J Med vz,a 1989, ~ : 1 ~ . som~me~ T, ~ p a ~ x ~ o r p, Pa0t~vEcxW, WeaC,ELTW, P~UU G: The ~mtibody lUmpomm to t l ~ m v - 1 ' o a t ' ( v p u ) Protetm m e m t a e a t t o n of ~m Immmaedmminant I ~ t o l m and C x ~ l s t i o n o f Antibody D e t e m b ~ t y t o CJLiaical Smses. AIDS Re$ Hum I ~ 1990, 6".94.3-950. SEIAB-A, ILIOI~I~S D. GUERRYD, HERLYND, KOPROWSKI H: Level~ o f D l s t ~ = t i r m M e s in Sera o f Melanomm Patle~m Monltored by S e a s i t i ~ Thin~er ~ ,~1 tmmuamminl~, f Nat/Ca~a~ 19~9, 81:1489-1491. s~r~o~ J, G S E ~ ~. l a ~ . h y d n m o a - ~ o n vesicle Methodology INtdl/tat~ a Novel to Antibod~ rand/n8 to Upo~ome,. B~c.~'m B/q0bys Acta 1909,1003:58-62. SEPP~ l, M.~I~L&O: ~ l f l l l ~ l l i d t y o f Dextnm-protein C o n t q a t e s in ~ ~ffect o f molecular Weight o f tlmmCarbohydrate mind Compm'imm o f Two Mode~ o f Co~pIIn~. J Immuno11969, 143:1259-1264. SHAFtO~ DR, T ~ G& D e v ~ q ~ m e a t a n d A ~ k m t i t t m o f ttn I [ m p t t m ~ I[nf~ttvi W ~ for t h e Smndmrdimnton o f Avimm ~ncephslomyelltis Vaccines. Vacane 1990, 8..28~-285. S~o~ $, Kn~ Y, TAX~0~ O, YOSt-m~C~T, F t n ~ m T, KUBOTA Y: M~amtoylated SRC-On¢oSemte Products are t ~ e n t l y Detected b y t h e M o n o d o u l Antibody to t h e t ~ - T e r m i m i m y r i m ~ l ~ a y - S e r Ser-Lys SRC-Peptlde. B~daem B ~ q ~ Res Commun 1990, 170.657-664. SKIDMORES: R~o~mbhutut l m m q n o b l o t &ssay for Heptfltts c ~ t t l m ~ petted. Lancett990, 335:1346. SPENC~RP, WALKERJ, JARVnLWM, FERNSRB, TEOOE~ RS, SATrENTAUQ, WEBERJ, PAI~'YNR, HIGHFIELD PE: The E x p r e m k m in ~ a ~ - a d ~ a Co/t o f Sequences Codin~ for t h e F I 8 Protein o f Humatt lmmum~lefl¢lency Virus, a n d the use o f the l e ¢ o m b i m m t l ~ t e i m in ~ a l~mel o f Monodo~m/Antiodies A=mflm~tt h e Viral P18 P r o t e l ~ J Gen Wra ~ 9 , 7~.2853-2863. S ~ r r ~ m PF, S~rrAu~x SL, DAm~ jM, I ~ Z AF, V~O~s MA, ~ CI, G~,~et.q~ V: Carbohydmte-spec~c M o n o d m m l Antibodies Bind m H u m a n c . n m u l o c y t ~ and Stimulate A m l l m d y ~ ' p e n d e n t Cdlular L - ' y t o t o ~ W. Arch Blocbem B ~ 1989, 271:168-176. SP,IV~AVAPC, BL~l~B&UMDJ, AILm~JF, BRUBAI~RPG, HANNADE, SPICKERJI~ A New C o ~ t J u ~ t t ~ Agent for ltadloiodinaflon o f P r o t e t m ~ Low Invivo Deiodhmtioa o f a tmdiolsbeted Antibody in a T u m o r M o d e l 1990, 8..536. STOOLW, ~ AB, 1 ~ S ~ A ~,~tional~ Unique Anti-cD3 ldonodonal Antibody w i t h BINd Kermtnocytes. Cell Immunol 1989,121:247-260. S'IOLERMH, Wol~k'Y SM, ~I~rI'BEC.KA, BROKERTP., CHO~ LT: Dll~ft~tiatiozt-lilllted H u m a n Types 6 a ~ d 11 Tt58nscttption in Ge~lud ~ m m a Revealed b y ~ ~ th, brlmt~.tion with ~ p e a ~ c m ~ x Probes. V ' ~ ]9~9. 172:331-~40.

STONEGC, SJOBRINGI3, BJO~K I. SJOQUISTJ, BARBF.~ CV, ~ FA: T l ~ 18¢ I ~ f l l t ~ ~It¢ for" S ~ Protein G is in t h e Cy2-Cy3 Interfitce ReSiO~ o f I I # trod Is ~.lated to the Sites Taht Bind Stal~"ylococcal Protein a and Hmmtn ~ateommtoid I ~ c t o t ~ J lmmuno11989, 143:565-570. STOLTSCLM, MAOmaBA: M e s ~ t of Beta~mmsfetase ActlviW i n Cell Extracts with a n l m t ~ - ~ m d A m y . Arob B ~ / ~ n a~/~vs 1990, 28O:.2O-26. Tmouerr M, De Rvo~ J: Detection o f Cytotoxic Necrottdno Factor ( C I ~ i n Extrac~ o f ~ _,,,~,r~V~ ~ S t r a t m b y Zmwme-Llaked l m m u n m o r b e n t A~umy. J Med M~ra~/~990, 32:73--82. TAKEMOTOH: M u t ~ e Intet'Leuk~-2 ~ Subunits Differentially Detected w i t h Antl-lnterleukht2 M m m d o m d Ant/bod/~. FF.BSLea 1989, 2~331-335. TA~YA E, WATANABEN, MATSUOKAH, KARUBEE Immummmmy for H u m a n I m m t m o g i o b u l i n G U s t ~ ~mttbody Bound ~ ~ . B~nm*x 1988, 3:139-146. TARDY JC, BASSONJ, DOUGI~ A, AYMARD M: BIo~kinaI~ISA for Detectioa o f S p e c i e Antibodies to t h e G i y c o p r o t e t ~ o f t h e H u m a n ~ammmdefldeacy • ype I ( m v - 1 ) . / m e d v0~a 1990, 30:206-2~0. T~AT~ LP, ~ T: O t r r l ~ ~ r e e n i n g for Tay-Sachs ~md Cyst~ l~zrosis [letter]. Lancet 1990, 33~;:1527-1528. TEI~Iv~TIE~, ~'[NKELI~, GROEN1NKM, GRUTEI~RA, SPENCE~o, SAMAN]~, VANDeR GmmNG, MmDEMA F, HU~MANJG: l ~ t e c t i o n a~d $ ~ p l ~ S of HIV-I I s o h t t ~ with • P ~ e l o f Otaracter/zcd M o n o d o m l A m t b o d ~ to m v p 2 4 a ~ ~rao~y 19~9,171:148-155. THONGK~0AIp, LULITANONV, CHAMNANVANAKIT C: l ~ a p l ~ ~*~ with lmmaun~t-purlfied m y e t m c t e ~ tmtigen for s e r o d l ~ m i s of Ttda~ra~mis. J Med M/ox3bl~ 19@9, 30:101-104. Tstmtmom M, Nr.S~OM, KOMADAH, BANDOH, ITO Y: ~ l v ~ , M x t i ~ c D i v e ~ l t y Among Human Pm-att~-~ Type 2 Virus lsolstes a n d ~nmuuolo~lcal aelatiomlmps A m o t ~ Paramyxov/ruses Revca/ed by Monodonal Antibodl~. vtmlo~ 1989,171-.38-48. UCHIU~nT, Te,Atrr RR, KOIV~qAMII~ Monodonal / m t t b o d ~ / ~ d n s t Acidic P h m p h o p r o t e t n s 1'0, P1, and P2 o f Eukm-yotic R i b o s o m ~ zs F,m c t l m m l Probes. J B ~ ~ 1990, 265:89-95. UMEDAM, IGAB~I~I~ NAMKS, INOUEI~ i~t~2tl~ Produ,.~lon off M o n o d o ~ l Anflbodli~ AgOrot l~q~amtd#seane, S ~ c ltecosmtion o f m~oq~umtmy~ea~e bY M o u o d o m d Antibody. J Immuno11989, 143:2273-2279. Umx~ RG, Dswe~s L& t a l ~ e d AntiSen Capture A s s ~ - - a Method f~r Detectln8 M o n o d o m d .~mflbodles to Cloned Gene lh'oducts. Aria/ B/ocbem 1990,1~.121-126. UmOSP, Crrr/u~OVAN: Adaptation of l~uoresct~ce Polarlmtlon l m m u n o m u a y to t h e AMSy of ~ol~2ohm. ~ Bi0~bem 1990, 185:30@-312. VANDE ~ P, LEPAGEp, BATUNGWANAYO J, BONNETI~. Adult ,rod Ftedimaqc A r e s Patiems ~ mv Antibodies l ~ e c t e d b y ~ e lmmtmoms~ Central .~x'tcm l ~ t h e f Serological Studies. A/d.s 1990, 3:429-432. VE~SS L ~'rAL: ~ Ptmitivlty w i t h One-step and c o t m m t i o n s i Imm~Afor Alpha-fetoprotem S e m i n o ~ t [letter]. Lancet 1989, i:1210. VESSTONENCPHJ, SCHONINGHl~ KU]JPERS, BRU1NSJ, KETEL RJV, ~ D G , KOLKAH]: ~ Identification o f Cultured M ~ E ~ r c t a o a , wlth a P~nel o f Monodonal Antibodies In Western Blot and I m m t m o f l u ~ . ResM/crob/o/1989, 140:653-666. WASSE~MNJM,KOPPEm"PW, AmOT JW, Ei~,mISJJ, FErrSUA mJ, P A t m ~ EKJ, N m ~ W: An ,¢mt~brin Antibody Useful in I m m u n o ~ t t l ~ r ~ h i c Detection o f ThrombL B~od 1989, 74:70~714. W A ~ J, Ieau~om>WInD A: ~ for A m f l ) o d i ~ to Am(mth~h~ ~]. Lancet ~909, m56L WEETALLHI-I,HOTALINGT: A Slmple, l l ~ t ~ [ ~ i v e , DtSlmmtble ~ e m i c ~ Smmor for Clinical and Ianmm~. a/~sensors 1 9 ~ 3:57--64. WELT2~ R, LUCI/vJANDRI~P, MICE~Tn P, FIELDSBN, K ~ m ~ u m F , N~trr~ MR: BimUn~ a n d Transep4thdlal Trm~mpo~ o f l m m u n o g l o b u l l ~ by Intemtmd M Cellst II~momm'atton Using Monodon~d IgA Antibodics A=osh~tt Entegic Viral Protdmm. J CM/Bto/19~), 1~.1673-1686.

WHEELER MJ ERA*.: Evaluation o f Test Kits fog c , ~ m d o u ~ m s [letted. Lancet ~9~0,m6~6. WHr~ J, B ~ M, Bn£J, KAPP~ J, l v ' m ~ P, GOLODp, BOP~ W: 'IM~ I~'ttea" C~[I Hntm for

M a e ~ e M ~ m o m m m q m ~ i m ~ s p e a a c • ceu l t e e e l [ ~ . J Immune/1989, 143:1822-1825. WOGNUMAW, ~NSI~RP PM. EAVESAC, K!~STALG:. An • n~me-linked ~unmmbent A m y for zrythtot~m U~a$ atmmele~a ~mmmmm, Tetgtm3tegic | t n m t l ~ ~oml~e~t~, ~ S ~ t l ~ t t ~ Aml~iacation. B/0od 1989, 74.622-628. w t a ~ m . t W ~r AL: R u b d l a II#t D e t e c e m t In i'tqpmmcy p e t t e d . Z a m a 1990, 3~5:1042. Y A E ~ N, TADAI~ Stm~AEHIH, ISEmT, NAGATAK. Su6~a~tmA I~ Omractm'htaflon O~ Monoclonal A n t i b o d / ~ # ~ t ~ * t H m m m Pareo*lt~s B19. MIcrob/o/lmmun~ 1989, 33:561-568, YAOPC, M ~ O N ~ DF: Ematyme I m m ~ for Mact~li~ ~ Omwmcted~tto~ o f a n Aatibody To 2 ~ a m i n o - O - ~ * ~ u ~ r l t y l o a o lide. Appl Environ Mk-mb~ 1969, ~5:1507-1511. Z#aJ3TSk~MI~ GAIn3PI~ FRmDVa~HS, B ~ DE~.l a b e l i n 8 Monodo~ aatibodies pat ~(~')~ ]~ttmems w t t h t h e 0t..partk4e-e~tms8 Nuclide A m t i n e 211: ~ of l m m ~ t y ~/'B LO'~:~-:~.~= Capacity. Proc Naa Acad Sa USA 1909,86:7149-7153. ZOtA H, NFAmS ~ Momodo~al/mti~mdy Perlflcatlon ~ o i c e o f Method a n d ~ t o f Purity a n d Yield. B*~-dmtques 1989, 7~02~07. ZO~a~CKPW, LEmown2 JL, Devsms JR, Wlm,mTO~ GM, Sl~ A ~ m e t h o d for t h e Induction a n d Scrt,.mln~ offAntisera for CDNA-encoded Polypeptides: A n t i l m d ~ Specific for a Cotxmmirus P u ~ Polymcra~-~mcodin~ G~te. C-o*e 1989, 8~:413--420.

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semptes usin~ • Novet C q n ~



Methidium-s~~. Nuc2e/cAc/ds Re* 1~9, 17.6947. HE M, WILDEA, KAOFammilV~ X Simple Sin~e-step Procedure for 8maU-scnle Preparation Of Coil l~mmids. Nuck~ Aads R*s 1990, 18:1660. ISH~QM, WOW B, Rrrr~ C: I , ~ e Isolation o f DNA U~Io8 C~*Wlttlmethylmmmomulum Bromide. B/oteam/qu~ 1990. 9:19. KAW.~3UCHIH, ASAIA, OmSbT,AY, WATANABEH, WADA T, ~ H: ~ o f DNA-binding T m m e r y t i o n Vaeto~ by Their Sdeetive k l s e q ~ t o n on the ~mnity Latex Particles. Nude~ A c ~ Re~1909,17:6229~252. KEtSO-Wa~a~U~ L, DP,AWBPaDGEj, Wl~mR MM: A New Ultrmom~z~l~mtio~ Technique for Anslysis and Isuistion o f Polysomes. Nuae~ Acids P~s 1989, 17:4S96 K~ DY~LW~m~m W: napM M/niprelmration o f LDNA. Nude~ aads R*s 1989,17~416 KOENF.NM: Recovery o f DNA from ~ Gels Usha8 Liquid Nltl~l~m. Trends Genet 1989, 5:137. KUNGVT, PAm~ PR, S~mmONEL, KnqGRE, NAGAthaSPA, GOMEZB, ROSSDA, BP.IGGSJ, ZUKRF: Picogram Quantit~tio~ o f Tot•i DNA Using DNA-]~mtding larotehm In • Silicon Semtof.l~med ~y~tem. An•/ a/odx,m 1990, 187:220-227. LEE PSY, ARAS, ~AYAH: Modl~c•tlO~ o f a Commmgfdally A~d/~ble Method o f Extracting ~ DNA. B / o ~ e d m , ~ 1990, 8..386. LOCl~rr TJ: A ~ Z DI~k purification lhrocedm~ Suitable for- the Atmlysls o f DNA fx~m I~ltb~ ~ Of Muitipi~ Small Lytmttm. Aria2 B/~bem 1990, 185:230-2.M. LOCKHARTpJ, LAFafl~AWl), B ~ N D TJ, HOWECJ: The l*olk~Uloao f li[Bh tmml~-~lm-M I ~ DNA from the 1989, 248.-127-130. McCogvuCKRM: A Solid-phase Extraction Procedure fog DNA ll~trific~tiou. At/a2 B/oO~m 1S~9,181.-66-74.

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Whole cell assays AL-RUBEMMA, MUSGRAVESC, LAMBECA. WALKERAG, EVANSNH, SPIERRE: M~thods for tile Et~elmmtlon

o f the Number and Quality o f Hn~mfi Cells Immobilized in ~ Gels. Enzyme Mfcmb Tec/:z,w/1990,12.459463. AN6LE.IS, CHAm~RI: Cadmium Resistance Sctzenlng htNl __ Minimal MediL d~0/ Em.'/r¢~ M/crob/o/1989, 55:2101-2104. BARCMC, TSKA~F, BOURIJOUXP: I n 1F/co Standmedimtton o f Cutaneous Bactericidal Activity of Antiseptics bY Usin$ Monoxemc Mkae. A / # Environ Mk-mb/o/1989, 55:1911-1915. BU72AI~TA, RUBYCL MROZ~KH, ~ FA. ~ MH: Shrimp ( ~ ~ ) as • c o t m m l e a t Blofmmy for Avofmectin A n a l o p . J Amaz~ (Tokyo) 1989, 42:1304-1307. BURNEmAP, VURMA-RxPPU: Simplified ~ o ~ l c S~tmptlblHty T4~h3qg o f Mycob•ctet~ H=~minq Thiacetmmme, l l y d m x # * m t ~ e , ~ u i t r o b e n z u i c Acid ~ lticfJc .t.ddL Res M/cr0b/o/15~9, 14~.235--242. Corn JE, THOUr~N-CxRV~F, Bxt~ D, pLxYrDJ: ~ o o o f ]~qh~etflin-t~dstant I , ~ q n o b l o t t i ~ and Remriction Enzyme Frawmematlon Pattofns. J Med M/cram/1990, 31:125-132. DIANZAmF, CAPOBLANC~~ ANTOI~LLIG, A~CUCCI P, De MARCOF: Susotptibillty o f Human Melsured by ~ o u s ~ Yield Reduction. Ant/vira/R~ 1989, 1 1 : ~ . DIAZR, WgEMANTE, ANDERSONSJ, ST.q~ P: 3"he use o f Perme*tbillzed Cells to Study the Ion

n e q u i t t m ~ m of neceptof-Usmd m = m d a t i o n in Endommmm. B~bera J1989, 260:127-134. EDBERGSC, ALUgNMJ, SMITHDB, KRIZNJ: EnullfltCt'~OB o f Total Coilforms mid FJchegichta-eoli from Source watof by the Defined S u b • r a t e Technolo~. ~ Emaron M ~ 1990, 56:366-369. ESCAtZAP, I~qF.ROJ, CORTRSF: A S ~ M~dxod for the Three-way mfferemtal Sminin8 o f lqant Obromommes m d the Scofin8 o f SCEs Per Cell Cycle. Murat Res 1969, 216:203-210. ESOd2&P, P~qEKOJ, Cogl'~SF: Scot'h~ o f SCZ Freqoency Per Cell Cycle ht CHO Cht~uaoeomes by Memm of a S ~ 3-way-diffet~atlal Stsdnin~ Method. Murat Res 1989, 215:139. FULOPGM, PmmPs R& Use o f 'tudd' l~ice to Identify and Qmmtttmte Lymphoid-restricted Stem In Lons-tofm Bone Mm'row Cuitures. B/ood 1~9, 74:1537-1544. GEARINGA, THOI~,ER: Cytokimm Standardization [letteg]. lmmunol Today 19@9,10:.325. Gtu2spm MT, LYONBR, SXam~AYI ~ Typing o f M,etixicilU~-resistmmt Stmit~/oooocata Aurett-s b y A~tibJotic lt(~Jtmmt ~ J Med M/~rob/o/ 1990, 31:57-64. GREERCW, BEAUMIERD, SAMSONR: A t ~ l c a t i o n o f On-line Sen•ors Doflng Growth o f the IMchlofoethme D e s t ~ i - ~ Bacterium, Xanthohatarer Autottophk:ta~ J Biotecbno11989, 12:261-274. HANSONJA, BEANEA, NUTESR, MOOP.EJL: A Novel Dye Exdtmlon &•my for Meseurement o f Cell H e ~ m a e Fouowin8 ~ VaroExpomtre to im~_t~lol~ o f I ~ . ~ Res 1989, 13:943-948. HARTIGPC, CHAPMANMA, HATCHGG, KAWANISI~CY: Immct Vlrmu~: Amays for Toxic ~ and Tramfofmation Poteatial In MammsUan Celi~. Appl Environ M/crab/o/1989, 55:1916-1920. HILLDE, FETrER~ RH, UI~ANJF: Biotin M a ~ o f the Surface o f . ~ u m Developmemtal SUqpm. Mol Bt~bem Parasito11990, 41:45-52. HUGHESKD, LYTI£FE, H~BERDM: Identification o f

~nmoMt~d n a e t e ~ by A - - ~ o p c p t t d a ~ PI"OHllno. ~L*fa~ C ~ 1989, 61:1656-1659. HOOV~X~NP grA~: False-Poeitive ~ Latex A ~ l u t i m t t i m t Tests Better]. Lancet 1990, 335:1467. HURDRE, FREEMANDM: Metabolite Specific Proton M~4g~'ti¢ ~ l m a f f ~ Proc Natl Acad $ci USA 1989, 86".~2-4406. Km~ATeJCK DL, DLrK~M, GOH "IS: Chemo~mfltivity Testim~ o f Ptesh Hummn Lenk"mmla~ Using Both a dye E x d m d o n A a m ~ trod a T e t r m ~ H m m Dye (MTr) Assey. Leuk P.~ 1990, 14:459-466. Komlwa TS, V/~YANATHI~ TestinB o f Genotoxic Effects of 2,4-dl~hlotophe~oxyacetic Acid (2,4-D) Multipk ~ ~ Syst~muJ o f PSInm. Murat Res 1989, 226:235-238. ImMKEPA, DAVISND, CREF.CHGW: ~ Visual Detection o f Aflmoxin Symhesis by Mlnicolonies Of A~erglHJ~ Species. ~ Environ Mkr0b/0/1989, 55:1808-1810.

Analytical biotechnology

U L P~ICEJE, FAND, ~ R, BUCANACD, FIDLERIJ: C o r r c i a t l ~ o f Growth Calmdty o f H-m*,,, Tumor CCIISi n Brad Agaro~e with Their ~n VWo Prolffe~ii,© OtpaclW at Specific metmmttc Sites. f Na//Cancer lint 1989, 81:14~6-1412. LOHOWM, SO.mR F, RO~NGHO~ ~ Sappre~ive Effect o f Interferon-stamina o n the ~ 1 Celldepead~mt Interleakin-5 Bloammy. Eur J lmmunol 1989, 19:1327-1330. LOPPN~F H, FLADH-D, DOI~BAUMI, MUSEHOLDJ, FETrING IL ULlagE/0,~ e £ X H, BPdd~IDTE: Detection o f htterleukin 1 with Human Dermal l q i m ~ i s s t s . Immunot~o/~ 1989, 179:283. MACSII~CA, Bt.r~g:)wJ, ~ E, GggNDyD, CIVELLIO:


rater ~ Te~l~ to t ~ e c t Ce~ Z x p r e ~ t a ~ - a d r ~ e r # c


geceptor. DNA 1989, 8.-447. MAHONYDE, GILLIAITE, DAWSONS, STOCKDALEE, LEE SHS:Veto Cell Assay for Rapid Detection Of

Envfron M/cr0~0/1989, 55:2141-2143. W, ~ MA, Ir~V~C,H TJ: Simple B t o l o ~ a l l ~ for the Error Ikne Upon O o n i n l o f Synthetic O U ~ l e o x y r i b o m ~ h ~ t i d e s . B / o ~ m e s 1990, 9:.56-59. MAim R, ~.~XV~C Pc ~ t l ~ t t i o n o f Attached In "rimue O t h u f e lqates ami o n I W ~ . Aria/B/oc,bem 1989, 181:209--211. MCTAGGa~LA, EmoTr TSJ: Is Resistance to Novobiocin a ltellable Tern for Co~irmmtion o f tim ~demlficstion o f S t a ~ Sapmp~.-..~. med M/ort~7/~ 1969, 30:.253-266. M~Z~ • A Microtiter Ptme-lmsed System for thc ~m~automated Growth m~l/umW of B~'tcriai CCI~ For ~ . l p l a c t o ~ t ~ e . ~ d v t t y . A r i a / a ~ e r a 1989, 181:40-50. M~'ABAYASHIA, MATI'mSSONB: A Dual S t r l m m ~ Potential Device used as an AWmity Sensor for M o n i m a n s n # m m o m a Cen c a ~ f l v a t ~ , an, d B/0daem 1990, 184:165-171. MIYAMOTOT, MIWA H, HATANOS: Improvedl~UOg'O~C Asmy for ltapid Detection o f VibrinI~eshaemolyttcus in Foods. ~ Em~ron Mgro~ol 1990, 56:1480-1484. MOHAND~SN, JOHNSONA, W¢^~r J, C ~ k REEVESJ, TYCKOD, GI~NFAtW: Automated Quantitmflon o f Cell D e m l w Dlsu'ibution and H y p e t d e n ~ Ceal ~on in ~ ~ . B/ood 1989, 74:442-447. NARBAD& HEWLINSMJ~, CALLELYAG: 13C-NM~ S t u ~ o f A~emt¢ ~ ]~thmnol Metabollmm by Methylotrophtc P ~ u d o m o n a s Stra~m. j Gen Mgmb/o/1989, 135:1469-1477. NoPa~d~ 1", Mares VM, MCCOmmCKJ/: A q m m t i m t i v e Asmty fog ~ the h l d u c t i o n o f Mutations in Human Peripheral Blood Lymphooyte~T. M~tat Res 1990, 230:101-109. PETERSPHJ, GAGEP~ THEUVENETAPR, BORST-PAUWEL~ GWFH:The mm o f ~ h o s p h o n a t e i n the Mestmrement o f CytomWc PH i n Yemm~ by 31p FEMSMfcrob/o/Le~ 1989, 59:7-14. P a c ~ AM, P ~ m o ~ x ~ W A ~ ~ Strategies for t h e w e o f Compumtiotml SAlt Methods i n AssesslnB Genoto~I¢IW. M u ~ P~s 1989, 221:18|-196, SXLm~GERM, ~ LB. DEMCHImB, J ~ N ZT:

torpid ~diometflc Method for Pyrazm~flde smceptnmity Testtn$ of U . m ~ a m ~ Res M/ox~M0/1989, 140:301-310. SCHANNEFAX, DOWDTL, GUPTARK~RO~ENJF: I ~ Free Ca2 + Concentration i n C u l ~ Ooteobisstl¢ Bone Cells: Simultaneoug Detection of l[n~ul~ ~ l~a2 + b y 19F NM]~ P~oc Nail Acad S¢:tUSA1989, ~z.5133-5135. G, DOFFINGERR, PAWLrrAM: T ~ for ~ Parameters by use of the F l ~ t Dye Lucifer YeUow CEL Aria/B~o~om 1969,181:309-314. SHEAC, WRLIAMSONJC: i~,~[~klA n a l ~ i s o f B~t~qtettal /ulhesion ill tt Mlcroplate Assay. B/o~ecbn~/ues 1990, 8..610-611. STO~ANRT, A~a~S P.~ Solution H y t ~ t d l ~ o n

a~ay ~or ~


l ~ t c r o o r , 2 , ~ m s i n Znvisonmtmtal Samplea. B / o ~ 1990, 8.'316-318. T ~ q ~ LP, ~ T: Carrier ~ for Tay-Sachs msesse and Cystic F l i m ~ petted, tame: 1990, 335:1527-1528. TRAVtSCC, PAC~SAR,SAtn~URYAW, yAMBEgrMW: Prtdictinn o f Carcinogenic Potency from Toxicological Dat~ Murat Res 1990, 241:21-36.

F l o w c y t o m e t r y • M i c r o s c o p y a n d in vim NMR

WAI~KEECW, BROWNDFJ: A Rapid Technique for Detection o f Resistance to Chloramphenicoi i n P m m ~ o n ~ and Compm-l~n with lk4lnimQl~ Inhil~tot~ Coll©e®ttnttion ~ l~lkdiffusion Methods. y Med Mi~robto11990, 31:133-136. WALLSJD, Geal,a~iz BW: A Rmpid and VerMtfle Method for the Detection and I s o l t t i o n o f CCIl L/nes Secreting Recombinant Proteins. B~ec/mt~/ues 1990, 8:138~142. WA~RTA, W~X~aA~ BJ, RAOLVM,P..,WAPROTSI: Hnm~n lqmma l x t r l ~ i c Pathway m h m i t o r Activity. 1. StamJardisation o f AStW/and L~ll~ttion o f Phytdologic Vari,~les. B/ood 19@9,"/4:201-206. WHEATPF, SPENCERRC, ~ JGM:A Novel Luminometer fo~ Rapld Antimlcrob/al S ~ m ~ p t m ~ t y Test, o n C,m=-po~tUe C o ~ by ATP BIoJnmln,~¢enc¢. J MealM/~rob~/1989, 29:277-282. '~flMdkV~GM, MORIH, McQUEENCA: S l U t ~ W Rciationshlps i n t h e Rttt H ~ DmA-repalr Test for 300 Chemicals. Murat Res 1909, 221:263. YOSmDAY, Yos~m)AC, TOm.AreAK, Omom S, Om~m M, UEt~ Y, TAr~OUOmY, UO~O H: Progmmflc tmplkatlon of Sequential Bone marrow c ~ t m ~ i n the Myelodysplasttc &rmlromes. Leuk Res 1989, 13.~67-972.

Flow cytometry ~

RL Em,a~a BJ, Otso~ RJ, Cmmou~ S~, I:~VEV.~UX R, STAHLDA: Combination o f 16S PatNA-Tin.-ted O l q l ~ u d e o t i d e Probes with Flow Cytometry for ~ mined M i c m b m ~ m l a f l o m . a / # Env/ron M/crob/o/1990, 56:1919--1925. COTTERF, NASIPURIS, IAMG, YOUNGBI~. Ge~¢ l ~ p p i n g by Eazymstic Amplmcstion from Flow-sorted Chfomosome~. Genom/~ 19~9, 5:470-474. DAm~M, Ores DF: A Flow-Cytometric Analys~ o f t ~ / b a d o m a Growth and Monoclonal Antibody Production. BiotecbnoI Btoeng 1990, 36:64-73. DANOVAM, GIOmX~NOM, MAZZ~G, ~ c o a ~ ExXon o f P53 Protein During the Ce.ll Cycle Messured by Flow Ottometry i n l l m m m Leukemia. Leuk Res 1990, 14:417-422. DI/IDSIOYOSJ, JALKANENS, BUTCHEREC: FlOW C~tometric Analysis o f the Hermes Homing-essoc~tcd An0gen o n Human Lymphocyte Sub~'ts. B/ood 1989, 74:751-760. DURRANTLG, ROBINSRA, BALDWINRW: lqow Cytometrl¢ Scr'mm~g o f Monociotml Antibodies ~ l~ru8 or Toxin T ~ to Human Cancer. NC/Monosr 1989, 81:688--695. KIENASTJ, ~ G: Flow Cytometric o f Thiszole Ot~uge Uptake by F l a t t e r s ~ a IMagnostic Aid i n tka~ Evahmtion o f Thrombocytopentc Disorders. B/o0d 1990, 75:116-121. LANDAyA, ~N-~rlLI-~LM B, GIOGiJV: Appllc~lon o f Flow C ~ o m e t r y to the Study o f HIV Infection [~litori~]. A/DS 1990, 4:479-49¢8. LETW~NBW, WALtaCEPK, M ~ KA, HENSmRGI~ I~SHATUSWH, HOGANPI~ An Improved Clonal ~.~rc~m Atomy Using Flow Cytomctry and B-cell G~tin8. B/ood 1990, 75:1178--1185. OSBORNECK: DNA ]Flow Cytometry i n Eat'ly Breast Omc~r: • Step i n the l i g h t Direction [ e d l t o r ~ ] . J Naa Cancer lnat 1989, 81:1344-1358. pOW~L~KT, W~v~.K;: Gel ~ and Flow

cs~omet~ -- h # d V~etmimtioa of ~ a t m e ~ Secretion by Indlv/dual C d i s Within a Cell Population. Btot~bnolq~ 1990, ~333-337. SCV~ENtmt~a RA, Tram T, SCHoTr H, 12d~GE~SH, B ~ RF, GRosctm-m p, HEI~oARTI~H: C.omparatl~e Studies o f the ~ t i o n o f lmmunoliposome~ with the use o f 2 Slfiutctiomd Coupling Agents arm invesa~ o f Invitro ImmunoUposome-Target

ceu sinains by crmhoromet~y arm mectron Mlcreacopy. B ~ O n B f q 0 ~ acta 1990, 10Z669-79. S~EZAKSE, HOE~ PK: Fluoreacent im~t~o Tracking o f Hemmopoietic Celis.1. Technical ~derlations, BIood1989, 74:2172-2177. sz~t j, D ~ O V ~ H S, B~.ZS M, NAG~P, TaON t, FULWYLERMJ, BI~ODSKYFM: l q ~ l a l l Association Betwee~ MHC Class I m~i CSLtssI / M o l e ~ d e s Detected o n the Cell Surface b y Flow Cytometric Enel'gy Ttmmfet. f Immunol 1~9, 143:208-213. TOMERA, FRIESEP, CONKI~R, BALESW, ARCHERL, HARKER L~ Btmsm~ S& Flow Cytometric A n a l ~ i s o f M ~ ~ frmm l~flenm with Abnormal F l m d e t Counts. B/ood 1989, 74:594-601. TRASKB, VANDEN EN~H G, GRAY/W:Inhecit~oce o f ~mome Hetefomorphisms Analyzed by

High-resolution Bivarlate Flow Karyotyping. Am J H u m Genet 1989, 45:753--760.

Microscopy and in vivo NMR Amtm~ M, SP~R 1~ Quantitative Oytochemtcal . ~ n . ~ i s o f X m m ~ ~ # m d o m a C*m. 4 ~ M/crob/~ B/oi~c.bno/1989, 31:430. A N A G ~ I, HERB.STH, NIEIX)B1TEKG, STEINH: D e m o m t r a t i o n o f M o n o d o n a l EMV Ge~atmaes i n Hodgkln's Disease and iat-l-tm,~ttve .~aaplastic ~ Lymphoma by Combined Southern Mot and ~ ~ o n . Bl0od 19~9, 74:810~16. BaVaVOSMHC, BRAKEL-VANPEERKMJ,~ E N HJ, ~.~NGA-WOL~ AF, V ~ DEN AKKEgTW, DKa~EVlNG~M, B ~ PCDetection o f Oncogene by F l ~ t / * t St/u ~ o n i n Comblttation with lmmunolluoresce~t S ~ n l n o o f Cell Suffatce Markers. Oncogene 1989, 4:125%1262. B ~ M, ~ J, KAMZ: ~ o f l n t c r n ~ l ~ f l c m and ]l~doaomm Formation o f F..plderma Growth Factor i n 'rramfected Nm313 Cells by C o m p u t e r / z ~ l m a ~ i n t t ~ m e d Three-dimen~kma/Flmmmceace M i c r m ~ ' ~ . J Cet/B/o/1909, 109:2105-2116. BERNSMW, ~ WH, T~OMBESGBJ, PEOFETACA, AmmL~SJL WALTE~P0: Use o f a Laser-induced Opt/¢al I ~ t c e Trap to Study Chromosome ~ t o n the I~ltotic Spindle. ProcNatlA¢.ad Sa ~ 1989, ~z4539-4">43. BP,M>AM.~ S, BAIKa-I~ E, ~ L, ZO~I F:

~m .~amamWe Zxpeditions Aml~is of FlamphoUl#d C o m l ~ s l t i o n i n I ~ - ~ Blood ~ ~ ~lP NMit ~ , ~ . Aria/B/ocJaem 1990, 1~:299-303. BPamu~ JD, B~zs ~ C~me4pecWc Label/rig o f Oatfommfln ~ mlmtroa M l ~ o c o ~ r . Gene Anal Tec.b 1969, 6:75-78. BRIONLP, SATLtNLM, SCHWAR12GJ: Video Fluot'~Om.~ M l ~ as a Tool for the Study o f CeUular H~e/ty i n EpithellL B/o~/m/ques ]990, 8:282. CHARYSILJAINRK: Direct Measurement o f interstitial Conv~-~2tion~ 1)l~usiOn Of AJ~um|n in Normal and Neoplastic Tissues by Fluorescence Pbotobleacbin~ Pr0c Nat/Acad Sci USA-1989, 86:538%5389. CHENGN, D~mgAGE JF: Three-dimensions/ ]k-construction o f the Z Disk o f Sectinned Bee Flight Mtmcle. f Cell Bto1198~ , 10@:1761-1774. CIOREGM, GRONENBORNAM: Dcterminatio~ o f Threedimensional Structures o f Proteins and Nucleic Acids i n Solution by Nuclear' Magnetic Resonance t ~ . ~ r o s c o p y . CRC Cra Rev B/ochem 1989, 24..479. COOPERC~ MUF.IL~C, Sh-~CHAISalT-A, PRII~ZC, CHANJ, KAPLANG, YOUNGSMM.WEISSMANl~ BLOOMBR, PEA

TH, Mo~l~ R~ ~ m a ~ b of Naturally Oo_-urd~ Delayed-type ~ t i v i t y mmcttons i n Leprosy b y in Situ H y l ~ ' l ~ O t L J Exp Med 1989, 169:1565-1582, CRICENTIA, SELOS, FELICIAC, GENEROSIR, GOgl E, ~ U K O W, Cl-n/~OTnCr Moleoalar Structure o f DNA b y Scanning TDntwlin=~ MIct'Os¢opy. S~k,t~;e 1989, 2,45:1226. DEATI~RAGEJF, CHANGN, BUI/ARDB: ~ e ~ t of Ftlamems and C r o ~ l i n / ~ i n the Bee FIIk#at Muscle Z disk by Image A n a l ~ i s o f Oblique S¢ctiot~. f Ce//B/O/1989, 108:1775-1782. DEBEYP, RENARDJ-p, COPPWr'-MOISANM, MONN~rrI~GEZEM: o f Chromafln t:h.n=oes in L/re Onecell Mouse F~nbryos: a Continuous Follow-up by Fluorescence Microscopy. Exp CeilR~* 1989, 183:413-433. DIXJA. VERKMANAS: Pyrel~ I ~ r h ~ r ~ in Cultured ~ h t s t s by l~ttio ~ and Thne-r~olved Microscopy. B / ~ m / s t r y 1990, 29:1949-1953. DRISCOLLRJ, YOU1W,QUISTMG, BALDESCHWIELERJ ~ Agoml¢-~clle | m ~ n ~ ofDNA UslnK ~4~annln~ Tunnelling Micaxmcopy. Nature 1990, 346:294-296. DUNLAPDD~ BUSTAMANTEC: l[mmg~so f Single-stranded Nucleic Acids by S , ~ - . i . $ Tummemn8 Microscopy [letter]. Nature 1989, 3,42:204-205. EDSTROMRD, MEINKEMH, yANGX, YANGR, FENNELL-EVANS D: Direct Obaefvation o f E h o s p h ~ Kina~ and l'ho, t p h o r ~ s e p by So,nn~o= Tunm.,n~ Mloeot~opy. Bt~.bem£¢ry 1989, ,?~4939-4941. ELMERW, ~TBJ2AIV~ONJ'R, BO~R SG, PECORAPc ~ t i o n o f the Overall and Internal Dymma/es o f Short oligonucleotides by t~polarized D ~ * - * , c L l t # t Scattering and NM~



Analytical biotechnology Microscopy and in vivo NMR Relaxation Me~m'emeum. B ~ 1990, 29:799-811. FRENCHSL, MmLEROLJl~ Transcription M a p p ~ of the ~ Co//Chromom~me by Electron lt~l~. J~ 1969,171:4207-4216. FUSCOEJC, COLLINSCC, PlNKELD, GP.A¥J-W:An Efficient Method for S d ~ I z ~ U z ~ t q ~ e m o ~ Clon~ from DNA LIbrmti~ Jmd lt~ A p p ~ to Fluorescent S ~ off Human C~atomoeome

2t us~q~ ~ s ~ EwbridL~mton. Genom~ ~9~9, 5:100-109. GAL,~ZOJL, SHANKSJV, BAILEYJE: C o m ~ of lnttacellular Sul~'-phospimte Levels from P-31 NMlt Spectrmmopy o f Intact Cells and Ceil-free Extracts. BIoteOkaol Btoe~ 1990, 35:1164-1168. GEOg~OUGN, MOm~SONIEG, Cmm~ RJ: Digital ]~Elor~4~l~ Im~t~ln~ o f Fusion o f Influenza 2~0:487-492. GOILmmU~qGA, Mast.q H, DtvQ C, ~ ' m H, K, MENDEI~OHN J: ~ o f Hnmmm Tumor with tm I n d l u t w l l l - l a b d e d / U t t i epddcrmal Growth Pactor Receptor Monodonal Antibody. J Naa Cancer lint 19@9,81:1616-1624. HAMATANIK ~TAL: IEIstoIogic TyplnE o f mon-Hodskin's Lymphomms by h t ~ t u i l y b g l d i ~ m m with DNA IProb~ o f ~ . B/ood 19~9, 74.-423-429. HAMMERBE, I-I~TH CA, MINERSD, BELFORTG: Quantitative Flow M ¢ ~ u r c m ~ t s i n ~ . o t ~ by Nude~e

Masaeac ~ m ~ m c e Xm~lm~ B 8:327-330. HARDERSJ, ~ D: ~



N, ROBERT-NICOUDM, JOVINTM, RIESNER of @ i n N u d e i fi'om Tommto

Letf Timue by ~ ,,t~m~ o n and C.,OIIXta~04~~ ~ n n i n ~ ]i~i~'~laCOpy. /~dBOJ 1989, 8.'3941-3950. HEUSERJ, GRWI~f~IJ: Vimmlizaflon o f RecA Protein and Its Complexes with DNA by Quick-h'eeze/deepetch E]4mtgoll ~km~oDp~. J Mo/Bt~/1969, 21~.473-484. I-II~OKAY, MINDENJS, SW~LOWJR, SEDATj~z, A C ~ D& Focal Potato for C~romommte Condensation and Decondeammlon Itevealed by Three-dlmtmslonal t~ Vtvo Time-lalme Microscopy [letter]. Nature 1989, 342:293-295. HONIGMG, HUt~ RI: Dill and DIO: VegsitHe Fluorescent Dyes for Neuromml ][JIb~llin~ and Pathway Tfl~ln 8. Trends Neurosci 1969, 12:333--341. Iro4m RB,JACKSONJF: l ~ Z-DmA Tracts i n Platmaid DNA U~nlg Electrtm ~ and Gold-lalmled Antibodies. Gem 1969, 84:221-226. JACKSONDP ETA/.:I ~ " U i ~ o n o f M ~ V ~ I ~ A In ~-embedded Timme. Lancet 1989, i.1391. K ~ U O Y, Fu~ta 1~ A u t o m ~ c l[m'yotypin8 o f

ptaat C h r e m m o m ~ by tmastn8 Technique*.

e~.,~ntmes 1990, &290. KAOJPY, HAIe3OTUNIANAT, TSIENRY: Photochemlcxlly Generated ~ H c Caddum Pulses and Their Detection by Fluo-3. J B ~ / ~ e r n 1969, 264:8179-8184. B, ~ CNA,TAT~WP: ~ o n o f the Rdemme ]Fmctor-2 B i n d ~ Site o n 70 S Ribosomes

by tmmuno-electron ~


J Mot B ~ 1990,

212:241-245. KEtma D, BUSTAmAWrEC, KEtma RW: Imaging o f Simile Uncostl~ DNA M o l e o l l ~ by Semrm'nS TllnneJ~ Micfo~'opy. Prt~ Natl Acad S~i USA 1989,

$6..5356-536O. KERRWG, NOLANGP, HERZENBERGL& Detection

of Tramcapaonally Active C~-xmmin and

Genetic Regulatory Elements In Individual Viable Mammalian Cells. Immunology 1989, Suppi 2:74-79. KOJIMAT, CALLEAF, DESMYTERJ, ~ T A T, DESMETVJ: Electron Microscopy o f Ribonudeic A d d i n Nuc~ Mcul~ A ~ p t t ~ J o f Helmtitis D U~lnll Nudease-8old Complex~. J Med Vtro11989, 28:183-188. LEECM, KWAKJY, BARDAJ: Application o f Scammdng Electrochemical Microscopy to Biological Sataples. Proc NatlAcad Sd U S A 1990, 87:1740-1743. LEWISDC: M @ Of Norwalk-Hke Virtm Dermommrated by SoHd-phJe Immune Electron Micmm¢opy. J Med Vtro11990, 30:.77. L1CHTERp, TANGC-JC, CALLK, HERMANSONG, EVANS Ca& HOUSMAND, WARDDC: EIl~h-re~olutlon M a p p ~ o f Human C]bromo~ome 11 by i n Sltu H y b ~ m ~ t l o n w i t h Cosmid Clones. Science 1990, 247.64-68. LINDBLADP, SEUS~DT A: l m m u o o s o l d Localization of HydroBena~ In Free-living F r a ~ d a Cpll. FEMS M ~ Left1989, 6~.311-316. LO~OLT B, SORF2~ENPD, SIMONSENH, FREDERIKSENS: Opltimlzation o f m $ / ~ ~ o n to Human Metaphasc Chromosome*. m~d B~x/mn 1989, 182:25-31. MARp, PACHMANNK, REINF~KEK, EMMERICHB, THIEL E: Quatltitativ~ Tracing o f l d e s ~ RNAs for Lymphocyte-T and Lymphocyte-B

ncccptor c,enes ta ~Uvidual C e ~ By ~ u ~

Hybadlmtlonwith fluorochrome-L~w.ted Gene Probes. 1. I b i ~ o n

carryinge-'.~Se ~

In Imdllpmmcies


1989, 74:638--644. MARSHALLPA, LOEBGI, COWANMM, FLETCHER Response o f ~ / u l h e ~ v e ~ and Biofihn Matax P o l y m e ~ to Chemical Treatments as Determined by Imerfetmace ~ o n Microscopy and Lil#at Section Mlcrmcopy. Appl Environ M/6r0b/o/19@9, 55:2827-2831. MATSUBARAI",IK]~AS, NARAHARAK, KIMOTOH, ODAT:

Rapid Methods to v~ualizc y-specmc ~ e a t e d DNA Sequences tn Cytoloslcal ~ ' I m m t i o m . Ce# MO/B/O/1989, 35:225-230. MENCOBPHM:El~'tton-mica'o~¢opic l ~ m o t m t ~ t i o ~ o f Olf~tctory-mmrker Protein with Protein G l l o l d in ~ Sub~ltuted, Lowicryl KllM-embedded l a t Olfnctoty-receptorCells, Ce//T/ssue Res 1989, 256:275-281. MINTAA, KAOJPY, TSIENRY: F l u ~ t I n d i ~ t o l ~ fog Cy'to~Hc C a l c i m Breed o n Rhodmmine and F l ~ O ~ r o m o p h o r ~ . J B/o/Oaera 1989, 264:8171--8178. MORABN, CARMANGJ, ALLMANJM: I n Vtt~ Functional Loestli~tlon o f the Human Visual Cortex U d n 8 Poeltron Emission Tomogtmphy and M ~ l~Jotz~m~ ~ TrendsNeurosci 1989, 12:282-284. MOm'S SJ: Real-time Multi-w~v=ltmsth F l ~ e n c e o f lavtns Cells. Bu~c_/m~ue~ 1990, 8:296 NASW~A, HEWUmMIE, GAC2S~P, RVSSEL~NJ: The use o f l~C-nmr Spectroscopy to Monitor tlolnmt* ~ J O ~ t h c ~ $ hm Mucoid Pst,tu/omom~s A~nvffhtosa. Btochera J 1990, 267:579-584. NUNEZDJ, DAVENPORTAP, Egt~ONPC, BROWN/V0:A Quantitative 'ira ~ Hybridization. Method

using Compute*-a~tsted t m ~ e ~atb~ls. Validation and ~ e n t o f Atrlalnatriugeflc-factor MRNA in the Rat Heart. BiochemJ 1989, 263:121-127.

ODOOMJE, CAMPBELLID, ELIDRYJC, KINGGF: ( a t a f a c t ~ t l o n o f Peptide Fluxes into H,,m~m, - - a proton-nmr study. B~bera j 1990, 267:141-147. OKAMURAM: l ~ d l ~ to Detect Cytomelploviru~DNA




by [ u ~ t u ~,vtmdUmaon

[letter]. Lancet 1989, i:1265. PATERSONY, ~ S~g, RODERH: An Antibody

m a d l ~ Site on Cytochrome C Deaned by ~ t ~ c h u l ~ and. Two-dimemlomd NML Sc/ence 1990, 249:755--759. PUPPEL5GJ, DE MULFFM, OTTOC, GIeL~EJ, ROBEltT-NICOOD

~L msrrr-Jov~ DJ,jovm TM:Studyin s S i a l # Livln8 Cells and C h r o m m o m ~ by Confocal h m a n micrmpectrcmxq~ [letter]. Nature 1990, 347:298-300. SALGALLERM, AGIUSI, YATESA, PEARLD~ ROBEKq~i p S~pmus 1~ A l ~ l k a t k m o f Autommed lmmlle to Demonstrate the ~ o n ~ RAS 1~1 Exla~'qm$1on~ ~-,~efity o f C~omms. Btocbern BtqOhys Res Commun 1990, 169:482--491, SCHWENDFf~RRA, TRUBT, SCHO'ITH, LANGHAISH, BARTHRF, GI~SCUgmP, ~ R H: Comlmt'ative Studies o f the PtelOmmtlon of Imuummmollt~oeomeswith the mm o f 2 Blftmctiomd C o u p i h ~ Asents Jmd

Immestllpmon of lnvitro ~mmnnolipmome-Ttur~ Cell Binding by C~tofluoromett7 ~ ]Ele~ron Microscopy. B / ~ m B/0/~s Acta 1990, 1026.69-79. SEmELNL, ~ ~: ~ t 1)citation Thgolq[h the us~

of of Immmmolslaml~Gene km'nmltemenm Combine with Tissue ~ HylM.idi~tton. B/o0d 19fl9, 74:1791~1795. SINGERRH, ~ N KS, L&WRENC~JB, SULUVANJI~ Detection o f EOW-l-infected ~ from Patients Usin8 N~c/na~tm Hybridization. B/0od 19@9, 74:2295-2301. S~XGERRH, IANGE~NGI, LAWW~CEJB: Ultrmtructmml V l ~ s l a ~ t i o n o f Cytoakeletal MltNAs and Their Asso¢imted Proteins Using Double.htb¢l i n Sltu Hyl~idization. J Ce//B/o/1989, 108:2343--2354. VASIt~VVD, SFMVANOVAOM, ~ G, WESrEmVIANNP, BmmA H: Structure o f the Rat Liver Ribosome 40 S~ t : F r e e ~ e - d r y ~ and liigh-resolution Slmdow C ~ t i n W FEB$ Leu 1989,2AS.x)2--96. VERKMANAS, SELLERSMC, CHAOAC, LEUNGT, ~ R: S y n t h ~ i s and Characterization of Improved ~l~-sensitive Fluorescent ~ for Blologicml Applications. Aria/B~hem 19@9, 178:355-361. VtaSTERGW, BOEL~mI~ P/~LA & ~ T GJ, KAPTE~ t~ Ae~l~mment Stratc-l#~ in llomonucle~r T h r e e ~ m e t m i o m d t l l mini Spectra o f Pmtettm. B/cr/0emistry 1990, 29:1829-1839. WACHTLERF, MO~,.,OLI,~W, SCHWART-ACI-W.RHG: Electron Mlcro~opic b..s/m Hybridization and ~utomdio~aphy - - Lc--=n~tlon and T t a n K r i p t i o n o f RDNA in Human Lymphocyte NudeolL Exp Ce//R~ 1990, 187:346-348. WILL[NGHAMMC, PASTANI: A Revers~le Multi-well r~h.mher for Inculmtion o f C u l t u r ~ Cells with Small Volumes - - A p p l l ~ t l o n to Sat-enin=o o f llybrldom~ Fusiomm Usim~ lmmunofluorescence Mlcrommpy. 1990, 8-.320-324. WOODSRT, HENNESSYMJ, KWOKE, HAMMERBE: NMR Mlcr(mcopy - - a New Biological TooL B/otedm/ques 1969, 7.616-623. ZAINORJ, CLARKEC~ ~ PD, SATYAS~AROOPPG: D i f f ~ l i a l D i s t d l m t l o n o f Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors tn Rabbit Uterus Detected by Dual I m m n n o f l u ~ c e . Endocr/no/~y 1989, 125:2728-2734.

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